D&D 5E How do you time your level-ups?

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Between sessions as much as is possible. We take a little time out to roll hit points but then I leave it up to the players to do the work, modify the character sheet, at home before the next session.


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I rarely even bother to look at XP until an adventure is over or there is a sufficient break within a larger adventure where it might make sense. I've given out XP nine times in my current local game and we've had 40 sessions. The party is 7th level.


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Leveling up strictly happens between sessions.

(Albeit, sometimes a session is spent without campaigning to help each other character build, and find interesting options.)


I handle it with a few days of downtime while the party is in a safe area with reasonable facilities for training and resting. In practice, this usually means in town as the party returns from a mission.

I typically do not award XP for individual encounters, but for completing quests. But if I have a dungeon guarding the princess they need to save, the total XP award will still be based on the opposition guarding the princess.
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Passives are gained right away.

Any resource based abilities must wait for their respective rest to recharge.

no XP, milestone leveling.

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