Honeymarsh Academy (D&D3.5) Chapter 2

Arvin enters the room but the rest of the group is still on the stairs at this point. Bartlin announces he is positive there is an evil presence somewhere in the room. A single creature.. nothing overwhelmingly evil, but something nasty.

(OOC: Surprise round, nobody made the spot check, so only the enemy gets to act)

Suddenly a short (size small),yet incredibly tough-looking and wizened old man- almost like an impossibly gnarled gnome or halfling, but somehow wilder and more feral, steps out from behind the counter. He is shirtless- covered with strange tribal tattoos, and wielding a sling. His wicked grinning scowl is lined with impossibly sharp teeth. On his head is a crumpled blood red velvet cap. On his feet he wears a pair of spiky cast-iron boots.

If it's a fey, it probably isn't a very nice one.

He looks crazed. He shouts something in Sylvan (only those who understand Sylvan will understand).

"**Pfah! It is just as the witch foretold!**" and lets an oversized glowing greenish blue stone loose at Bahuman who is standing near the very top. It leaves a streaking trail as it howls through the air, and seems to explode with a burst of energy when it strikes Bahuman.
"**Oi! Take THAT ye knock-knobbied nobber!!**"

The Redcap is power-attacking for 2, using +1 eldritch stones. Bahuman is totally flatfooted.
The Redcap strikes! with a total of 20. Bahuman takes 14 damage. (ouch!) He's down to 29 hp.

Initiative Rolls!

Arvin +7: 20
Alek +4: 19
Redcap +9: 18 (has higher dex than Yarin)
Yarin +3: 18
Bartlin +3: 12
Kytheria +2: 9
Seeker +0: 6
Bahuman +1: 5

(OOC: I forgot to put Seeker on the map last time- sorry! He's there now).


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Bahuman howls with pain after being struck. Without hesitation he runs forward (to E4), loses his psiocnic focus to gain the attack damage bonus on his axe, and strikes at the Redcap with his greataxe. "You shall pay for this!"

Attack: +12 Damage: 3d6+9+2d6(Deep Crystal))/x3
Don't block the way guys!
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Yarin draws his dagger and waits for the stairs to clear before making his way up them to see what is going on.

OOC: Draw dagger, and that's it unless the stairs become clear.


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"Look who just volunteered to answer our questions!" Arvin shouts as he lunges towards the red-capped fey.
Arvin Charges the fey, moving to F4, and initiates a Grapple with him. (Grapple Bonus +10)


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Choosing to wait a bit, Kytheria will then go and heal the one who most need it.

OOC: Delay initiaive till last, then cast a Cure Moderate Wounds on the party member who seems to need it the most.

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Ack! We can't stay bottled up like this, we'll be cut to shreds! "OUT OF THE WAY, GET INTO THE ROOM! YOU'RE SITTING DUCKS WHERE YOU ARE!" Seeks-the-Darkness dodges around Kytheria and into room. Spying the redcap he dives across the floor and ends up on the other side of it. No time for hesitation, now is the the time for action.

Move Action: Move to D7
Standard Action: Move to G4. If I have time, I'll draw my longsword. If not, let me know.
Swift Action: Motivate Care Aura (+1 AC (morale, I believe) to all allies in 60' radius)

Clairification: each square is 5'x5' right?
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*Alek moves professionaly amongst the chaos to rest at E7, closing his round off with a magic missle spell with the target of the fey.*

[sblock]That's 2d4+5 damage for that spell[/sblock]

(Init order reposted)
Arvin +7: 20
Alek +4: 19
Redcap +9: 18 (has higher dex than Yarin)
Yarin +3: 18
Bartlin +3: 12
Seeker +0: 6
Bahuman +1: 5
Kytheria +2: 4 (delayed init)

The room suddenly erupts into chaos, as Arvin turns in a sudden pivot and charges into the savage-looking fey. He seems surprised to find Arvin bearing down on him so swiftly and doesn't have time to grab his scythe. Arvin slams into him and tries to grab him...

OOC: The redcap is wielding his sling right now, but his scythe is nearby. So even though the grapple provokes an Attack of Opportunity, none is made. Arvin (rolls a 23) and makes the grab. However, the Redcap has a special ability (powerful build) which negates the size penalty for grapples. So it's a straight strength check. Arvin rolls a 13. The Redcap rolls a 23. The grapple is thrown off! This guy is not as strong as Arvin is.. but he's damn close.

But the redcap throws off Arvin's hold!

Alek slips deliberately past the grunting struggle of Arvin and the Redcap and launches a pair of glittering eldritch orbs that arc around towards the redcap and slam into him with miniature showers of sparks. The fey howls.

OOC: alek's magic missile spells do 2d4+5, right? In this case a total of 8 damage.

"**Ooh, your wanting some of this, are ya?**" he growls in sylvan.
The redcap grabs the scythe and slashes at Arvin, shifting around around Arvin's flank. His first clumsy attack is easily dodged, but Arvin is caught by a vicious, staggering backswing backswing.

OOC: The redcap takes a 5' step (diagonal) and full attacks. His first attack is a complete flub with a natural 1. His second attack hits with a 24. He does 17 damage. Arvin is now down to 10 hp!

Yarin hesitates at the bottom of the stairs, (not unlike that guy from Saving Private Ryan!)

Bartlin dashes to the top of the stairs just in time to see the horrifying sight of the fang-mouthed redcap pull his scythe free from Arvin's body.

Seeks-the-Darkness breaks past Bartlin. "OUT OF THE WAY, GET INTO THE ROOM! YOU'RE SITTING DUCKS WHERE YOU ARE!" Seeks-the-Darkness shouts and dodges around Kytheria, simultaneously drawing his longsword and moving into the room. He tries to seize the flank behind the Redcap, but the fey is already up and moving.

OOC: The redcap already moved to G4 where you planned to go, so I assumed you were going for a flank. In this case I moved you to H5-as close as you could get. Seeks can make a move action to jump up onto the counter next round and get a height advantage. In any case the aura is activated.

OOC: To all: "Motivate Care" aura is in effect for the entire area. This grants a +1 morale bonus to AC.

Bahuman seems to have recovered from the being pelted by the sling-rock. He suddenly rushes forward, hefting his massive deep crystal battleaxe. "You shall pay for this!"

The axe is brought down solidly impacting the evil fey, and there is a subsonic ripple of sudden psionic force. Several potion flasks on the shelves behind him shatter in the shockwave.

OOC: I had to move Bahuman to a square he could strike from. (E4 is too far back now that the Redcap moved). So he's now at G3. Bahuman hits with a 26. The fey takes a punishing 26 points of damage!

Kytheria pushes past, her hands already sparkling with the holy light of Pelor. When Arvin staggers backwards, she dives forward slightly, catching Arvin in her delicate hands. Soft but intense white light streams from Kytheria into Arvin's wound, which completely knits closed.

OOC: Kytheria assesses that Arvin is in more danger than Bahuman, and so does her cure moderate wounds on Arvin, healing him for 18. He's back up to full. Phew!


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