Hope & Glory (SWADE)

Hope & Glory (SWADE) 2019-11-28

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Gio Dal Farra

Gio Dal Farra submitted a new resource:

Hope & Glory (SWADE) - A steampulp adventure of scientific romance, intrigue, and discovery, in a brave new world.

This is not your grandfather's steampunk.

The Western World was wiped out, the capitals of Europe buried under a thick layer of ice.
In the aftermath of the Catastrophe, a brand-new civilization was born in the marriage between Victorian pragmatism and Indian imagination.
Now, after one century of isolation, the Anglo-Indian Raj marches forward towards a future of peace and progress.
It's a new age of exploration and discovery.

You can be a Soldier of the Raj or a Tai-pan, a sky-pirate or...
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