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General How Was Your Last Session?


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
My last session was one long combat in Avernus [minor spoilers ahead], but with an interesting character point. In this group, we're playing through Avernus, fairly deep into it. We're having a battle vs. a certain necromancess, and my high elf who had been counterspelling (successfully through much luck until that point) was

The DM described me appearing on a grassy field, a few miles from Candlekeep. And hinted strongly that a particular "use in case of great need" item could get me back.

But he's telling me about how the air tastes after the blasted hellscape of Avernus, and I just lay back on the grass to enjoy my brief respite.

As it was, I was there less than 12 seconds (I only lost one action), but still - my elf has been reminded of the real world and what they are fighting to return Elturial to.
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the Jester

Just finished up, and we left it mid-battle for what might be the first time in 5e.

It was my Delta group. They've been exploring this underwater pyramid, and tonight, they finally found the undead (death knight) king's lair. They attacked him, but one of them had been snared by a trap that left him charmed by the king for 8 hours, and he immediately turned on the rest of the party.

Upon attacking the king, five wraiths and two margoyles joined the fight (margoyles, if you don't know, are basically a tougher, stronger version of gargoyles). The pcs looked like they were going to have an easy time of it at first; the monk stunned the death knight on round one, before he could act, and the party took him down before he got a turn.


Okay- so the bard/sorcerer hit him with a chill touch, which didn't hurt him, but did set the party up for a surprise. See, this is one of those bad guys who just can't be killed unless you figure out the trick to him. If he is at 0 hps at the start of his turn, he regains half his hit points. But the chill touch prevented that for one round. So they didn't realize it until they'd gotten cocky and gone in hard against his minions for a round or two. Then, suddenly, the death knight rose up and cast destructive wave, and the pcs were in trouble.

They realized there had to be a phylactery or something similar at work, and after several rounds, surmised that it was his crown (are they right? I'm not telling). The monk grabbed it but it wouldn't come off his head until he went down again- but then, the charmed pc hit him for like 25 points of (sneak attack!) damage and dropped him, and before anyone could do anything about it, the king rose up and put his crown back on.

By this time it was after midnight, and we called it for the moment, with the monk down, most of the pcs very badly injured, the death knight back at half his hps, the charmed pc ready to kill to protect his king, and the party having figured out a degree of strategy- namely, use that chill touch again! Stop him from getting up once he's down!

They also have a friendly couatl with them, shapechanged into a shark.

On the bright side, the pcs aren't even there to deal with this death knight. They're there to find one-third of a map, which they found on the king's desk while frantically searching for a way to stop the king. So they have what they came for, if they can get out with it.

This is one of the most desperate battles I've run in 5e. The pcs have dispatched one of the margoyles and two of the wraiths, with the rest of their foes in bad shape, but they're getting low on spell slots, especially high level ones, and the death knight has a TON left, hasn't even used his Abyssal blast, and nobody has made any real effort to break the charm on their rogue/wizard buddy.

I'm excited to see how this ends up!


We played a session of Prince Valiant.

The PCs are three knights. Two are father and son, respectivelyi the Marshall and Master of the holy order they founded, the Knights of St Sigobert. The third is their friend who has ended up travelling with them, accompanied by his wife who is the daughter of the Duke of York.

They were travelling with their warband through present-day Romania on their way to Constantinople, heading ultimately to the Holy Land to fight a holy war. The session started with them arriving at the Black Sea coast in various degrees of exhaustion and dishevellment (following checks to make their way overland without too much trouble).

They got on well with the Byzantine border forces (successful check) and took ship to Constantinople. Their ship was attacked by a "drgaon" (a giant crocodile) which knocked two of them into the water. One was abe to kill it by striking it through its soft underbelly (mechanically he succeeded on a check to swim down beneath it, which then enabled him to spend a Storyteller Certificate to Kill af Foe in Combat). They then took the body with them to Constantinople, where they were welcomed as dragon-slayers, gifted the body to the Emperor (and his taxidermists) and did homage to him. He presented them with gifts and (after they had rested in fine pavillions outside the walls of the city) he had the PCs and their warband ferried across the straits to Anatolia.

