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D&D General How Was Your Last Session?


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Just finished running my last session. Session ended half hour early because my players were too awesome!

Quick context: our party of 5th level adventurers are trying to get to a portal to the Feywild to eventually get home. The Eladrin can feel there's a portal close, and they have worked out that it opening recently is what cause the volcano to erupt. So they've been heading for it, through Frost Giant mountains. They infiltrated the Jarldom pretty deep and at the end of last session met with a Frost Giant, found out they were TN not NE and willing to talk, and were brought to they Jarl's Steading.

The Jarl was described as a teenaged Frost Giant, beard still growing in. Basically he's recently in his position and the older giants are kinda blowing him off and not treating him with respect. So his goals are to come out of this looking powerful, and also deal with the issues with humans* (well, PHB races) trappers and furriers in the mountains leaving explosive traps - not what you'd use to capture animals.

The party picked up on this with lightning speed and kept just the right balance of You're-the-best-thing-since-Betty-White and believable. Made reasonable concessions (the party has authority in their land) and got a bunch of help. Including finding out that a red dragon lives in the volcano (which they had seen as a giant winged form hunting at night a several times in earlier sessions), and from the (very long) Giantish Poem/Song recital that the portal was there before the dragon and a rough idea of where. Plus passage and a guide to the mountain.

Once there they waited for the dragon to go out hunting, so now they were on a time countdown. Mechanically it was to be a number of challenges, all that could hurt the party but more that could take up time. They had a very rough idea through the lava tubes from the giants, could track the dragon prints (assuming it went to the portal), or could take advantage of cracks and other places too small for giants or dragons to have explored. (Or do other things I hadn't thought of.)

They did the last one - which was the hardest - and ended up getting three fantastic successes in a row, avoiding hazards, fights, and places they would have to double back and eat up time.

I had wanted to introduce the heat and lava so there was a scripted hazard they came across no matter what, which really should have slowed them down or softened them up. They were ingenious in quickly rigging safety equipment, did multiple people at once to keep time spent down, and assumed some risk. And when one did fall off the ledge towards the lava 20' below, they had both the paladin with a rope tied to them and the halfling druid with thornwhip ready to get them back up. Beat Initiative 10 do this before he falls the 20' and hits the crust of the lava. Success.

Finally they got to the portal, found out the crystals were out of alignment (which they had gotten clues about from the giant's saga). Didn't waste much time figuring out what they had to do, had a moon druid that could have a climb speed to deal with the 3D terrain, an eladrin with short term flight, and a ranger companion (from Tasha's) with a climb speed as well.

Now, the part they forgot what the the portal opening caused the eruption. So as soon at they got it in focus with one of the crystals there started to be tremors, after the second one the lava began to rise (which blocked access to some of the terrain by climbing). They worked out the "solid light' from the crystals to the portal was literally solid and they could move on it to the portal, and that the earthquakes would throw the crystals back out of alignment quickly so they had to brace the focusing crystals. The group was on fire. Well, not literally, always a possibility when dealing with lava.

The elementals in the lava (of course, why wouldn't there be elementals when the party would need to be split up to three locations surrounded by rising lava in a 3D terrain?), well the Oath of the Watchers Paladin (switched when Tasha's came out - his order guards the portals to hell) was able to use his Channel Divinity: Abjure the Extraplanar and ever since one of the elementals failed a WIS save.

They got in, dived through the portal, came up in a pool of water in the feywild, and we ended it there - I wasn't prepped for them getting that far.

They were great! Puzzles, hazards, skill challenges, roleplay and social puzzles - overcame them all. Avoided all the fights, from some attrition in the tunnels to the elementals to the dragon itself - though at CR 10 I pictured the dragon as more a "survive until we get through the portal".

Really, they just hit on all cylinders today and it was such a great session. Ended with the announcement that they hit 6th, and that next session would be: The Feywild.

