D&D 5E House Rule Idea: Exploding Weapon Dice


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Sounds cool. I'm sure the dagger-wielders will love it, and casters will hate it.
Yeah, d4s are going to be exploding more often than anything else...which in the case of daggers and the like might make sense, actually; one of their advantages is they're more precise than larger weapons.

You could switch from 1d20 to 3d6 or somesuch, and have those dice explode, and then have some system for how the margin of success affects damage.
I love scaling dice, but it would be a hard sell in D&D. That said, it already exists for things like longsword damage, so...?

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I'm not ignoring you! I've greatly enjoyed your contributions to the thread.
Ok, no problem then. You just never know LOL. :D

WHY: Prevent a second or third round of die rolling.
If you don't want that, sure. But the OP is allowing more than one level of explosion to the die on maximum, and frankly the odds are generally so small you might as well allow it, so when it happens it is REALLY cool! (y)

WHY: This allows a d6 roll to still end up as a 6.
Yeah, we did that at first as well, but frankly it just isn't worth the hassle to remember to do it for us, so we dropped it. Yes, it means you can't get a 6 on a d6... unless you have a penalty to damage. 🤷‍♂️

6/5 is 1.2, which added to a normal 3.5 would be 4.7.
You multiply, not add. ;)

3.5 X 1.2 = 4.2; so not 4.7

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