They decided to head along the coast to eventually reach the coast north of Cyprus. But they ended up heading inland when they heard news of an incursion by Huns. They met a Gothic count who was leading his under-equipped force out to confront the invaders and agreed to help. But then the count insisted on leading the charge against the Huns on the morrow. This was resolved as social conflict, and the Grand Master found himself relenting (ie his player lost the conflict). But the Marshall was very unhappy - knowing that they were outnumbered more than 2:1 by the Huns, the PCs (and their players) wanted to bring their superior command skills to bear. They also knew that his forces had very poor morale - one of his camp followers was making a point of how poor the count was, unable to meet his debts or to pay for provisions and equipment. The third PC tried to counter her influence on the count's troops but with no success (ie his player lost that social conflict).

So the PCs decided to head out for a night-time assault which would obviate the need for a charge on the morrow.

Their scout struggled to find the Huns, so it was close to dawn when eventually they came upon the Huns revelling in a village they had assailed. The players came up with their plan of assault (splitting their forces into 3 units, to be commanded by the 3 PCs). Their plan worked - they rolled well on their various Battle checks and routed the Huns and took their leader captive. They also took possession of his fine arms, armour and warhorses.

When the count turned up later in the morning he saw that his work had been done. One of his knights, who had joined with the PCs on their night-time raid, sought and received release from his service to join their Order. Upon returning to his camp it became clear that somehow the camp follower who was hostile to him had acquired his debts, so that she was one of his principal creditors. The PCs decided to buy the debts from her, so as to have the count beholden to them. The third PC's wife - the daughter of the Duke of York - did the bargaining (being the only person in the PCs' entourage with Money Handling skill) and managed to get them a good deal of one-and-half pennies in the shilling (ie they paid 2 gp for the right to be paid 16 gp).

The next time we play this game I think they will try and reach Cyprus.


Two players loved it; three players were turned off.

I made an elaborate underground shrine with pillars bearing mystical markings related to various heroic and antiheroic archetypes. Each pillar corresponded to a room with some hidden treasure. Various traps and mental attacks. The three more experienced and jaded players felt it was an artificial set-up to dole out magic items Monty Haul style: they could not have cared less about the mystical lore; but the two more wide-eyed players lapped it up.


One of my players has graciously been writing a campaign journal for our Roll20 campaign. I've obtained permission to share entries here.

The system is my own set of house-rules for B/X D&D. I use additional spells and magic items from the AD&D 1e DMG.

The band of adventurers consisting of Naeric, Glognar, Anersccaf, Ludek, Galdar, and Russ awaken in a cave on the tallest hill of the Stoneheart Forest. Upon examination of the cavern and the narrow passage heading deeper inside, the band decides to pursue this route into the dark unknown. With a steady pace, the group finally reaches a cliff with a sharp drop and they slowly descend, leaving the faithful steeds Mark and Melko behind.

At the bottom, they find a vast chamber and a shallow lake. To the right of this lake, water flowing down from the ceiling pools into a stream rushing downwards into the tunnel and over the edge of another cliff, forming a waterfall. To the side of this precipitous drop, the band finds a round wooden door. And like most doors that prohibit passage or escape from the other side, they find that this door has a keyhole. With no other recourse for getting through the tunnel and down the steep and slippery climb, the band’s resident nimble-fingered gentleman rogue attempts to open this door with lock picks. In the meantime, Russ explores the lake to see if there is anything of interest. Finding none, he returns to the group in time for Ludek to achieve success in his endeavor. With a click of the lock, the formerly immobile door swings open and diverts the rushing water into a side tunnel.

Without the water, the climb is much less perilous and the band heads down with significantly less dexterity required. At the bottom of the tunnel, they find that the passage splits three ways. The party decides to head left and soon finds themselves in a chamber with a pool in the middle emitting an eerie, bluish light. Finding that the luminous liquid sticks to surfaces, the group decides to use it to mark their passage through the caves.

