D&D 5E How Can D&D Next Win You Over?


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OGL or GSL matters, but I think the PR battle for the hearts & minds of the 4Edphiles will be won or lost on how they handle the digital side of things.

I am one of only 2 people I personally know or game with who play 4Ed and have bought any of the physical books. All of the rest of them are digital only.

Which means if/when 4Ed online resources are no longer supported by WotC in favor of 5Ed tools, the WotC Ninjas will have effectively gotten into those guys houses and stolen their books. Even as a proponent of 3.5Ed, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that the lower cost of operating a digital media outlet will encourage WotC/Hasbro to keep 4Ed "in print" online, even as the books slowly disappear from shelves...even if they charge a reduced rate for "4Ed only" access.

1) Goodwill of that kind is a relatively cheap buy; and,

2) if it proves to continue to be at least marginally profitable, it may encourage them to release similar online tools for the rest of their IP...not just prior editions of D&D, but other products like Gamma World, Alternity, Everway, Primal Order...maybe even some of the old boardgames.

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