Honeymarsh Academy (D&D3.5) Chapter 2

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Lobo Lurker

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Krug said:
"Yes, it may throw up some clues," says Bahuman.

"That seems to be the most logical course of action to me."

Looking at the Queen's Knight, Seeker smiles and says "Patience."

"What say the rest of you?"


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"Not to sound greedy," mumbles Arvin. "But I think we should finish splitting up the rest of the troll's loot. Some of those scrolls might be handy for the educated-types" At "educated-types" he gestures towards Alek.
"At the very least we should sell them and divvy up the money. It's only fair."

(OOC Post)

(OOC- DM: What I am getting here is that you'd like to :

1) investigate the site of the old potion shop
2) visit the Bursar and collect the bounty.
3) visit the market and liquidate the scrolls. Possibly augment gear as long as your'e there and have money.


I know it seems like there weren't enough options (or rather there was only one OBVIOUS option), but I guess I should be more clear about the unwritten ones. You could go anywhere in the school- research library, or whatever you like, you could go anywhere in town. It's a small floating island type town. You can even suggest places that may not exist such as 'is there a temple in town I can visit?" or 'whats the most popular tavern'? are all fine. I'll work along with whatever you have. Obviously you are all very creative by your backgrounds. :)

My burning fear is that we might get bogged down trying to decide where to go next, but I still don't want to railroad you. When I say "there are no wrong choices" I really mean it- the game will follow you guys whatever you choose. My only desire is to keep the group together in the same place.

Ok, so is my assessment correct? Potion shop, bursar's office, then market? Let me know so I can go on..

Argent Silvermage

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Bartlin: Queens Knight 6

Bartlin rises into the air about 10' and says "How about this. We make our way to the shop. After we search we head for the bursers and collect your reward. We'll already be in town at that point so we can do some investigating while we're there?"


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Alek, githyanki warmage

(OOC:Apologies for the delay gents, had some temporary sign-in issues, they're cleared now)

*Alek introduces himself with a flourish to the marshal and paladin.*

"Hmm, good point Arvin, and that is what we're going to do before we set out for anywhere, best to be prepared. Can I see those scrolls, or at least those that are obviously arcane?"

*Now looking at the group in general, talking inbetween reading the scrolls* "Tickling the gullet of her shop to see what evidence we can vomit forth sounds like as good idea as any for right now. Later tonight I can go see a certain knight of the post contact of mine. He, errr, i, happens to owe me a few favors, so I should be able to at least turn up the location of any major and illegal magic item sales within the last couple of years, assuming the sale was properly scrupulous."

(OOC-That's the plan Peter)

Lobo Lurker

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"I don't know Bart, people tend to get upset when you stand between them and thier hard-earned money. Why don't we visit the Burser's Office first so that they can collect thier bounty? While we're there we can see if there are any other objectives that we might be able to pursue concurrently. Might as well get paid for something you're going to do anyway, that was the motto back at the orphanage anyway."

"Well met Alek." the violet haired human shake's Alek's hand vigorously.

"I imagine that the shop is in town, so we can check out the shop while we're there..." he looks at the others questioningly. "...unless there's something I'm missing here?"

OOC: I'd say that we go to location #2 (burser's office) followed by location #1 & #3 if there in more or less the same place. I don't need to visit town, but the rest of you might.

You all finish up whatever other discussions and introductions you need to. It seems like the next stop will be the old potion shop.

(OOC: You guys just hit the Bursar's office and pick up the 200 GP reward on the way out! ) I overstepped Lobo's post.


First you stop by the Bursars office where 10 stacks of 20 coins are counted out and handed over.

Leaving campus by the ornate Arch of Splinters (a monument dragged out of the ruins of some doomed prime world that now serves as the campus's second gateway) you arrive on High Street, where most of the local markets are located. Alek vaguely remembers seeing a sign for 'Graeze's Elixir Fantastique' in an alleyway of bookshops.

You all travel along down a street.. and walk to the end of the block twice where Alek remembers it being. It seems to be gone...

Search Rolls (DC 21)
Bahuman +3: 8
Kytheria +1: 19 close!
Arvin +8: 11
Alek +4: 8
Yarin +9: 27 (success!)
Bartlin +3: 22 (success!)
Seeker: +3: 13

The shop is gone, it seems. Or any sign of it. You search the area carefully. Yarin and Bahuman discover a pair of wooden scraps in a pile of rubbish. They seem to be parts of a sign.

Putting them together you can read "Graezel's Elixir Fantastique" and an address.
You realize you are in the right place, and the shop was above the bookstore directly in front of where you are standing. An unlocked door leads to a stairway tucked between the two bookstores.

This is it.


Bahuman opens the door and goes up the stairway, asking the others to follow. He is still quite amused by the halfling bee.

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