Farther along the tunnel, they find a chamber with nine trees growing from large earthenware pots, with channels of water flowing underneath each tree pot. An angry muttering fills the room, but the band is unable to tell if it is the trees, the moss, or an echo of some other sound originating in the corridors beyond. Suddenly, a branch grabs Naeric by the neck. Finally finding the source of the grumbling, the party readies themselves to attack the trees that are slowly climbing out of the pots. After much bashing of branches and trunks, two sleep spells, and a torch lost, the group is victorious.

With persistent footsteps, the band reaches another passage with no way around it other than through a murky stream. Passing through this, Russ and Galdar find huge black masses attached to their legs. Russ burns off these leeches, and they both find curiously painless wounds where the masses were. Anersccaf eventually runs out of the effulgent goo marking their way, but they reach a section where they could pass without being submerged in the water. They light another torch, walk on, and find a steep upward slope where the interior of the higher level cannot be seen from the cave bottom. Ludek climbs this slope and finds four stirges buzzing over a pile of bones and scraps. With a bellow from Glognar that’s exactly as resonant as what the party expects from the boisterous dwarf, the insects are lured away from the slope and down to an ambush and subsequently – their end. However, these raucous activities seem to have attracted more beasts from the southwest tunnel, this time in the form of giant rats. With a series of attacks from the undaunted adventurers, the last of the rats explode in a red mist, and once again there is silence in the cavern.

Free from disruption, the party inspects the treasure found: gold, 20 arrows, 3 longswords, a set of lockpicks, and clothing: three pairs of boots and a cloak. Glognar tries them on and swings the sword to see if they are mundane – but alas, they are. At the far corner of the top of the slope, the elven members of the party and their keen senses spy more treasure: 2 glass bulbs with spores, and a sling made of supple, onyx black leather. Eager to keep moving, the party stores the newfound hoard in their packs, and moves on.

Lighting another torch, they see a woody growth dividing a stream, similar to the cavern where the murderous trees were. Thankfully, there are no trees, and they head on into the darkness and finally into a large cavern. Looking up, they see dozens of pods like hornet’s nests hanging from the ceiling. To make matters worse, deep into the darkness the band hears grumbling and shuffling from a tall form. Moving closer, they see that the form seems to be a gigantic fly-man hybrid and it is smearing fluorescent goo on the pods. The fly-man turns to the group and without hesitation, they attack. Anersccaf fires the sling found earlier and realizes it has an enchantment that helps with aim and damage. With subsequent blows from the rest of the band, the giant fly-man collapses. Fearful of what may be in the pods, the group smashes open one, and find a half-formed stirge that had been the bane of their existence since that fateful night at the village of Crimmor. At the rate that the band had been finding beasts in this cavern, they decide to destroy all the remaining pods to not take any chances of these awakening.

Off the side of the large end of the cavern, they find a room with stone walls that bulge and warp into melted wax-like shapes and patterns. Against the wall, they find a scroll cabinet and a bookcase with smoked-glass doors. The stream that had been cutting its way all the way through the cavern floor leads into a grate in the floor, with the water crashing noisily against rocks below. Beside the grate stands a round desk carved in the same bizarre patterns as the walls, papers and scrolls strewn about. The desk chair is a massive piece of carved wood, obviously not intended for a human. On the desk are documents filled with scientific and mathematical formulae expositing the process of giant insect cultivation, as well as a piece of paper containing the word “Fahoorth”. Deciding that carrying scrolls would be easier than carrying dead bugs, the group decide to take the scrolls as proof they have slain the enigma responsible for the stirge scourge of Crimmor.

Moments later, they realize the prematurity of their discussion at the arrival of two more giant fly-men and a wizard. They seem to have found the true source of the giant insects, and to the band’s dismay, these sources were angry. With a magic sling, longsword, crossbow, and mace, the band charges at the room’s presumed residents with relative success. After a battle involving sticky webs, a charm on Glognar, an illusory wizard, and Galdar’s near brush with death, the band vanquishes the evil posse and survive another day in the cavern.

The mages of the group then searched the wizard’s scroll cabinet and bookcase in the hopes of finding spells to learn. They are elated with success at finding powerful incantations, but regrettably find something more – a curse to fear trees that will affect Anersccaf for 6 days, but will lamentably distress Naeric permanently. Exhausted from the long day, the bold band prepares to rest despite the uneasiness brought about by the ominous cavern room.


