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D&D 5E How does Rogues Psychic Blades work with extra attack?


With a multiclass soulknife with extra attack, how would the psychic blades work, especially on ranged attacks?

If I have a Rune Knight Fighter 8/Knowlege Cleric 1/Soulknife 3:

Can I throw a Javelin, then throw a psychic blade, then throw a psychic blade with the other hand as a bonus action (for 1d4+strength)?

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Sure, so long as it was a one-handed weapon and you were not holding as shield. A bow might be a problem, since you need a free hand to manifest the psychic blade.


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I think that would work, as long as the ranged weapon is not a two-handed weapon (javelin, throwing axe, spear, dagger okay, bow or crossbow no good) and you're not using a shield.

It's hard to say completely because the language used to describe the Psychic Blades ability doesn't anticipate the possibility that the character could have access to multi-attack via multi-classing.

If I was the DM and you had this build, nb I'd also let you make two attacks with the psychic blade from your "main" hand and a third as a bonus action.

However, due to how the Psychic Blades ability is written, I could see a DM not allowing it to work with multi-attacks at all:

"Whenever you take the Attack action, you can manifest a psychic blade from your free hand and make the attack with that blade. "
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