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Hobbit on Quest
Playing Age of Worms in 5e over Roll20. I have a lot of players on the roster but 2 arrive late after dance class, one may not play if he has too much homework, one goes to bed early, one has continuing education for his law practice, and one suffers frequent migraines. So, there’s a lot of times when 2-3 PCs are out for the session.
This week we really seemed to be hitting our stride. Combats went reasonably smoothly. One player couldn’t roll a save for love or money. He was stunned by a mind flayer by rolling a 1. The cleric hit him with a bless to boost his saves. He rolled 1s on both the d20 AND the d4 from bless.


Session 117. 20th level player characters. By the time this session ended they had 5 epic boons with nearly 500,000 xp each. We're probably five sessions away from the end of the campaign.

Previously, Tiamat escaped from Hell, killed Bahamut, and confiscated his divine portfolio. The PCs narrowly missed the opportunity to stop her. She now has power over all dragons in the multiverse. They must find a way to undo the damage she has done.

The PCs are in the innermost sanctum of the Cult of Tiamat in Faerun. One of them is dead, slain in an evil ritual, and another is unconscious. The two ancient gold dragons that were fighting alongside the PCs suddenly turn on them. Polymorphed into a Walking Statue of Waterdeep, the whispers bard grapples one of the dragons to protect his allies. The other PCs rally around the shadow sorcerer. Together, they all plane shift to Arvandor.

Meanwhile, one of the PCs sits alone in Castle Waterdeep, protecting a fragment of the mythical blade that slew the progenitor dragon god, Io. Supposedly, this fragment is critical to Tiamat's plans. The ancient silver dragon that's helping protect the fragment suddenly falls under Tiamat's thrall. The PC--an halfling lore bard--wins initiative. He casts Wish to reverse the dragon's alignment back to lawful good. And it works! However, the byproduct is that his strength is reduced to 3 for seven days and he takes 1d10 necrotic damage for each level of a spell he casts until his next long rest. Brutal!

Up and down the Sword Coast, allies of the PCs are being savaged by the metallic dragons that were once their protectors.

The situation is grim.

The main group of PCs arrive in Arvandor, the heavenly realm of Corellon and the elven gods. The arcane trickster rogue just happens to be the elven god of trickery in mortal form, so he's got some history here. And, fortunately for the PCs, time flows differently in Arvandor. This gives them a chance to heal and recover while only minutes pass on the Material Plane.

Corellon tells them that the gods of good are rallying against Tiamat, but her dragons are wreaking havoc across numerous worlds on the Material Plane. The more forces that the good gods commit against Tiamat, the more they leave themselves vulnerable to sneak attacks from other evil gods...such as Lolth. The action of the PCs is critical to saving the multiverse.

With Tiamat released from Hell, control of the first layer of Avernus has fallen to the archdevil Bel. Bel has emerged as a powerful nemesis to the PCs, having fought them to a standstill several times. Corellon believes Bel has information that can help the PCs defeat Tiamat. And with most of the legions of Avernus accompanying Tiamat in her assault on Celestia, Bel is left relatively unguarded.

Next session: Infiltration of Avernus!


Session 118. 20th level player characters with 5 epic boons. Previously, Tiamat escaped from Hell, killed Bahamut, and confiscated his divine portfolio. She now has power over all dragons in the multiverse. The PCs must find a way to undo the damage she has done. So, so close to the end of this campaign.

In this session, the PCs planeshifted into the first layer of Hell, Avernus, where Tiamat's hoard lays (mostly) unguarded. Tiamat is marauding across the Heavens. The legions of Hell rampage in her wake. In Tiamat's absence, the archdevil Bel controls Avernus.

In the hoard is an artifact known as the Staff of Suffering, which can bring back to life the beastmaster ranger that was sacrificed by the Cult of Tiamat three sessions ago. That's the goal this session: find the staff and resurrect their friend.

The PCs explored the hellish caverns holding the treasure hoard. It's like Smaug's hoard times a billion. More wealth than exists on the entire world of Faerun. Literally the largest collection of wealth in the multiverse. To represent the hoard's lure I had the PCs roll DC18 Wisdom saving throws. Three successes meant PCs had overcome their lust for gold. Those who failed had a choice--lose a turn trying to pocket all the gold...or take 8d6 psychic damage. I lifted this approach from Swords of the Serpentine and it worked very well. Some PCs took the damage while others lost turns in the midst of the battle with Bel.