First session since March. Had 6 players and I ran MCMLXXV adventure from Quests of Doom.


Bad angle couldn't squeeze everyone in and I was up against the wall.

Adventure is old school, a bit of wilderness exploration. More exploration than combat. 3 encounters, 3 bandits, ogre and pet bear, 4 wolf spiders. 6 other non combat locations explored.

Took along 6 precons but picked up a pair of randoms who were awesome.

Everyone was relaxed, great session everyone seemed to have fun.

2 warlocks (1 hexblade)
GWM fighter
Light cleric
Halfling Rogue
Wood Elf Monk.


Just finished a session of Avernus. At the end of the last session they learned the location of the Hellknight crypt and decided to head to it. They had to cross the Styx though and rather than go down to the docks they decided to Dukes of Hazard it in the demon grinder they boosted from Mad Maggie.

They did not make the jump but through clever use of water walking, feather fall and gust of wind they survived with their brains intact. Their stolen infernal machine is at the bottom of the Styx however.

After that they had a but of an argument about what to do next and some revelations regarding deals made with The Hidden Lord. (In my Avernus campaign the devil in the shield is the former Duke of Avernus and is helping the PCs defeat Zauriel so he can have his old job back.)

Their argument lasted too long so I had a pair of glabrezus emerge through an abyssal gate and attack. They beat them but expended a lot of resources and now a patrol from one of the Styx watch towers is bearing down on them. On the upside the patrol is driving so they may bet a replacement vehicle.


So in our ongoing game of Mork Borg (a Doom Metal OSR Game) I have been playing The Voice (a 3 HD NPC), chameleon skinned servant of Lord Ristin (Wretched Royalty - a PC) who seeks to unseat The Shadow King. While exploring a moon themed tomb the group ran across this large flesh golem with 9 eyes on its face and a wraith like being performing a ritual. We also found one of our missing party members, Yuri (a bicycle messenger who crossed over to this realm) tied down to a stone slab.

Quillniche, our Fanged Deserter (real fangs people), helped voice untie Yuri. The group then discovered a secret door through this bookcase to an alcove with 5 chests. Our brave Lord Ristin discovered a rod with arcane properties. He tried to use it unsuccessfully and coated the room in magical darkness that had a sickening presence.

Everyone quickly ran out of the secret room and we had come under the watchful gaze of the flesh golem. After we rushed out The Voice attempted to sneak to the wraith and stab it with his spear. He was successful, but disintegrated.

The others engaged the flesh golem, tearing it open and exposing a still beating heart. Yuri was being crushed by flesh golem, but was able to get a hand free to grab his mace and made it go splat. Black ichor from heart burned into the remaining party members.

The wraith/lich thing now was quite peeved from being stabbed. The party made a run for it, but the wraith opened up a portal to the land of dead. Poor Quillniche fell in. Running back to the center of the dungeon the party was greeted with a new day and a new sign of the impending apocalypse (actual mechanics - 3 more signs and the world ends).

In the morning two werewolf brothers show up along with Felban The Unbroken (Wretched Royalty), my PC who is now a werewolf after jumping in a magical pool during the ritual that made these two brothers into werewolves. The things we do for power.

End of Session.

the Jester

Just finished up and it was awesome.

Ran my Delta group; last game, we ended mid-combat with a death knight king who couldn't be defeated in normal combat (when he started his turn at 0 hps, he regained half his hps and rose up at the start of his turn). He was a villain who could only be defeated if the pcs solved his 'puzzle' first (they had to destroy his crown).

Last session, they'd figured out that (probably) his crown was the source of his "can't be killed" power, and that the chill touch clause that prevents regaining hps would delay, but not entirely stop, his regaining hps. They had a pc who had fallen under an 8-hour long charm that made him fanatically devoted to the king. And oh yeah, this was all in an underwater dungeon, which added all kinds of shenanigans to the tactical situation.

This game, they knocked out the charmed pc (who still contributed to the game by giving away his inspiration to another pc at a crucial moment, since I view inspiration as a meta level mechanic), destroyed the death knight's remaining minions, and slew him again- and this time they got his crown off, stone shaped him into a wall, and started to flee.

