D&D 5E How many players would use a service like this

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It. Fills a gap, and if people are willing to pay for it, I don't see the problem. However with AL games everywhere, you would think that the demand for paid DMs wouldn't be that strong.
I don't play AL but the GMs don't generally have a reputation for high quality.


As for being/using a paid DM?

I think the fact that the hobby is now big enough that that's a thing is awesome!

I have a friend of mine that has been doing this for 30 years now. His prices have gone up recently but COVID has been hard on his business and I think he's trying to recover a bit of his losses.

Even though i have never charged for DMing, nor experienced a DM charging something, to be fair, 40 Dollars is a very lousy salary, if that is yoir job.
It is also a cheap price for an evening of fun for a group of 4 to 6 people.
Even more so of the DM owns all the needed materials.

Once again we are at the point where it shows that some people really don't want to pay anything for their favourite hobby.
OMG, after 3 years wotc dares to publish updated books. For the full price...
even if I have been in the position where as a student I could not afford every book. But I always knew and appreciated how cheap the hobby is.


On a side note, what happened to the OP? Looks like they got banned …
Usually when an active poster gets banned, you don't have to look hard for the reason, or the red mod text. My guess is OP deleted their own account (maybe they just wanted a different user name).

It's also possible they were banned for some non-public infraction, but in that case we're never going to find out about it.

I don't play AL but the GMs don't generally have a reputation for high quality.
There's a few factors at play:

1. The dm can't select players, so you don't often get a great table that meshes well
2. AL modules aren't great unless you really like combats
3. There's not a lot of curation of dms - plenty of AL dms are new at dming
4. The best players and dms get invited to home games, so bad players/dms are over-represented
5. AL restricts what you can do about bad players, and the tools you do have take up time and attention at the table, so dms can often waste a lot of time dealing with nuisances rather than getting on with the game

Having said all that: for a certain style of play, AL is fantastic and every AL org I've dealt with was run by people who really want you to have a great time playing dnd - so the overall experience has been mostly positive.

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