Because of course Bel guards the Staff of Suffering. With him were two pit fiends, a host of ice devils, and a pair of treasure golems. The PCs unloaded on him. The shadow sorcerer dropped meteor swarm. The vengeance paladin hit for nearly 200hp of damage in a single turn. Bel was quickly on the cusp of death despite having bested the PCs twice before. But they had once again fallen for the misdirect spell. This wasn't the real Bel; merely an illusion. The real Bel appeared amongst the hoard and the fight raged on. The vengeance paladin (and his holy avenger) would not be denied. Bel fell beneath his blade.

The devils kneeled before the paladin. One of the pit fiends said, "What is thy bidding, master?" Wait, what?!? The party paladin now a lord of Hell? The PCs had a lot of fun trying to figure out what to do with that one. Eventually, the paladin passed rulership of Avernus to the amoral whispers bard.

The Staff of Suffering was used to bring back the beastmaster ranger...and then it distintegrated into dust.

I told the PCs that control of the multiverse's greatest treasure hoard gave them access to any magic item in the DMG...so go nuts!!! They're gonna need it, because...

Next session: The final battle against Tiamat!


Playing Tomb of Annihilation, had our most recent session yesterday (number 34, IIRC). My party was captured the session before by Yuan-ti and imprisoned in their base. The leader isn't all that bad and helped let us out (small combat encounter that resulted in the Fighter becoming temporarily mute and the Paladin getting tremors (disadvantage on STR and DEX rolls, including attack)), only for his second-in-charge (priestess) to start a mutiny and perform a ritual to turn one of the Fighter's friends into a Hydra. Highlights for the three-hour encounter included:
  • The Paladin commandeering a triceratops in an attempt to disrupt the ritual and knocking a gong into the priestess
  • My Wizard flexing his new 4th-level spell slot to cast Banishment on an Air Elemental
  • The Druid using Conjure Animals to summon two Dire Wolves, one of which managed to knock the Hydra prone, after which he cast Wall of Fire to deal massive amounts of fire damage to it
  • My Wizard casting Grease for the first time to knock the Hydra prone again when it got back up, which was houseruled into being flammable and being ignited by said Wall of Fire, doing extra damage
With that we gained another level, and the Fighter may be changing subclasses for next session.

Enrico Poli1

I'm DMing two different campaigns, ToA and DiA.

ToA. The party (level 9 at the beginning of the session), led by an incredibly smart, deceitful and lucky Tiefling Bard, was able to explore the second level of the Tomb. Most remarkable is the use of the kobold tribe of Omu to deactivate traps. (Yes, it's metagame but one of the players wanted to emulate Lord Robilar's use of orcs exploring the original Tomb of Horrors)

DiA. The party (level 3 at the beginning of the session) went for the Vanthampur brother in the Low Lantern taver. The meeting swiftly turned into a wild brawl, but the players enjoyed it so much they went full murderhobo! Highligh of the evening: the Tiefling Wild Magic Sorcerer casually polymorphing into a sheep, then trying to be useful by doing things. Eventually the Tiefling Bard used the sheep to intimidate the captured Vanthampur. Crazy!


Moderator Emeritus
In my "Revenants of Saltmarsh" campaign (being run concurrently with my newbie "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" campaign), the two PCs recruited more NPC's aid in finding a different way into the sea caves than how they entered in the last session - finding what locals called "Ye Ole Blow Holes" up on the bluff above the narrow strip of beach where they found the cave last time and climbed down the slick shaft into a chamber they had only guessed existed (and was judged by them too difficult to approach from below). The whole area was strewn with refuse and garbage from the locals. Inside they found the last of the mysterious "turkey-lizards" (actually immature velociraptors) who were using the chamber as access to their lair, dragging garbage they scavenged to keep the stunted otyugh who lived there from attacking them (anymore). The party fought the little (I mean, medium) otyugh and scavenged some dirty valuables from among the trash, and got back out - turning in the turkey-lizard heads for a bounty.