But he had an item that let him word of recall to an area near their flight path....

Even an adamantine dagger couldn't harm his crown. They tried to get out of the dungeon, but King Lopindor was in hot and angry pursuit.

The pcs fled up a spiral stair and shattered in behind themselves, hoping to slow Lopindor's vengeance. At the top they encountered a rejuvenated ghost who had previously tried to stop them from descending to confront the king. It was a soundless ghost, but a pc with Observant and Keen Mind had cast comprehend languages and read his lips as he told them (in an extinct tongue) that the king couldn't be slain "unless....." (trailing off).

This time, they had the crown, and the ghost led most of them away while two pcs, the tiefling fighter and goliath barbarian, set themselves as a rear guard.

Lopindor rose and defeated the rear guard, leaving them dying, while the ghost took the others to a hidden shrine (that they had to blast their way into) with three altars. A magical message from the king's long lost wife gave them the clues they needed to destroy the crown, which finally let them take down Lopindor.

And they barely managed to save their dying rear guard, thanks largely to the charmed pc's inspiration. Without it, one of them would have had a natural 1 on a death save and would have died.

As the pyramid began to collapse around them, they fled. Again, that Keen Mind feat saved the day, allowing the party wizard to lead them out before it all came down. A few potions of flying and a fly spell completed their escape, although the pirate ship that they had allied with capsized and sank; but from the pcs' airship, they managed to rescue about half of the crew.

Then Discord took a crap and started getting very laggy, and we called it a night.

But the long and short of it is, a party of 7th to 9th level pcs managed to defeat a CR 20 bad guy, and though they had to leave most of the treasure behind, they definitely earned their victory.

For the first time in my various 3.5 campaigns, I was on the players' side of the DM screen when a PC first used the Evard's black tentacle spell. It's amazing how much more I like that spell when I'm not a hapless DM getting all of his evil bad guys taken out of the fight by it! (Instead, my son the DM got to experience how frustrating that spell can be.) But we went into the adventure expecting we'd be fighting undead and we ended up battling fiends instead - go figure. It ended up being a surprisingly short session, in part because that spell took out the majority of the foes for a good chunk of the time (even killing some of them without letting them ever escape), and partly because one of the players opted to stay home due to experiencing gastrointestinal distress after consuming an entire large bag of Flaming Hot Doritos. (That sounds like a failed Wisdom check right there!)



90th session for my group of five 15th level player characters in a highly customized, non-canon version of the Realms.

Waterdeep has been conquered by frost giants allied with the Zhentarim. Manshoon, leader of the Zhents, has seized Blackstaff Tower and is trying to attune to the Blackstaff. The characters have arrived in Waterdeep, rallied their allies, and are planning to assault Blackstaff Tower.

This session started with the characters teleporting into the Tower of Aghairon, where the Open Lord Dagult Neverember had taken refuge and was organizing a resistance against the giants. Previously, the characters were wanted by the authorities on false charges. Neverember tells the characters that he's cleared their names, and one of his spies has uncovered the identity of the Masked Lord that framed them. However, the spy has been cut off and trapped by the Masked Lord's minions, and so if the characters want this information they have to go save the spy. This is a thread that ties back to a totally different plot. I dangled it in front of the players because I want to wear them down a bit before they confront Manshoon. They weren't taking the bait. They were laser focused on getting to Blackstaff Tower and starting their attack.

But we did discuss how they wanted to divide their forces. Basically, three scenes are going to unfold simultaneously. The player characters are going to attack Blackstaff Tower to kill Manshoon and free the Blackstaff. One PC and several NPCs (played by the, um, players) are going to destroy the laboratory on the other side of Faerun where Manshoon's clones are held in stasis. And, finally, a group of NPCs are going to attack the frost giant iceberg lair in the middle of Waterdeep Harbor (Svardborg from Storm King's Thunder). The players had been planning to let the attack on Svardborg happen off-camera, but I talked them into playing through it by letting them create 11th level characters of their choice. Basically, they can test drive a new build. I really love the Svardborg map and have been itching to use it for years...so the players met me half way.

