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[MENTION=54690]outsider[/MENTION]: I'm not sure you are following my argument. I'm not at all claiming that mundane tasks are easy. They may well be impossible for a person of merely average skill. But it is one thing to say you have no chance of succeeding at an action and another to say you have no chance of attempting an action.

Indeed, there should be some actions you have no chance at attempting. Should you be able to attempt a choke? Sure. Should you be able to attempt a gogoplata? No, most people wouldn't even know what it is, so how would they attempt it?

I guess I can understand it if your point is "There shouldn't be a gogoplata choke manuever, there should just be a choke manuever that anybody can use, to varying degrees of success". I disagree with that idea heavily, but I can understand it. I suspect if I went and counted, every single version of D&D has at least a dozen ways for a pc to burn somebody with magical fire right there in the PHB. Why should there only be one way to choke somebody(or, more importantly, one way to swing your sword)?

IMHO, there should be some basic, very unlikely to succeed martial abilities like trip, bullrush, etc, that anybody can try to do. Seperate from those though should be the versions that martial characters use. 3e went the "fighters get lots of feats to counter the penalties" route, and it sucked.

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