They then got the hook for the next adventure, "Roarwater Caves" from Dungeon #15.


Hobbit on Quest
In my Return to the Keep on the Borderlands/Princes of the Apocalypse campaign, with a mix of some newer, next-gen D&D players, the 2nd level party members managed to kill a troll. Key to the encounter were some good solid hits from a battle axe-wielding earth genasi and a timely searing smite from a paladin. The raging halfling barbarian, who had to that point been soaking the damage before the other two could bring their attacks to bear, was exhilarated to strike the final blow to lay the troll low (the barbarian player is brand new to actually playing D&D herself after years of it and other games being played around her).
The party was largely out of spell slots and beat up with no further healing on the horizon, so they went back to the keep to rest and tell their tales in the bar.


Rotten DM
More beans. As I mentioned earlier, my AL group has went to homebrew due to reasons. SO I opened the game up to a co-DM and PHB+2. Last night one of the players was still building his pc as we started. Two new to me players had no to very little knowledge on what they are playing. Some character sheets were not even totally filled out!
They threw another bean from bag of beans into the cultists sleeping room. And everyone started to run away except for the father son couple. Since the father threw the bean, I made him run the bulette, and me and co-dm ran the cultists. We won. But my co-dm made a good ruling.
Son, "Can I steal a bean from Dad's bag of beans."
Dad, "It is in my underwear!"
Co-DM, "Roll a 20 to do so."
The son tried twice and wanted to do again but since he had twice said he ran away, I ruled on the third time he could not.
I was also proud of the group of they focused fired on the devil instead of cultists in the temple fight.


Mod Squad
Staff member

That dwarf rogue is with a group going through Rime of the Frostmaiden. We went moose hunting. Found a banshee instead. This group is pretty big, so we'll have to see how it works out. It may proceed.... very... slowly....

My gnomish Artificer and his group stopped a bunch of Talos cultists who were summoning a devastating storm. Got a map showing location of the secret hideout of the Bad Guys! Hooray!


The climax of my Dragon of Icespire Peak campaign! 20th session. Five player characters at 5th level. They fought the titular white dragon and brought him low.

In my modified version of this adventure, the dragon has a cadre of dragonborn and is allied with an evil druid (who happens to be the twin sister of the PC circle of the moon druid). The climax occurred on the roof of Icespire Hold. The PCs got the drop on the dragon, getting off several attacks before it could act. For the druid I used the stats of a bheur hag. Together, they were able to make a lot of AOE attacks that could have been devastating. But the PCs had potions of cold resistance and so they were able to endure. It was an easy win for the players. This is the first time they've ever played the game and I wanted them to have a happy ending.

They've decided to continue the campaign. So next session they'll need to mop up the dragonborn minions while also contending with an orc warband that wants to loot the dragon's hoard.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
My last session ended a few minutes ago and went really well - better than I was expecting. I'll post more about the session later, but the players may have just been responsible for the creation of the Raven Queen in my setting.
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So last session two of the three PCs uncovered a serial killer who admitted to killing a high profile NPC before attacking them. Instead of killing or even capturing the culprit, the two PCs decided just to immobilize her with Hold Person, take her two best magic items (one PC was convinced the serial killer was being made to kill by a cursed shortsword), and leave her behind. The third player whose PC wasn't around for this was all "why did you guys let the serial killer go???"

We continued on in our caravan. This time, my PC and the NPC guards in her wagon got fired and replaced with actors masquerading as guards. An acquaintance happened to be trailing them, though, and tipped us off, so we convinced my bosses to hold a competition and if we won, we got our jobs back. They were quickly routed (and our acquaintance made a lot of money off of betting on us) and the caravan moved on. The road was fairly peaceful, but my son's dwarf went looking for trouble and found a group of bandits.

