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5E How should be Oriental Adventures for otakus from XXI century?

Let's imagine an agreement between WotC and an important Asian videogame company to create an online ARPG based in Kara-Tur or an oriental continent from a canon D&D world. the target market are teenages from Taiwan, Korea and Japan who love Asian MMORPGs and Manga-Anime.

Should be Kara-Tur with any changes in the timeline and background (for example fused Wa+Kozakura by a marriage link between their empire heirs), and which factions within each nation?

Let's imagine the project is a OA without the corebook classes, but new ones, maybe the return of some old known one, as some psionic manifester (wilder, lurker, ardent), martial adept(crusader, warblade and swordsage) and totemist shaman with incarnum soumelds. What no-core classes do you suggest? For example sohei.

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I have seen lore from some manganime and mmo and I dare to say fantasy no-core races for Asian players would be some furry or anthropomorphic animal, monster girls with some animal traits, for example the nekomimi ( cat ears), and some little humanoid with cute face for lovers of lolitas. The D&D "catgirl" is the tabaxi, but to create an oriental version is easy, only same racial traits but with a different name and other changes in the background. The hengeyokai are perfect for this. The goblin-rat is cannon in Kara-Tur, and it could be also a PC race as a "evil cousin" of the hengeyokai.

I imagine shen like the oriental cousins of elves. I like their background, but their racial traits weren't too practical.

I have imagine something about a rebellion of the lung (imperial dragons) against the Celestial Court, and now they are the new rulers, but maybe they aren't so ready for this power.

Korobokuru can't be a popular PC because they aren't cool, their look isn't very smart. Maybe some player would want one to play a little and cute but feral jungle girl.

Tanuki and bakeneko weren't cannon in Rokugan d20.

Have you heard anything about the kickstarter of "The Koryo Hall of Adventures", based in Korean culture?


(Shouldn't they remember the metal is the fifth classic element in Asian culture?).


Kara Tur is an important part of Faerun, so a hard no on any retcons. Just update it to 5e taling into consideration the Spellplague and Sundering.


Cyclone Ranger
1. Don't call it Oriental Adventures, or reference that in any way.

2. Let the Asian videogame company make the game and get out of the way.

3. Profit.

(To the extent that they want to make a new "OA" or Kara Tur, which I think would be AWESOME, for 5e, that's different than making a video game to appeal to specifically Asian markets).

And, yeah, I don't think there'd be much appeal for Kara-Tur to the Asian market as it was designed using Western-perspective stereotypes of Asian cultures (typically applied broadly to all Asian cultures) to appeal to a Western audience rather than Asian-perspective stereotypes of their own cultures, myths, legends, history, and fiction. Best let an Asian company do their thing and get out of its way.

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