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4E How is the 4e announcement affecting your game groups?


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First let me say that this is not a bashing thread or a support thread. It is a discussion thread. If you have an axe to grind, please do it elsewhere. Now, where was I ...

I'm discovering something interesting so far with my gaming groups when it comes to the announcement of 4th edition. Among the players I most frequently game with there is a very definite split concerning which edition to play once 4e is released.

In one group all four players have stated their intent to convert or start fresh at the launch.

In another group, 4 out of seven have decided not to bother with 4e, instead staying with 3.5 and house ruling as needed.

The remaining three from that group are also split with one having no opinion since he just came back to gaming after ten years away from it, and the other two said they will play 3.5 till the campaign ends in the mid teen levels (currently 5th) and then look at 4e to decide.

The third group of 3 players is also not interested in 4e because of the expense and they just don't see a need to make a change. They feel 3.5 is fine with some minor house rules so why spend the money.

That leaves me, the DM for these three groups in an awkward position. I'm determined to finish my Ptolus campaigns come hell or high water. Converting Ptolus to 4e isn't worth it since it would eat up too much time and I have precious little as it is. Then there's the curiosity I have about how good 4e might be. Running two different systems would be a challenge. I'm not sure how to jump.

It also leaves me wondering if this is typical of other groups at this stage of things or are my folks just an odd lot.

Are you finding your groups split like this or solidly in one camp or another?

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The announcemnt and release of 4E is kinda hanging over my group like a cloud, but really has no effect on our gmae right now.

Right now one guy, who doesn't really know the rules at all, is against 4E becasue he doesn't want a new set of rules he will not bother to learn. <--his owrds.

The otehr guy knows the 3.5 ruel backwards and forwards, and has a decent library of books, and is pretty ambivilent about 4E, mainly because he likes the richness of 3.5 with all the classes, spells, and options out there. He feels that 4E will be pretty dry and boring at first, with only the core books.

The third member, me, feels that 4E nmight have a lot to offer, but is very hesitant about bringing it into our face-to-face game which started a new campaign at the beginning of December. He will probably play it online at first, to learn the rules and such, but will msot likely not change over any of his existing 3.5 gmaes to accomodate it, unless the players really push for it and it is really a step forwards.

Right now only the thrid guy, me, will buy the first three core books right away. The second guy might buy them later, and the firest guy is more likely to learn to fly spontaneously.

**Names removed to make the post more confusing :)


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I am the DM for a group of five players (give or take). I have stated to them that we will be playing a new campaign of 4E when it arrives. I didn't ask for opinions.

Darrin Drader

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I converted my group to True20 a while back, so it isn't affecting us in any way. We have talked about playing some D&D eventually, but when we do, it will almost definitely be 3.5. If 4E happens for us, it won't be until 2009 at the earliest.


Since our 3.5 game bogged down to the point where it became a chore to play (they're all at level 20 right now), I'm looking forward to 4E, and so are my players. Something to bring the excitement back instead of the constant number crunching and such..


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I currently have two D&D groups - one with 5 players, another with 6 players.

The mood in both is pretty positive towards 4e, with the more serious gamers in the "can't wait" phase.



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One of my buddies who has a library almost as vast as mine swore up and down and called WoTC the Great Babylon (as well as other terms associated with that phrase from the old Bible...) and said he will not play.

He immediately started up a Champions game.

Another one doesn't care but started up a Mutants & Masterminds PL 7 game.

Me? I'm a player in both games so I automatically win. :D

But we finally talked the Hero GM into running Savage Tide where I've got a priest of pelor so I'm still happy.

Next time I GM I'm thinking of running some Paizo stuff or maybe just that last three batches of WoTC adventures to get the hang of the tactical encounter bit. Combine that with maybe the Castle Greyhawk stuff.


My group (which consists of me and 4 other players) feels about 4e as follows...

PLYR 1 (Male 27 yrs old): He follows most but not all of the 4e news and feels WotC is gearing up to take D&D, if not fully, then mostly online (and no not in the sense of a MMORPG). He feels that within a couple of years most of the products and releases from WotC will be digital and will require one to have a subscription with the DDI to fully participate in the hobby. Interesting enough he works in IT (as do I) and I can see where he's coming from. He really would rather stick with the pretty massive library of 3.5 that our group has, and feels that those who join our group can play 3.5.

PLYR 2 (Female 24 yrs old): Doesn't follow most of the 4e news but has gleaned enough from me and player 1 to form an oppinion. It basically boils down to the fact that she has fun playing the game with our group and the rules in the end can be changed or modified for what we like. She also finds the non-D&D games we play (especially nChangeling and MRQ Lankhmar) more fun and interesting than D&D so...she really feels no need for us to switch to D&D 4e.

PLYR's 3 & 4 (Both male ages 18 and 17): They just enjoy playing and being a part of our group.

