How long on average are your game sessions?

How long, on average, from the time players arrive until they leave, are your TTRPG game sessions?

  • Under one hour

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2-3 hours

    Votes: 24 40.7%
  • 4 hours

    Votes: 21 35.6%
  • 4-6 hours

    Votes: 12 20.3%
  • 7-8 hours

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Over 8 hours

    Votes: 1 1.7%

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He / Him
Back in High School it was 8 - 11 hours, with breaks to go swimming in the neighborhood pool in the summers.

Nowadays a good 3 hour session is what I have time and energy for. I've switched to running Ironsworn for a few friends so I no longer have to do prep. A lot more happens in a 3 hour session of Ironsworn than a 3 hour session of D&D!


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I picked the 4 hours. Well, assuming it's 3-4 hours to cover the gap like all the others in the poll.

I play weeknights after work. Average game is about 3.5 hours, occasionally we go over but not by too much.

However, in one mid-week game I run one of my players is a teacher who gets up at 5am, so we try to end earlier. Those just make 3 hours.


Not voting, since the categories are bad...
My sunday game runs 1900-0030 - 3½ hours
My wed game runs 1730 or 1800 to 2130 or 2200 hours and rarely to 2400 = 3½ to 4½ hours...bimodal at 4 and 4½
Sat game runs 1730-1800 through to 2230-2400 for 4½ to 6½. But this game doesn't happen half the time.

If you average my sessions total 4 hours works since I moved south; before that, the average was 6½, not counting the half hour break for dinner, but with a multi-modal at 3 and 7 hours, which is far more representative than the 6 to 6½ mean.

Looks at clipboard...

"I'll put you down as a 4"


Generally 2 hours and it may go to 3 hours. We play after scouts on a school night from 8:30-10:30. We might go a bit later if we are in something, but tend to end there to get my son home for school and I like to get in bed before 11 myself nowadays.


There's a jump in the poll from less than one up to 2-3. For my 13yo and his friends it's an hour and a half (including pizza - more gaming happens now that the darts and nerf guns are hiding).

Mine over the last several years have been around 3 on average.
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Deluxe Unhuman
I am grateful to be part of a group that has, with the occasional roster changes, been playing weekly together for 6+ years. Usually, people start arriving as early as 6:30pm, and we often game until midnight - sometimes we have to end things as early as 11pm, and once in a blue moon we plow past midnight because we're in the middle of something tense. But, I went with 7-12, which puts us at 5 hour game sessions.


On the average ~2-3 hours, but sometimes 4 hours. We have been playing 5E since 2015 with various iterations of players from a small group of about 8 players. Some people come and go from time to time so our group is down to 3, but we did weed out some players intentionally. Players that were constantly not paying attention, on their phones, always having side conversations, etc so that affected our actual game time. As a group of 3 remaining players we are going to switch to 2E and I think our game time should increase significantly per session.

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