He came and got the rest of us and we killed them pretty easily -- except that they might not have been bandits after all. It turns out, their village had gotten burnt down by the dragon cultists and they were the sole survivors. Of course, this might have turned them into bandits. It also could have been a story made up by the sole survivor when it became obvious that he was going to be killed no matter what.

Afterward, we had a long discussion of how hostility and raised weapons does not automatically mean we are being attacked. We also talked about how rolling initiative does not mean that you no longer have a chance to talk your way out of a situation.

Overall, it was a good session, and would have probably gone on longer than normal, but my granddaughter showed up earlier than expected. Gaming with a 4 year-old is not productive gaming, so we called a halt.


I'm closing in on the end of my LMoP/DoIP campaign. I never should have tried to combine those modules—DoIP really detracted from LMoP (which is the superior adventure). Aside from that, the last session went fairly well. I've switched from Tabletop Simulator to Astral Tabletop—which is a lot easier to work with, less resource intensive, and integrates with D&D Beyond. After the party finishes Wave Echo Cave, I'm going to switch from Astral to Foundry VTT because Foundry has more features with only a slightly steeper learning curve (assuming you watch the video tutorials) and also integrates well with D&D Beyond. Soon, will be the end, and we'll switch to part 2 of my friend's Ravenloft campaign.


20th session in my highly modified version of Dragon Heist. Three 5th level player characters: halfling rogue, half-elf wizard, half-orc fighter.

In the previous session they were sailing from Waterdeep to Thornhold to confront the evil Lord Margaster, but on the way were double crossed by their ship's captain and attacked by pirates. The PCs indicated they wanted to ram the pirate ship...which is what I prepped for. I had a really cool encounter planned with a sahuagin lair in nearby sea caves. But, as this session started, the PCs changed their minds, attacking the pirate ship head on. So out went the sahuagin sea caves as I had to improvise the whole session on the fly.

The PCs were outnumbered 10 to 1. Pirates rained down crossbow bolts and every PC was wounded. However, the wizard's fireballs cleared the decks and set the sails on fire. Atop the crow's nest, the kraken priest that lead the pirates used Call Lightning to almost sink the PC's ship. Meanwhile, the fighter boarded the enemy ship and started cutting down pirates, felling one with nearly every swing. The wizard kept hitting the mast with magic missile until it collapsed, sending the kraken priest tumbling down but nearly crushing the fighter. The kraken priest pulled himself off the deck. The fighter and the priest traded blows. Eventually, the fighter was hit for 27 points of damage and knocked out. But he used his orcish Relentless Endurance trait, which allowed him to stay conscious with 1 hit point remaining, and cut down the priest. The sole remaining pirate jumped into the ocean and swam toward the shore.

A quick search of the captain's quarters revealed a captive--the heiress to a noble family in Waterdeep. A noble family who are enemies with the Margasters. She's happy to aid them in whatever shennanigans they have planned at Thornhold.

Next session: Thornhold!
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My last session saw the party take on a job that involved traversing a nasty, ill-reputed wood. They got very lost, and a random encounter roll provided 2 orcs.
Dispatched easily enough, but I made them one male, one female, for no real reason. One of the players passed comment that they were probably out in the woods for a bit of nookie and so...I decided they were wearing matching rings. A search of their belongings discovered many brightly coloured ribbons and a small book of pressed flowers. A wedding gift.
“Oh well”, said the players in fluent murderhobo, and went about their business of continuing to get turned about by this damn forest.
Forced to make camp for the night, another random encounter roll resulted in...3 orcs!
I decided they were to do with the wedding party, and had gone to fetch the newlyweds back from their traditional overnight tryst. Of course they found the corpses and followed the (incredibly convoluted) path the party had taken since, but being not bogged down by a ox of burden unlike the PCs, they made good time.
Again they were dispatched easily enough but one player wanted to knock out the ‘leadery-looking one’.
I had him wake up, and upon being questioned decided this Orc would speak in a French accent!
This confused the players so much and delighted me so that, long story short, he Misty Stepped away to freedom and they now have a group of articulate, nature-loving low level Orcish Warlocks who are beholden to ‘The Lady of the Forest’ as enemies.
When they then managed to suck at rolling AGAIN and got lost for another 4 hours I made sure that each of them heard a soft, feminine tinkling laughter just at the edge of their hearing every time they found a fallen tree blocking their path, or the Halfling fell into a 10’ snowdrift, etc.
Amazing what some random encounters and a passing comment can become!
(The session ended with them reaching their destination, so next time will be back on track...but these Orcs are going to mess with them for a while yet, I think...)