So in the end I as defacto DM/GM would really have to be blown away by 4e for me to force everyone to switch. I also am starting to feel that no rules system will ever be the perfect one and at a certain point you just gotta go with what you enjoy. For my group, that seeems to be moving with different companies and a diffeent direction than WotC. So yeah I didn't pre-order and I will definitely be looking through the books at Borders before I make a decision.


Abstraction said:
Fixed that for ya! :D
Nah, Borders let's me sit down, take my time and sip a cup o' joe. Now if I choose to buy them...where that takes place is a different story


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I let my group know we would be switching to 4e. No one complained and most everyone sounds neutral-to-positive about it. Yay!

Wisdom Penalty

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7 players and 1 DM.

1 player scared of 4E, mainly for financial reasons that don't make logical sense. (See definition of sunk cost.)

2 players uncertain of 4E. Some previewed stuff they like, some they didn't.

4 players and the DM "pro-4E"...but that really just means "pro-trying-4E-out-to-see-how-it-is".

None of us are really afraid of "change" and none of us are losing sleep over the Great Wheel or somesuch being modified.

We're pretty happy with 3.5, and I'm sure we'll be pretty happy with 4E.

It ain't the game, anyway. It's your friends around the table.

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Doug McCrae

My group hasn't talked about 4e much. Our campaigns typically last 6 months and we just started a new one so we would be well placed to try it when it comes out. I'll definitely be buying. I think I might run H1 and we can see if the new edition roxxorz or suxxorz.


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I play in Seattle, which has a huge D&D population. The largest on meetup.com, anyway. I know a lot of these people in person, having met through RPGA and other organizations. Everyone I know is planning on switching to 4E. Most are planning on switching as soon as possible, while a few are going to wait a bit before switching over. I haven't even heard of anyone who intends to stick with the old edition.

Message boards are a different story, of course.


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My group is all cautiously excited. They've liked what they've heard so far -- details about halflings excluded -- and they think it sounds fun. Tonight one player mentioned wanting to play a rogue in a 4e game when we start a new campaign.

So far, so good!

i dm 2 groups one of 2 player one of 4 .
group 1 , 1 player just said no. i like the rules so no
2nd player doesnt care but doesnt see a point
group 2
1player also said no dont like what he saw likes the rules we use
2 dosent care will play any thing
3 and 4 are married and have no intrest in investing in more books when they like the system we use

and me the dm. well i like 3e we play 3e with soem 3.5 fixings such as classes and have a lot of books i really havent got to use all that much. not likeing all of what im seeing so im playing 3.5 for dnd


Out of our group of six, I'm for it, one is against it, and the rest couldn't care less. But everyone is pretty much in agreement that after we finish up our current campaign (late '08, early '09), we'll at least take a look at it.


Piratecat said:
My group is all cautiously excited. They've liked what they've heard so far -- details about halflings excluded -- and they think it sounds fun. Tonight one player mentioned wanting to play a rogue in a 4e game when we start a new campaign.

So far, so good!
Personally speaking, I'm the same way (except that I love the halflings and I'm not so sure about the Heroic path being fun).

My group? The eldest and most vocal has been against the idea of 4E since 3E came out. He doesn't buy much in the way of books, but complained about 3.5 and only bought the 3.5 PHB. He keep saying he doesn't want to play, but he's less adamant every time he says it, knowing that my own opinion has swayed from initially not interested to now liking what I'm seeing. He can't complain about the cost of a new PHB, I'm getting him one for his birthday. He can't complain about new rules, because he likes the fact they we're starting an M&M game soon, a game he's never played before. So, it's basically stubbornness that he's dwelling on and he knows it.

The other four know next to nothing about it and raise an eyebrow at it's mention. Fear of the unknown, I think. So my copy of R&C is getting passed around right now. I'm fairly sure our next D&D game will be 4e. The only thing I'm absolutely sure of is that my current, almost finished, AoW game, will be my last 3.x game, as DM or player. Nothing like a 1-20 AP to showcase the game's faults.


I'm about a week away from starting up my Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords campaign, so that will be a Third Edition game.

It will also be my last Third Edition game unless I turn out to hate Fourth Edition, since if I have the time and energy to start another game before June it certainly wouldn't be a Dungeons & Dragons game. I am far more likely to run a one- or two-player Vampire: The Requiem or Mage: The Awakening game, or Star Wars Saga Edition set in the Knights of the Old Republic era, or GURPS in an alternate history setting, or . . .

You get my point. I'm excited about Fourth Edition, but D&D is hardly the only game I care about. :) Wizards of the Coast should be thankful I don't know enough about Hunter: The Vigil to start getting excited about it!

Captain Tagon

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My group currently rotates between HERO system games and indie press RPGs.

The 4e announcement and info has us contemplating playing DnD as a group for the first time ever.

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