Honeymarsh Academy (D&D3.5) Chapter 2


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Yarin rushes up the stairs now that they are clear and assesses the situation. If he has a clear shot he'll throw his dagger at the Red Cap, if not he's done for the round.

OOC: Yarin moves to E6 and, unless he risks hitting his friends by doing so, throws his dagger at the nasty little Red Cap.

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"Creature of darkness! Perish back to Titiana's Realm you go!" shouts Bahuman, as he brings his axe down again on the creature with full force.

Attack: +12+2 (flank)=14 Damage: 3d6+9/x3

Lobo Lurker

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Seeker looks around, That's much better, there's no way this guy is getting away from us. "That's it guys, you're doing great! Take him down but take him alive!" he shouts as he attempts to leap up onto the counter. Spying an opening in the creature's defense, he carefully stabs at it with his sword, aiming to wound, not to kill.

Move Action: Jump up onto the counter to gain height advantage. Assuming that's successful...
Standard Action: Attack with Longsword, pulling his 'punches' if necessary (aiming for 0 hit points instead of negative hit points)
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Alek, githyanki warmage (5 1st level spells remaining)

*Afraid of injuring the fey beyond its ability to speek, Alek delays his actions to see the results of the round. Should the fey still look in good health, Alek will fire off another set of magic missles*

[sblock]:Delay action, if by the end of the round the little bugger isn't (as far as Alek can tell) below 20% of his health, then Alek will once again cast magic missle on the Redcap[/sblock]

OOC: In the interests of facilitating the PBP format, I'm going to postthe bad guys hit point totals so you can kinda guage how far down he is. The reason for this is- in live games I run, you can kind of tell by a lot of unspoken cues about how bad the bad guy is hurting during a battle.

OOC: Monster Status: The Redcap has 114 hit points. He has so far taken 34 damage, which reduces him to 80.

Auras: Motivate Care (AC +1 ) is in effect.

(Init order reposted)
Arvin +7: 20
Redcap +9: 18 (has higher dex than Yarin)
Yarin +3: 18
Bartlin +3: 12
Seeker +0: 6
Bahuman +1: 5
Kytheria +2: 4
Alek +4: 3 (delayed action)

Arvin rushes forward again, grabbing at the redcap, but unlike last round, this time the Redcap is armed and ready with his scythe.
"**Not so fast!**" growls the redcap, and slices Arvin badly across the midsection.
Attack of opportunity! Arvin takes 15 damage.He's back down to 12...This isn't good. But I am in the RBDM club so I can't disappoint...

(Alek delays to the end of the round)

"**And how about another?!**" The Redcap rears back and power attacks the already wounded Arvin at full force. He strikes with deadly precision, and the scythe rips into Arvin's side.

OOC: The grapple attempt was noble, but it was a deadly gamble! Arvin couldn't afford the damage from the AoO. The redcap rolled a 25 and struck. Damage was 18. Arvin goes down.. he's at -8, and has two rounds before he bleeds out! (stamps RBDM card).

Arvin hits the floor, his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

The Redcap pivots and slashes next at Bahuman. He seems crazed by bloodlust. "**line it up, then.. I'll do the lot of you!!**"

OOC: Second iterative attack is on Bahuman. Which misses, with a total of 8.

Yarin rushes up the stairs and into the room! He hurls his dagger at the redcap, but misses. The dagger whizzes through the air and thunks into the wooden edge of the counter between Seeks-the-Darkness and the redcap. The redcap grins his bloody grin at Yarin.

OOC: You won't endanger your friends by firing into melee! (and you can always move through friendly-occupied squares so there is no need to worry about the stairs being blocked. But that's ok. There is a slight penalty for fring into melee (technically the redcap is in melee with Bahuman now). In any case, I had you attack. :) You guys may be in trouble...so you need to keep the pressure up!

Bartlin rushes forward- I think it's safe to say "someone needs healing". He grabs Arvin and yanks, and there is a sudden flood of intense white light. Arvin's eyes flicker open and he coughs up a mouthful of dragonny blood. He is laying prone, but conscious and alive.

OOC: I moved him into E4 rather than D4 so he could get to the guy who would have died within 2 rounds... Bartlin heals Arvin of 24 points. Bringing Arvin up to 16.

Seeker hops up onto the countertop. "That's much better, there's no way this guy is getting away from us.... That's it guys, you're doing great! Take him down but take him alive!" he shouts.

Arvin spits out another mouthful of blood and nods groggily. "..doing great. We're doing great..". He rolls over and looks up into Bartlin's eyes for the first time. Bartlin looks a bit concerned.

Seeks the Darkness suddenly stabs down at the redcap from above, hitting with an extremely well-placed thrust.

OOC: If Arvin were standing, the redcap would be considered flanked. But he's still laying prone. Nevertheless, Seeker gets a +1 height advanatge for being on the counter. On top of that, he rolled a critical threat! (total of 29). Unfortunately he could'nt confirm the crit (followed up with a 14). But still. The redcap takes 9 points of damage. He's down to 71.

Bahuman bellows and takes a 5' step over Arvin's prone form. He can still make his full attack.

(OOC: This is both to get the flank- and also to cover Arvins standup from prone later on, assuming (haha) Arvin doesn't want to take another AoO).

"Creature of darkness! Perish back to Titiana's Realm you go!" shouts Bahuman, as he brings his axe down again on the creature with full force.

(OOC: Bahuman lands a natural 20! Unfortunately, the crit wasn't confirmed :(. The axe slams down for 17 damage. The Redcap is down to 54 hp.

(OOC: Kytheria was a bit of a problem because I sorta jumped up and started this post before she posted. So I'm going to have her move up to F-5 and cast a Cure light wounds on Arvin, who still needs it. Arvin is cured another 6 hp. Arvin is up to 22.)

Alek fires another pair of glittering magic missiles that arc around impact roughly against the redcap with stinging force. This isn't going to be as easy as he hoped it might.

(OOC: The missile simpact for 9 damage.) The redcap is down to 45 hp.

OK- Arvin is BENEATH Bahuman and prone. Attached is the map.


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Having healed her new draconic friend, she smiles at him. "Careless of you, but your intentions were pure. I thank you, friend!"

Looking the situation over, she decide that she will be of most use keeping her friends healthy.

[sblock]Sorry for the delay, was at my parents place this weekend. Healing Arvin was what I would've done anyway. As for next action, I will do the same thing, heal the one who seems to need it the most, without putting myself or any of my comrades in more danger.[/sblock]

Argent Silvermage

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Bartlin: Queens Knight 6

Bart's lance has a 10' reach so he will be able to attack "Take care when you make statements like that. Those who do typically regret them later."

Bart uses his +1 Lance attack +9 for 1d6+2/x3

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ARVIN! "Don't underestimate this guy, we've already won this battle but he can still do some damage if we get careless!" shouts Seeker as he stabs his sword downward as soon as he spies another opening in the Redcap's defense.

Standard Action: Attack with longsword (+10 (including +2 for flanking) attack, 1d8+4 damage)
Alternate Action: if the redcap moves, then Seeker will charge it if possible, pursuing it if not.
Note: I just noticed that my attack bonus is wrong on my character sheet, I think I added the MW bonus + the Enhancement bonus, it should be 8 not 9. I corrected it. Sorry. :(
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