How long have you been gaming?

How long have you been gaming?

  • 1 year or less

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2-5 years

    Votes: 4 1.7%
  • 6-10 years

    Votes: 5 2.2%
  • 11-20 years

    Votes: 15 6.6%
  • 21-30 years

    Votes: 42 18.3%
  • 31-40 years

    Votes: 130 56.8%
  • 41 years or more

    Votes: 33 14.4%


Well, that was fun
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A quick, informal poll. A little different to those age polls in that it’s just asking how long you have been playing tabletop role playing games (specifically TRPGs - not boardgames, wargames, video games, live action, etc).

If you feel inclined, explain below what your first game was (if you can remember!)

I started at 11 years of age, in the 80s at school lunchtimes, with one of the basic D&D editions after a brief flirtation with an old Warhammer boxed set, though I’ve never been able to remember which. Within a year, we were using AD&D 1E, and experimenting with a whole bunch of 80s RPGs. I was a D&D guy most of that time, though.
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Stared in 82 with Moldvay Basic and quickly switched to AD&D. Played until very early 89 (mostly D&D but dabbled in a few others as well). Picked it up again about 10 years ago.

So started 35 years ago but have only played about 16-17 of those years.


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My first wargame began when I got my first box of plastic army men. They were set up lovingly in a sandbox and then mercilessly mowed down by my BB gun.


First experience was making characters for basic DnD. My first time playing was advanced, and I did not like it. Played Warhammer and got addicted. After that, C&S, Champions and Ars Magica.


Started around 1987 with AD&D at my friend's house in Boston. If memory serves it was a heavily homebrewed game with choice BD&D and OD&D elements floating around. I played an elf named Quickleaf. In the basement.


About 30 years. I started in the late 80's with the 1983 Basic red box. I was able to determine it was the late 80's because I was also heavily into playing Legend of Zelda at the time, when it'd just come out. A lot of my early dungeons were designed much like the dungeons from the original Legend of Zelda.

Bill Reich

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I started playing at a local SF club meeting on Halloween 1979. The GM, a graduate student in medieval studies, called his game D&D but the rules changed, depending on where in the world you were. I played in his game for a few years and then he got his degree and left the area. After I had been playing in his game for a few months I got an incomplete set of Old D&D rules at a hobby shop and started playing in and running games. Two players from that era were "named" RQ and C&S because they loved those games so much and promoted them so heavily. RQ ran a nice campaign; C&S couldn't get any players because he was a dufus, not because of the game rules. I got the first edition of AD&D when it came out but retained many OD&D features in my game, while playing in my friend Simon's game, where he made the switch more thoroughly. Then I wrote my own rules in the Eighties.



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I've been playing D&D (as the DM) since Christmas day, 1980.

Ok, "technically" I guess it'd be about 3 days after that as it took me a few days to read through the Basic Rules, Keep on the Borderlands, & figure this stuff out well enough to explain it to my younger brother, our cousin, and a friend. :)
And the only reason it took that long was because we had a pile of new Star Wars toys, other games, a shiny new Atari 2600, etc competing for our attention.

I was the DM by default because it was my book. So it was my job to read the thing & then explain it to the others.


Dec '77 maybe Jan '78. It was around XMAS, cos I remember the decorations. Played OD&D- LBBs and a Holmes Basic booklet.


Been playing since 81 - 82. My brother's grade school had some sort of relationship where you were paired with a local college program. His college "buddy" introduced him to AD&D. I remember playing a couple of sessions with them. We then got the red box and formed a group with our friends, played for a year or two, and then moved on (or back) to AD&D.

With the exception of 4 -5 years while our group went to various colleges, we've been playing ever since and progressed through each version of D&D (including Pathfinder) as it came out. Happily playing 5E.


A friend at secondary school convinced me to try playing with the Red Box, and... ;)

What surprises me above all is that it looks like quite a lot of people around here started playing about in the same years...:-S


Started playing D&D in 84, played and GM'd many other systems too for about 15 years, runequest, traveller, car wars, tunnels and trolls, GURPS, rolemaster, bushido, lords of creation, champions and many others that my ageing brain is too mushy to remember.

Rediscovered the hobby in 2016 and haven't stopped since, DM'd the basic set followed by storm kings thunder, having a break to play for a while until TOA comes out. Oh and I exclusively DM AL now.

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Well, that was fun
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Interesting there isn't a single person with under 10 years of gaming here so far. Any newbies out there?


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My starting point was the tabletop boardgame HeroQuest, back in 1990 or '91. Then my mom bought me a copy of ICE's Middle Earth Roleplaying Game around '92 and I couldn't make heads or tails of it. In '93 my friend bought a copy of Earthdawn, and from that point I was hooked. A year and a half later I was introduced to D&D (or more specifically, AD&D 2nd Edition) and that was that.

@Morrus: I've been teaching my 3-1/2 year old the basics, moving in through the old D&D cartoon and the new Tales of Equestria game (and HeroQuest), so newbies exist. It will just be a while until he can spell well enough to join ENWorld.


Interesting there isn't a single person with under 10 years of gaming here so far. Any newbies out there?

It's not me personally, but I have three players at my table who just started playing D&D within the last two years. I don't think they come to these forums and post, though.


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I began playing in Fall 1980 with a friend's borrowed character for D&D. I probably disappointed him, since his character got clobbered by a statue of his own god down to 1 HP.
I figured out how to make up my own characters after that.

By Christmas, I had discovered Gamma World - which is still my favorite game to get 'homesick' over.

I have played Champions, D&D's several variants, Gamma World's many variants, and one-off'ed a few other games (Ghostbusters, anyone?) here and there.

I have DM'ed Gamma World (at Conventions, mid 1980s to mid 1990s) and D&D.

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