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D&D 5E Homebrew Classes

Tom Bagwell

DISREGARD: I found it. I can't find how to delete this thread, though...

I feel like I'm going crazy. I know I saw a source of nicely formatted homebrew classes and backgrounds...could have sworn I'd downloaded a few...now I can't find them. I also can't find where I found them to try again...

What are some sources of fan-made backgrounds and classes? I've checked on this forum, the other websites I'd bookmarked, and nothing. I think the class I was looking for was a Shadow...something? Stealth, spells, good for spying... they were all arranged in a tile layout on the website...
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Greg K

Classes or subclasses?
Anyway, I like the following sites. These sites often have playtest draft material and/or previews from finished products and have some classes and/or subclasses among their offerings (Note: Each site in my first group is owned by people that sell on either drivethrurpg or its sister site, the DMs Guild or write for someone that does).

5MWD ( ENWorld's David "Jester" Gibson),
All Things Gaming (Rich Howard's blog which has not been updated for a long time),
Harbinger of Doom (Brandes Stoddard's Website),
Tribality (various contributors including Rich Howard (of All Things Gaming) and Brandes Stoodard Of Harbinger of Doom) ,
Middle Finger of Vecna (Mage Hand Press),
Sterling Vermin Adventure Co.
Walrock Homebrew:

Other sites with content (including classes and//or subclasses) that I like include:
Forgot My Dice: They have since moved to a podcast, but prior to May 2016 they have a lot of 5e stuff based around monthly themes (e.g. video games, Fairy Tales, Rome, Valentine's Day, Scooby Doo).

Reddit Unearthed Arcana: A very active community where people post and review each other's homebrew including classes and subclasses. Several people that sell material on DMs Guild (including a few that I listed above) post drafts of their material for review and comments. You will need to search through material to find the gems. I find it easiest to use both the top and hot filters (although some things will fall through the cracks and even some of the highest rated stuff does not appeal to me). The site also has resources to help format and make one's own work more "attractive".
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