Jedi Master
35th session of a Roll20 Wildemount campaign (that began with Frozen Sick shortly after the pandemic hit and has been sandbox since). 9th level party of 5 decided to go hunting for the Adult Green Dragon, Slatinthor, who harassed the road between Bysaes Tyll and Rexxintrum for over a hundred years. Usually he took a 'toll' about once a month from a random caravan, but had recently started attacking every traveler on the road, effectively shutting it down. Party is based out of Bysaes, and have become heroes of the city over various adventures.

Session began with the party heading towards Slatinthor's lair and finding the body and journal of the final survivor of the last adventuring party to try and take on Slatinthor, getting a grim warning about his capabilities (he was an 11th level sorcerer on top of being a dragon) and letting me telegraph that this fight had a serious possibility of turning into a TPK. They pressed on. After making it through Slatinthor's regional effects (twisted hedge mazes with Venom Trolls stalking them) and through the entrance to the lair guarded by 20 kolbolds, the party scouted ahead using the Fighter's duplicate self (Wildemount Echo Knight subclass). Slatinthor waited.

The party arrived, and were harrassed by an invisible dragon for four rounds as he worked to dispell their protection from poison (Heroes Feast via scroll) before starting the fight in earnest, until the Life Cleric finally rolled well enough to dispell Slatinthor's Greater Invisibility. Que the breath weapon and the fight was on for real. Four rounds later, the party is at about 20% max HP (after a TON of healing by the Druid and Cleric) and Slatinthor is just over 100hp and had hasted himself (allowing him to easily move out of range of the party and come back in to strafe them) but... his earlier luck at recharging his breath weapon had failed for a few rounds.

As the Rogue was really the only party member doing significant damage to Slatinthor due to his flying in and out, Slatinthor decided to go big and get within 60' for a disintegrate, however, the party had a plan for the next time he got close, with the Rogue and the Druid holding actions. As Slatinthor came in for the kill, the Rogue used his Arrow of Dragon slaying and hit. Slatinthor failed his Con save and used his next to last Legendary resistance to succeed instead, then failed his Concentration save on haste and used his final Legendary resistance to succeed on that, and then the Druid hit him with Earthbind, which he failed AGAIN. The rogue then made his save on disintegrate only because of Bless (rolled 1 under on initial save) and when the dragon landed, the fighter action surged, and that was the end of Slatinthor, the Swift Stalker.

Epic, epic fight, and one with a quite a bit of luck at the end to not have at least one true death and perhaps a TPK, but the cheers from the players when the dragon was slain were the best I'd ever heard.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
So, I promised I'd come back and say how the players may have just started the Raven Queen in my homebrew.

I'm running my Masks of the Imperium, where each of the PCs are Mask Bearers - wearing some of the artifact level masks made at the height of the Imperium that chose the characters because of similar goals and are slowly waking up. Items that both bestow authority which is one of the themes of the campaign, but also are magic and grow with the character for a campaign where traditional loot & magic are rarer. About 40 of the known 110-ish Masks are "awake", and there are many lost Masks. The players know from Session 0 that the Masks actually way predate the Imperium.

Anyway, they need to get back to the Imperium fast, because the Child Empress they serve has been somewhat usurped (legally - he's used an obscure rule to become her regent and cut her off from power) by her great uncle. The deep seas preclude magic and they are on another continent so they can't travel to her by magic, but they can through going to an alternate plane.

They found a portal to the faewild (and that was a fun adventure involving Frost Giants, a dragon's lair, and priming a volcano to explode and barely making it out).

