Honeymarsh Academy (D&D3.5) Chapter 2


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Yarin's eyes go wild as he catches the scent of blood but he fights the urge back and instead of running forward to bite the Red Cap Yarin runs over to the shelf and grabs as many potion bottles as he can, then moves back to a place where he can throw at the Red Cap unhindered.

OOC: Move to the shelf (D4) and grab some potion bottles (not sure what sort of action that should be. Then move back to G6 if I can. If this somehow leaves me an attack action I'll throw a potion bottle at the Red Cap.

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Bahuman growls in anger as he realises the redcap does not want to go down that easily. He lifts his axe up again and brings it down upon the evil fey. "Rue the day you fought us!"

Full Attack: +12+2 (flank)=14 Damage: 3d6+9/x3, moving as required to maintain flanking;if he can he'll move to allow Arvan to get up.
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With an incoherent roar of rage, Arvin lunges forward on his belly, and tries to pin the redcap's feet to the floor with his claws.

OOC: I've got a -4 to hit and a -4 AC for being prone. However, the claws are natural weapons, so at least I won't get another AoO! Modified attack total = +6+2 flank/+6+2 flank (1d4+7/1d4+7)


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Alek, githyanki warmage (4 1st level spells remaining)

"Little Cutters tougher then he looks!"

*Alek swears under his breath as he sidesteps the furniture to stand in front of the Redcap and fire off another two darts of arcane energy*

[sblock] my character moves to G8 and casts magic missle, damage is still 2d4+5[/sblock]

OOC: Motivate Care +1 AC is still in effect!

(Init order reposted)
Arvin +7: 20
Redcap +9: 18 (has higher dex than Yarin)
Yarin +3: 18
Bartlin +3: 12
Seeker +0: 6
Bahuman +1: 5
Kytheria +2: 4
Alek +4: 3 (delayed action)

Arvin blinks his eyes and suddenly lunges forward from his prone position, trying to pin the redcap's feet to the floor with his claws. His first swipe is missed, but the second one is unavoidable.

Arvin rolls a natural 1 and a 21. He does 11 damage.

The redcap yowls and curses in sylvan, as he gets slashed by Arvin's claws, but he isn't pinned. He slashes at Bahuman. He aims a vicious ripping cut at Bahuman that tears through the half-giants armor. Bahuman blocks the second attack by parrying with his deep crystal axe... the redcap hops to the side.

The Redcap full-attacks Bahuman (power attacking for +2 on both attacks) making a 29 and a 10. Bahuman takes 21 damage. Bahuman is down to 8 hit points! The redcap finishes with a 5' step to G5. This gets him out of the flank, temporarily.

Yarin rushes over to the shelf and grabs a double-armload of empty potion bottles. A couple of them clatter to the floor and breaqk, but he still gets a good 8 or so. He pivots and starts looking for a good vantage point.

OOC: You can get there (move), grab bottles(action) and then I'll allow for a 5' step away- that puts you at D5. You can still throw stuff at him even if he is totally surrounded by your friends!

Bartlin sidesteps closer to the redcap and stabs at him with his lance. ""Take care when you make statements like that. Those who do typically regret them later."

OOC: Bartlin has to move 1 square south because the redcap did. But he still has reach, and still full attacks. He rolls a 21, just enough to hit! The redcap takes 6 damage.

Seeker jumps down from the countertop, in pursuit of the redcap and slashes wildly with his longsword. The redcap ducks, but he realizes his escape route has been blocked off.

OOC: The redcap moved out of the flank, but Seeker moved back into it- trapping the fey between Kytheria and Bartlin on one side, and him on the other. Unfortunately, his attack roll missed with a total of 18. To the south is the table edge of the center potion display.

Bahuman roars and brings his axe down in a shuddering arc that catches the fey across the shoulders. "Rue the day you fought us!". Fey blood oozes from a nasty wound. Bahuman has been badly wounded himself.

Bahuman hits with a 27, although he is no longer flanking the redcap himself. He does 20 damage. He shifts 5' to cut off it's retreat. The Fey is now badly wounded, and almost down.

Kytheria hesitates for a second... If she casts, the redcap will likely attack her. But Bahuman is badly injured. She backs up and away from the redcap and casts Cure Light Wounds when she is out of reach of it's dangerous scythe.

OOC: Kytheria didn't want to risk the AoO at this point in the combat. By disenaging and dropping back to E4 she can cast the spell. Now all she has to do is touch the first wounded person- probably Bahuman.

Alek moves calmly through the chaos and casts another pair of Magic Missiles. "Little Cutters tougher then he looks!"

The final two bolts of glittering arcane energy whizz through the air and impact the fey with an explosion of sparks. The redcap stiffens and drops, his scythe clattering away from him.

Magic missile damage was 8. Bringing the fey down to -1.

Kytheria at this point discharges her cure spell on Bahuman.

The battle is over.

(OOC: Bahuman is healed 10 points. I assume you want to question the Fey?- it has dropped down to -2. Kytheria can easily use a DC 15 heal check to stabilize it. )

OOC: LOOT!! As they Fey falls over, his belt pouch spills open and gleaming silvery discs spill out- platinum pieces. Counting them up, there are 60 platinum in all.
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Bahuman heaves a sigh of relife. "For a small creature, it fought hard," he says, examining the deep wounds left after the battle with the fey. He meditates to regain his focus while the others do what they want with the fey. Bringing a creature such as it back... is that wise?


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Seeing the fallen fey, Kytheria moves over to it, when she is sure that he poses no threat, and tries to determine wether it is dead or not. If not, she will try to tend its wounds, so it can be questioned about the previous occupant of the potion shop.

[sblock]Yeah, Heal check to stabilize the poor bast*rd.[/sblock]

Kytheria leans over the fey and wraps it's worst wounds with some cloth she tears from the hem of her robe. Within a few seconds she has stopped the bleeding and saved him. She thinks he'll be fine in a day or so- probably unconscious for at least a day, though.

She takes one look at it's nasty fangs and the savage-looking tattoos on the redcap's chest. She think it will be dangerous again.


Bahuman shudders. "Imagine if there had been two of them... and its cap. Dipped in blood. Could anything this creature says be trustworthy? It would rather send us to doom!" says the half-giant.


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"None of the fey can be trusted," Arvin says, and he wipes hsi claws clean of the creatures blood. "But they do have certain rules for dealing with them. We've bested this one. We should be able to restrain him, wake him, and see who this 'she' he mentioned was."

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