The session ended with the tiefling shadow sorcerer using plane shift to transport the characters into the center of Blackstaff Tower. The teleportation circle was guarded by two iron golems. The characters defeated them. And that's where we stopped for the night.

The players have basically spent most of the last three sessions planning this climactic assault and so it feels good to be finally underway. This is going to be fun. When/if Waterdeep is freed and Manshoon defeated, the campaign will enter its final act. We've been playing for three years and it feels really satisfying to be nearing the end.


Session 1 of the new Eberron Q'Barra campaign.

I have the players doing a lot of the work in coming up with details and NPCs for the starting town, both to give me a chance to focus on adventure creation and to get them invested in the place since it is going to be the HQ of the campaign. It's basically an Old West dragonshard boom town and the PCs include the de facto sheriff and his go-to posse for solving problems. While I am generally aiming to have a "3 plot hooks at all times" structure for the campaign overall, the first adventure is intentionally more directed. I think of it as a pilot for a new TV show and want to make sure it gives a sense of what the campaign is going to be about as well as make sure every PC has a chance to shine.

The game opened with a goblin prospector named Kadj coming into The Leaky Keg (the town's one tavern) and starting to get drunk in celebration. But the sheriff PC notices that while Kedj drinks he looks around the tavern in an increasingly anxious manner. The sheriff questions him and finds out the three brothers -- dumb trouble makers that work cheap -- Kedj hired to port his most recent and significant cache back to town have not shown up. It's getting dark and Kedj is worried they ran off with his shards. Sheriff gathers up the posse -- a early generation warforged, a crazy druid, a lizardman monk, and a goliath wizard we call "Naked Hagrid" -- to go looking.

Our table uses 4E style skill challenges pretty extensively with varying degrees of success and failure. They decide to travel up the route they think the brothers would have come down to town and find out what happened or where they deviated from the path. The party is successful so they find the bodies of the brothers before they have been devoured by crocs (but did not get a complete success so an additional encounter element is present). The party has to defend the bodies from the crocs and fight off a trio of miremal fey that had been tracking them (the consequence of their imperfect success). Naked Hargrid goes down during the battle and nearly dies but luck breaks their way and they win.

Another new rule we have instituted is using Inspiration differently. Any player can call for Inspiration at any time and get a reroll, but doing so puts a "DM Inspiration" in a pool for my use.

Once the fight was over the Party was able to examine the scene. It looked on the surface like a local lizardfolk tribe attacked and killed the brothers, but there were enough strange clues to point toward someone pretending to be members of that tribe. The party is set to follow the tracks of the attackers and see where they came from.

It was a good starting session overall. Like any good TV show it will take a few sessions for both the characters and the "show" to find its footing but I am optimistic. These days I am disinclined to faux medievalism and bog standard fantasy in general, so Eberron is a good choice of settings. Some players have more knowledge of the setting than others, but we are going to play fast and loose with lore anyway and I am going to lean toward saying "Yes" to the players as much as possible.


The Smurfiest Wizard Ever!
Our last two sessions were great but for different reasons:

In our AtG game, we continued a combat after defeating King Snurre (Queen Frupy and her escorts showed up). I won't go into details since I don't want to spoil anything, but we fought wave after wave of fire giants, hell hounds, etc. The battle took over 60 rounds and 9.5 hours to play out! So many times it looked like it was the end as we finished one wave and had a few rounds of brief reprieve before the next.

During the battle one of the PCs was (literally) sent to Hell.

And so our last session was for him, trying to survive in Avernus, as the rest of us waited before we could risk casting our one Gate spell off of a scroll. He survived, barely, after defeating numerous devils and using his wits to find places to rest. Finally, when our Luck Blade restored its power with our dawn, our Sorcerer attempted the Gate. He failed. He used a point of Inspiration. He failed, again. The Luck Blade was used. He failed--again. We have no other way at the moment to get to our stranded friend in Hell.

But, we have a plan. We'll find out Friday how it goes...


40th lv DM
Oh let's see, the last we checked in on the idiots heroes they were deep in the Fire Giant chapter of SKT derping about....

This past session things improved! And got pretty amusing in the back 1/2 of the session.