So they surface in a wooded pool, surrounded by the colors of autumn, bright butterflies, and a nigh overwhelming sense of peace and calm. They casually dry off, noting that the woldlife is not affraid of them and squirrel eat out of their hand and butterflies flock to them. They hear a regular clicking, and when they eventually follow it, they find a mad-seeming fae woman with a big bowl of butterflies she's eating with chopsticks. This squicks out the players. She introduces herself as Asdzaa Weaverwoman and she demands they bring her more butterflies to eat as they are hatching, and these are the wrong butterflies - we need the monarch.

After some crazy-sounding conversation, the players start asking the interesting questions and get a save vs. the illusion of this place. The butterflies are stirges and their clothes are all stained red because they have been feeding on the characters.

A frantic encounter happens against two (homebrew) stirge swarms, and then they work to keep the stirge population down while trying to find the "right" butterflies. They are able to rescue "The Monarch", a local member of the Court who styles herself The Lady of Butterflies and appears as a fae Monarch Butterfly hybrid, and her butterfly sprite warriors. She grants them a boon that they may call upon her once. But when asked how to move further, she is of this place and says to talk to the Weaverwoman.

The Weaverwoman's right eye grows eight legs and pops itself from her skull as a black spider, and her body deflates to an empty set of clothing. She quickly weaves a bridge and when the party gets on it from their vantage it is a long and winding wooden bridge. I'm really playing up how the faewild is different. The eladrin was able to figure out fromt he unchanging dusk that they weren't in a domain of the Autumn Court, but rather of the Gloaming Court.

More fae weirdness but this is running long. Eventually it brought them to a cottage with two fae in it, a brillantly plumed "Mistress of Skies" and a dark feathered "Raven Harbinger" who will not speak directly to them, only the Mistress. (One player immediately called out "if one's good and one's evil, my money is on the dark one being good". Must remember that later to subvert both the trope and his expectations.)

Anyway, they were able to convince them to help, which would involve waking a friend of theirs from a thousand year slumber a different fae had put them under. The Gloaming Court is known for manipulation among other things. So they party ended up having to convince these two to let them rescue their friend, as he had the knowledge, without realizing they were also performing that service.

Anyway, some of the characters notice the Raven eying the two PCs who keep their Masks visible, and ask if they had ever seen anything like it. Now, I knew I wanted them to come across two Masks in the faewild - one worn and one not - to see what they do. This was one of the places I seeded that there could be a Mask, and with that question she strode across and opened a hutch to show it hanging there. They were able to get from the Mistress of Skies that the Raven was unready to take it up. Going based on what they had observed of her our wizard gave an impassioned speech about the nature of bravery and fear, urging her to take it up. Two difficult persuasion checks later, she did.

The Mistress of Skies, happy for her friend, bestowed a gift on each of them - a cloak of elvenkind, but one that would deteriorate quickly outside the faewilds. Still, for a stealth mission to try to rescue the Child-Empress, that's a very useful gift.

Then they went to find the Slumberer. (They wanted his name, but were told that names have power so all go by titles, and they had no right to give out his name.) More fae weirdness as they went through a forested area. They avoided an elven knight, beguilded a patrol with their celebrity bard (she loved that), and found the masuleom of the Slumberer. They failed the riddle three times and a thunder trap went off, but they got it quickly past that. The Guardian showed up, an grizzled old satyr warrior. With a distraction, one character was able to slip inside, and avoided the trap inside. But on the slab was a Mind Flayer! However, our paladin is Oath of the Watcher, and had requested when switching to it (better fit than his original Devotion when Tasha's came out) that his Divine Sense was aligned with his Turning which I allowed. So he can't sense consecrated/desecrated areas, but he can sense aberrations and fey among other things. He did it and got fey. They woke him, and the form was also part of the curse, as he's normally a strikingly handsome Eladrin who slept with the local fae lord's wife.

They got him out, removed the curse, and then heard the airboard bays of hounds and the sounding of horns - the guardian has noticed the Slumberer is missing and has called the Hunt.

Nest session, the frantic flight to the realm of the Winter Court!

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