How many fantasy worlds are there anyways? Post one.

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64. El-Hazard Role-Playing Game (Guardians of Order) (2001)
Another Arthur C clark tech world. I loved the original oav, and the fact it is gamable is amazing.

It did suffer from "not allowed to extrapolate" but where else can you have talking cats as armor (no cats were harmed in doing this, they literally meld)?


aramis erak

65 Theáh (AEG) (2000) 7th Sea 1E, Swashbuckling Adventures, 7th Sea 2E

A swashbuckling alternate earth with slightly different geography, and a timeline divergence originally set at the absence of St. Paul, and the triumph of Gnosticism over Orthodoxy at Nicea. Set in the swashbuckling era (16th or 17th C.) Has some magic.

aramis erak

67 Cidri (1980) The Fantasy Trip (Melee, Wizard, In the Labyrinth). Written by the same Steve Jackson as GURPS, back when he was working for Metagaming. Recent 2E of TFT from SJG.
It's unclear if Cidri is one or multiple worlds, intentionally so.
Notable for mention of gates and interdimensional walkers, the Mnoren... and no rules for the Mnoren.

68. Snarfquest RPG (2003)


There was this comic back in dragon magazine

It had its own rules, systems and was slightly sexist, but dag nab it, it could be very funny.
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aramis erak

69 Nia (The Arrowflight world) (Deep7. 2001)
Arrowflight RPG. (2 editions)

This is a relatively high magic swashbuckling/Musketeer setting. Playable races include diminutive faeries, 3 flavors of Earthfolk (2 more are "outsider races"), Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs. Lots of open sea in the south.

Note that some players refer to it by the name of the primary empire: Corvel.

aramis erak

70 The World of Two Moons (1987, Chaosium under license from WARP Graphics) ElfQuest RPG, 2 editions.

This one is a slight simplification of BRP rules, and was written before the 20 issue initial run completed; issues 19 and 20 had their material added in the ElfQuest Companion.

None of the post-issue-20 material is included. Its introductions (plainsrunners, sea elves) were since canonized...

aramis erak

73 the world of Talisman aka The Realm(2019, Pegasus Spiele) Talisman Adventures

This is a custom system using d6's. All rolls player facing.
The setting originates in the board game; the RPG turns the boardgame into a really nifty map... and fleshes the setting out a bit.
THey haven't included anthing from timescape, as far as I can tell. Solid system, have run it.

74 The bleak, ghost-infested, nearly sunless world of the Empire of the Shattered Isles, the setting of Ghost Lines (2013, One Seven Design) and Blades in the Dark (2017, Evil Hat Productions). It supposedly evolved from the consequences of a previous campaign world blowing up in John Harper's World of Dungeons home game. 😅

Several Easter eggs in John Harper's Wild Blue Yonder trilogy of games (Lady Blackbird, Magister Lor and Lord Scurlock) would imply that they also exist in the same world as the Shattered Isles, but at a different point in its timeline...
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75 Oathbound Domains of the Forge 2002. Started off as an OGL setting in 3.0, then 3.5, and Pathfinder 1e. Also has a novel.

A very high magic gonzo fantasy prison world where seven differently themed divine jailers pull in individuals, monsters, cities and sometimes civilizations from across the multiverse for their own purposes.

Provides a great background for D&D's ton of cantina races and powerful monsters and mix and match cultures for a bunch of different themed environments (Jungle/Forest Wilderness, desert warlord land, super accumulative mega city, etc.)

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