Honeymarsh Academy (D&D3.5) Chapter 2


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Following the others to where the potion shop is supposed to be, the young cleric of light silently ascend the stairs with the rest, preparing a prayer to Pelor, just in case.

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Argent Silvermage

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Bartlin: Queens Knight 6

Bart dismisses Morninglight but keeps his lance. On his way up the stairs he will try to sense if there is any evil presences in the imediate area.


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Alek, githyanki warmage

*Alek approvingly surveys the damage wreacked on the shop, he nods his agreement in suggestion of the stairs. He follows after the cleric.*

OOC: The order going up the stairs is as follows:

Bahuman, Arvin, Kytheria, Alek, Seeker, Bartlin, Yarin

Bartlin is second to last because he took an action to cast Detect Evil. Yarin is last, as specified.

Bartlin tries to detect evil before heading up the stairs. He quickly detects something amiss.. an evil presence of some kind. (This is the first round).

However, your group crowds up the stairs. It opens into a dusty 35x40' shop space (see map). The afternoon sunlight streams in through a pair of grimy windows on the south wall.

There is a long counter against the north wall, as well as several shelves filled with dusty potion flasks and empty glassware. It doesn't look as if there are any usable potions here. In the center of the room is a large round table with a sort of lazy-susan rotating centerpiece stacked with potion flasks and glassware of varying sizes, shapes and colors. There is a second shelf againstthe east wall. A lone stool is near the central table.

Against the south wall is a mostly complete alchemy lab setup- with a brazier, glassware, tubing, miniature cauldron, mortar and pestal, etc.

Spot Checks: (this is a very high DC so it's likely no body will make it)
DC: 27

Bahuman +4 : 19
Kytheria +4 : 12
Arvin +8 : 23
Alek +1 : 6
Yarin +7 : 22
Bartlin (Can't spot -- Detecting Evil)
Seeker +5: 22

Bartlin can continue to try and hone his Detect- it becomes more specific every round. All he can tell now is there is an evil presence within 60'.

(If you want to search the room you'll have to actually enter it).

(Attached is the map!)


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Arvin calmly strides into the room. (Moving to E9) He more closely examines the alchemical gear.
"Whoever owns this stuff must have been in an awful hurry to leave. They sure left enough stuff behind."


Bahuman readies his axe. "Be wary..." the half-giant says, looking around, looking around for clues or traps that might help the group.


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*Alek treads up the stairs with the rest of the goup, whatever's up there it's safetst not to split up, he thinks to himself.*

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