D&D 5E How do you time your level-ups?

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I either award XP, or do milestone leveling, after that particular adventure, when the party returns to "civilization" where they can train, re-equip, find a/their mentor, etc. I try not to do it in the middle of an adventure.


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I only award XP or milestones at the end of a session, so the players have between session to handle their character sheet updates between sessions. New spell slots and other powers manifest after the first long rest.

Most frequently, that session end is a fine place for that long rest, so the next session usually begins with the party levelled up.

Level between sessions to maximize actual play time during sessions. Arbitrary leveling depending on when it feels right in the campaign. If somebody wants the group to level up regardless of story progress sure we can discuss it, but bringing it up with at least a few days' notice is required so that everyone can go over their options and whatnot before the next session begins. Level skipping is on the table, especially if there's going to be a time-skip in-game.

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