The Tiefling Warlock, with the Rogues help, managed to persuade the human fighter that they should indeed use the fact that a force of city guard was distracting the Fire Giants & find the Iron Flask/capture the fire elemental.
So they set about exploring some more. In the process they freed some more slaves (a bunch of dwarves, some gnomes, & several Hobgoblins).
The Fighter (ex-Paladin) dearly wanted to fight the hobgoblins. He was instead talked into arranging a duel with them at a set date & place - provided that he & they escaped the Fire Giant forges.
The party knows what what they need (Iron Flask) & what to do with it. They have no idea where it is or what it looks like. Fortunately while the Fighters been setting up his dueling date, the Rogue was talking to the rescued dwarves. Who DO know what the flask looks like.

This gave the Tiefling player an idea! Weeks ago the party had acquired a 1e Potion of Treasure Finding. So they fed it to one of the dwarves so that he could lead them to the flask & sending the other slaves to the surface. And off they went.
They're almost there when they nearly blunder into a hoard of goblins.... Everyone in the party manages a stealth check - except the Rogue & the goblins begin searching. The dwarf tells the others what the flask looks like, that it's down that hallway (wich leads to only two doors out of sight) & then sprints back the way they came drawing the goblins away from the rogue. The party honors his sacrifice by slipping down said hallway.

They managed to find the flask. And some other treasure, including a rune etched horn (the conch that SKT uses to port the PCs to Maelstrom). The teifling deciphers the runes on the horn with some Comp Language & realizes that this! is their escape mechanism! Or at least could be - though they've no idea where it'll land them.
While they're messing around the Fire Giant daughter/Duchess notices the open door & enters the room. They hear her coming, take the flask, some of the loot & the horn, and hide under the bed. Once again the rogue fails the stealth check.
Roll initiative! The giant moves the bed & draws a sword sized pin out of her hair intent on skewering the PCs (1st). The rogue cowers expecting to be splatted (4th), the fighter prepares to charge/sheild block for the rogue (3rd), and the tiefling (2nd) sounds the horn - transporting PCs & Fire Giant Duchess alike to Maelstrom.

Once in Maelstrom? Disoriented both the party & giant look around & hear the musical performance going on upstairs. Initiative is re-rolled as everyone gets their barings. The giant wins again.
Looking panicked the giant messes with her hair & asks the PCs "How's my hair look?!?" Tiefling (still with comp lang running): "Um, fine?"
And the giant runs off across the room & up a flight of stairs.
Party: "???"
And then they follow her. Interrupting/intruding upon the Storm Giant princesses performance.
Every giant lord & guard in the room looks at them & the FG Duchess who's sliding into place, though not a beat is missed musically.
At this point the backgounds the ex-pally & warlock have chosen come in VERY handy & they 1) recognize that they are in the presence Giant nobility. 2) Recognize the appropriate etiquette for the moment. They immediately sheath their weapons & stand there very respectfully observing the performance.

The session ended with the idiots three small-folk (A human fighter holding a fire giant sized golden crown, a 14 year old ninja kid (rogue) clutching a huge Iron Flask, & a purple winged teifling with the fire giants Horn of Transportation), covered in soot & grime, tracking goblin blood on the floor, clutching obvious Fire Giant treasure, standing uninvited in the heart of Maelstrom within a mere move action of mostly hostile giants.....
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We had a character die. Doesn't seem to happen very often.

In Forge of Fury, crossing the rope bridge, the rogue rolled two nat 1's in a row on Acrobatics, then a 3 on Athletics, and took the plunge. Splat. The poetic part of all of this was that it was a dragonborn rogue...yes, really...so it all kinda made sense.


Last night Team Avernus finally decided to not only divest themselves of the Shield of the Hidden lord, but actually free the Hidden Lord in the process. this sets in motion a battle between that devil and Zariel over rulership of Avernus, which the PCs hope to use as cover to find Zariel's Sword so they can break Elturel free and get the Hell out of there.

What they don't know is that Zariel is going to be rather cross with them for letting the Hidden Lord out, AND that fomenting civil war in Avernus will make it more likely that the Abyss will be able to take Avernus in the Blood War.

COMING SOON! Halloween Horror For 5E