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How often does your party take a short rest?

How many short rests per "day" (long rest)?

  • Standard resting rules, 3+ short rests per "day"

    Votes: 5 6.0%
  • Standard resting rules, ~2 short rests per "day"

    Votes: 39 47.0%
  • Standard resting rules, ~1 short rest per "day"

    Votes: 24 28.9%
  • Standard resting rules, rarely or never take short rests

    Votes: 4 4.8%
  • Optional/house rules, 3+ short rests per "day"

    Votes: 1 1.2%
  • Optional/house rules, ~2 short rests per "day"

    Votes: 7 8.4%
  • Optional/house rules, ~1 short rest per "day"

    Votes: 2 2.4%
  • Optional/house rules, rarely or never take short rests

    Votes: 1 1.2%

  • Total voters


Title sums it up. How many short rests does your party typically take per "day" (i.e., between long rests)? And are you using the standard rules where a short rest is 1 hour and a long rest is 8, or some variant system (either the DMG optional rules, or a house rule of your own devising)?

Edit: Obviously this is going to vary a lot from day to day and session to session. I'm asking for your estimate of the average number of short rests.

My group found that we seldom ended up taking short rests; if there was time to rest at all, there was usually time for a long rest, which really screwed over the short-rest classes (e.g., warlocks). We've been experimenting with different rest mechanics. At first we tried the "slow rests" where a short rest is 8 hours and a long rest is several days, and it worked to get a better ratio, but created other issues with the campaign. Now we're trying a new rule where a short rest takes 1 minute but you can only take two per long rest.
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My party rarely takes rests, unless it seems logical (in a safe area, able to guard the room). I use the standard rules, but lately I am thinking of starting up a new game using alternate rules where short rest is 8 hours and a long rest is 7 days. I wanted to do something more in vein of Torchbearer, and switch up some of the mechanics to heighten the drama and let the party deal with the stress.


My group takes a short rest every 2-3 encounters and a long rest after 5-6 encounters. Some days there is 2 short rests, but most days there is one and when they are spent again they will need a long rest. One of the games I run tends to be closed modules where there are only 3-4 encounters before ending and we would start again back in town the next time. In this case they go through 2 encounters before resting and then finishing the other one or two encounters.

We have varying DM's with our group and are running multiple campaigns. It seems to break down as follows:
Me: houserule, 1 round out of combat short rests. 2 short rests can be taken between every long rest.
Anders: Has adopted my houserule
Ed: houserule, one minute short rests. No limit on number, but honor system to not abuse it
Travis: By the rules. We take a single short rest or no short rest between long rests. Often it's a single encounter in a day, making short rests pointless.

Finding time for multiple short rests in most games is very difficult if playing by the standard rules. If you are fighting your way through a goblin infested cavern system for example, it requires a significant suspension of disbelief to say, "Yeah, you settle down for an hour of uninterrupted rest. The goblins respect your privacy during that time, they know you've had a hard day."


Dusty Dragon
We have 1-2 short rest per day, *sometimes* 3.

As far as the "almost never" group... so your characters never have lunch? That's what a short rest is.

I voted about 2 in between long rests, but it is really more how many the DM allows the party to get in between encounters.

And I will be really curious to see how this would be answered later this year by groups playing through Dungeon of the Mad Mage.


Our DM usually gives us one big battle in the day, (which is why nobody chooses Warlocks) so we rarely take or use them. If we do, it would only be the once, with standard rules.


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It varies by campaign, adventure, and session, but I select standard, ~1 per day.

I'm fine with the RAW because A/C is an abstraction of more than bodily damage. It is largely your level of exhaustion, mental resolve, the condition of your armor and weapons, etc. A short reast lets you take a breather and do some basic adjustments and repairs/replacements to armor and equipment.

Whether you have time for such a short rest, depends on whether you can find a safe place to do so. There should be sessions where it is very difficults, if not impossible, to take as short rest. I can make for a memorable session. Do it too often, however, and it removes the edge and makes every session seem like a slog.

Runehammer has a good video on this: Key Mechanics: Rest



I chose the middle "Standard, rarely" one because there wasn't one that fit. My Players will take a short rest when they think their characters need it...in a role-playing sense; e.g., "We've been in this cave system for about 5 hours and it took us 2 hours to get here. I'm starving and my hands and feet hurt. Lets go back to that last cave with the higher-up ledge area and rest for a while. Couple hours. Poor Gorm over there's been getting the tar kicked out of him and he looks like he could use some bandaging and cleaning up"

The player role-plays his characters desire and reasoning for resting, and they think they have a "safe enough" spot to do it. If they manage to actually rest that hour or two (I roll for the actual amount of minutes they "rest"... 50 +(1d8 x10) minutes; so between 1 hour and 2 hours 10 minutes), then they get to decide if they want to use HD or whatever.

