How Many RPG Books Do You Own?


706 - Although I suspect that needs updating as I know at least two have been loaned never to come back, and I might not have added some more recent ones on.

That's just actual gaming books as opposed to stuff related to gaming, like I might have bought some books related to the Napoleonic war for when I was running Duty and Honour, etc.

It covers a wide number of systems and is surprisingly lacking in 2nd stuff beyond Birthright, as I sold loads of it off back in the day.

While it doesn't include magazine, I have a complete set of Imagine Magazine for example, it does include modules so it doesn't take up as much shelf space as you might think.
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Doug McCrae



The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
Not that many, actually. I sold or gave away most of my 3.5 stuff (I only kept the MM and Spell Compendium) and I never owned that many 4e books in the first place. I've got all the major 5e releases except for APs and Ravnica. I was too young to own AD&D stuff; I mostly read through my brother's books and he eventually bought me the Core Rules CD (which was awesome, and I think I still have somewhere, not that a modern system would likely be able to run it). That plus a few PbtA-esque games. I could probably list what physical books I still own from memory:

1) 3.5 Monster Manual
2) 3.5 Spell Compendium
3) 3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting
4) Weird Monster Book From System I Don't Know And I'm Not Sure How I Ended Up With It Honestly
5) 5e PHB
6) 5e DMG
7) 5e MM
8) Volo's Guide
9) Xanathar's Guide
10) Mordenkainen's Tome
11) Monsterhearts 2
12) Monster of the Week
13) Blades in the Dark

Edit: Oh yeah I also owned like... every Hackmaster 4e book in existence at one point, but I ended up selling those too.

The thing about lots of books, and especially hardcover RPG books, is that they tend not to travel well.
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Unfortunately....I only own all the 5E Published way to catch up now without my wife divorcing me for the amount of cash I would have to spend....but you can find a lot of the older stuff online/I love how they are remaking a lot of the Original D&D adventures into 5E....

40 books in total. 19 for D&D 3.5, 2 for Starfinder, 4 for D20 modern/Future, 3 Call of Cthulhu books (1 of which is for 3rd edition, the other 2 are CoC 5th edition I believe), and the rest is a random assortment of Pathfinder books and books for other systems. I have 1 random book for the Conan RPG, which is not enough to run a campaign for it. I also have 1 massive binder with 2nd edition monsters, which is my only 2nd edition material I own.

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