Level Up (A5E) How Long to Craft X


This is a general thread in which I ask for help determining reasonable craft times for various objects. My group is doing a lot of crafting, as they are in a wilderness trying to establish a community, so they will be making all sorts of things. Some things have good guidance in the book, others less so.

For this I am assuming a single competent person with the tools needed to do the job. However, raw materials have to be mined or acquired, they don't just "have them". Lastly, I am splitting up "crafting time" vs "leave it to finish time". For example, tanning a hide involves a lot of time drying in the sun. I do want to note that time, but at the same time I don't expect a player to be "consuming their time" during that period. Aka it will determine how long the item takes to make, but is separate from how much effort goes into it.

I assume 1 day = ~8 hours of labor.

My first item:

A teepee
  • Making the canvas. My ballpark guage right now is 2 days of work, and 5 days of just leaving it to dry.
  • Crafting the teepee, probably 1 day.

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