It is rare for any of my players to say "I'm really hurt and need to get some HP's and Short Rest abilities back". It's just...I don't know..."weird" to play like that.

The PC's can go "days" without taking/using a full 'short rest'. Usually if they've been in a ruin, dungeon, cave, or other 'adventure area', after 6 or so hours in the thick of it, they usually opt to actually leave the area and head back to camp. They usually camp about 4 to 8 hours away from the adventure location. Of course, when are actually under a limiting factor (either real or self imposed), they may press on and try to find that one place in the dungeon where they can get that 1 to 2 hour rest.

I guess what I'm trying to say is..."My players rest when they think they can and they think it's appropriate to do from their characters perspective...and almost never take any game mechanics into account". They did the same thing back in PF...and 3.5e...and 3e...and 2e...and 1e...and BECMI...and pretty much any other game we play (er...except for Superhero games, because you're super heroes, and Call of Cthulhu; you go to sleep in that haunted house your investigating and you are LUCKY if you don't wake up as the multi-eyed, multi-mawed, slimy tentacled horror from beyond time and space is licking the skin off of you).


Paul L. Ming

The poll needs another option "We have no clearly defined amount of rests".

We play a roleplaying game, where our characters travel through an fantasy world. This means that sometimes there are opportunities to rest, and sometimes there aren't.
In my opinion, if you have a pre-chosen number of encounters, and a set number of rests, you're no longer roleplaying, but you are instead playing a dice-game. It becomes a type of gambling with extra fluff. Not that there's anything wrong with that... it's just not what we play.


40th lv DM
I'd guess it'd work out to about 2 short rests per day.

As for how long those rests are? It varies based on plot.

I use 100% standard rules (AL strict) and since my group has a Warlock and a Monk, they pretty much want to rest after every battle. As they are resting this often and in insecure areas, the chance of getting ambushed is fairly high, though, so if an ambush occurs they fight 2 battles per short rest, otherwise 1 battle.
The average number of battles we do per day is 4-5 of which 1 is an ambush on average.
This results in the number of short rests being 2-3.

The most common scenario is:

Long rest -> 2 battles -> short rest -> 1 battles -> short rest -> 1 battle -> long rest.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I can't quantify with any of the answers in your poll. How many encounters per day varies a lot and short rests seem more to be a feature of number of encounters then per day. Say we average a short rest every 2-3 encounters.

Though it can vary greatly. For example, while traveling we might have a short rest for some after every encounter since people can rest in the wagon. The flip side is when going through a lair where we are worried that an alarm will be raised if anyone we killed is discovered we might not take any short rests. An hour is a long time.


I also allow short rests between set encounters. There is an area of mines the PCs are exploring right now where they cleared out 3 rooms and are traveling to another area of mines. I may roll for an encounter or just say that it takes a few hours to manage your way and allow a short rest.

Traveling tends to play wonky things with encounters. If the PCs are traveling to the adventure site and know that the encounter is just the only one today they will tend to use more resources. Even if they do not 'know' that there is only one encounter, most players can guess accordingly.


Three-Headed Sirrush
Number of short rests per day tends to vary a lot at the tables I run and played with. The most salient variable appears to be location: in a dungeon or wilderness setting, short rests are rare, except for lunch during overland travel or in the uncommon case where the party needs to wait for something before continuing (e.g. nightfall, a rendevous, an ambush target, a sending from a contact). In a city, where the PCs often split up and some characters frequently end up waiting around (e.g. for other PCs, for shops to open/close, for appointments, for dinner plans), or are simply spending more time on R&R, the characters often get multiple short rests, often as many as 4 or 5 (admittedly, they only really benefit from so many rests if the party has a warlock with social/utility spells, the party has a sorlock, or the party is repeatedly picking fights).


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Pretty evenly divided between 0, 1, and 2, so I took the average and said 1. I don't think I've ever taken 3.


Optional/House Rules, 2 short rests.

In my home game I eliminated short rests as a mechanic for recovering any resources outside of using HD for HP (and that takes 5-10 minutes). I found it too irritating and not a fun aspect of the game to deal with.

So on the assumption PCs get two short rests in one adventuring day I tripled the things people recover on a short rest and they can do that on a long rest. Also, long rests are one week.

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