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how would you build this char?


Sage of the Scarred Lands
Well if you go Paladin, definately consider Iron Knight and Mithril Knight. Silver Knight is good too, but it's more about hunting demons/outsiders. Still they have the martial ability of a paladin AND +1 per spellcaster level through out the Pr-class. Silver Knight is in Secrets and Soceities.

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Krail Stromquism

First Post

Not sure if your Dm would allow it but how bout the Samurai, with the ancestral daisho ability to empower his weapon it'd be pretty cool, then supplement that with straight cleric, then maybe a Samurai PrC from Way of the Samurai or Rokugan/OA books. Take feats like Ki Shout to put fear into your enemys without having to actually fight them. I think the Lion Clan had some really nice almost Paladin like PrCs with arua effects and what not.

this is what Id do

Sam 3
Pal 2
Cleric the rest of the way

anyway good luck.

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