How would you change the new Star Wars trilogy

Y'know, I think Snoke's personality would have been a delight if he'd just been Darth Plagueis, and came back from the dead instead of Palpatine.

Say that Palpatine was his apprentice, locked him away, and after Palps died, Plagueis got free and was just delighted about his apprentice's failure. He decided to ditch the Sith rule-of-two thing, which is why there were a whole bunch of Knights of Ren.

I liked his scoffing swagger, his condescension, and his more refined flamboyance than "dark robes and cackling" Palpatine. Just bring the dude back from the dead, give him some evil plot that involves force ghosts somehow, and let the little kid from the end of The Last Jedi matter somehow.

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After going to see RoS for the 2nd time I liked it even more. Overall kudos to JJ for closing out the trilogy with a film that felt like Star Wars.

That being said here is my re-imagined sequel trilogy
You could have the same ending scene with Rey meeting Luke on the Island. At the very end I would add a scene where Snoke enters the Sith Temple and bows before Palpatine just as Vader did. I would then have the Emperor say something like Kylo's journey to the dark side is complete and you are no longer needed and then kill Snoke by force choking him to death.

TLJ- have Luke be the hermit initially like in the movie. Different motivation though: An unknown dark force is rising and corrupting the jedi. Luke was unable to prevent the fall of Kylo and he has been having visions of his own fall to the darkside. He has quarantined himself to protect the galaxy.

Rey convinces him to train her perhaps by telling him about her TFA encounter and how she can sense there is still good in Kylo-- just as Luke saved Vader. Luke agrees reluctantly to train her so she can save Kylo where he could not. During the training have the back and forth between Rey and Kylo where he is subtly trying to get her to come to the dark side and she is challenging him and trying to pull him to the light. Kylo may be pretending or not we are unsure of his allegiance but each meeting ends with Rey having increasingly vivid visions with darkside Rey - culminating in her becoming a dark empress.

Meanwhile have increasingly desperate measures and heroics where the fleet just barely gets away again and again only to have the first order show up. Poe and Finn's arc is figuring out there must be a spy and ferreting out and capturing the spy. Which they do only to discover that the FO has orders not to destroy the resistance fleet yet. (I like this idea of a spy)

Eventually Kylo lures her away from Luke (against his advice) by revealing that the alliance is heading into a trap and he offers to help her save her friends. It should gradually become apparent that the FO fleet is herding the resistance into a specific location presumably to be destroyed. But The whole thing is a ruse to lure Rey into a trap.

Kylo it is revealed is still working for Snoke (who is alive again?) and betrays Rey bringing her to Snoke. Snoke will reveal her heritage to an anguished Rey who will be crushed by the news. Kylo will then surprise Rey by killing Snoke. He will offer his hand and make his pitch and the two of them will fight off Snoke's guards and flee together. Messed up by the revelation of her heritage she will leave with him.

The resistance having eliminated the spy will learn that the FO has a single ship, a sith destroyer that can track them through hyperspace. Have a mission with a one-in-a-million shot at destroying the Sith ship in a ship flown by Poe with Finn as gunner. Have force ghost Luke's voice provide the impetus for Finn 'to trust his feelings' and succeed at destroying the Sith ship. The battered Resistance fleet is just able to just barely take off to safety into hyperspace. Luke dies the same way he did in TLJ.

Have the Poe and the Resistance start to mourn the loss of Rey but have Finn say something like, no she's out there, I feel it and we have to find her.

Once again the film ends with a scene in the Sith Temple. A still wet from creche Snoke will be reporting to Palpatine, he will apologize pleading that there was no way he could have predicted the 'boys' betrayal. How could he have known. Palpatine will slay Snoke again and this time he will say something like the time for masks is over and destroy dozens of Snoke clones in their creches.

No need for a fleet of planet killer star destroyers. Make it clear that the first order now holds dominance over the galaxy.

Have a few adventures where Finn and Poe are searching for Rey but they are always a few steps behind her. More scenes that show the FO's strength but show that they have just stopped short of total dominance .

Have some scenes that show dissension amongst the FO military leadership. Their goal to be the ultimate power in the universe has been met and the resistance is now insignificant. But emphasize they have no clear leadership or goal.

Kylo and Rey discover the location of the puppet master that has been pulling all of the strings from the shadows. Kylo will will reiterate that it is her destiny to rule beside him and they both have seen the visions. The two will go to Endor to find a mguffin like Luke's map that will lead them to the puppet master.

Now have a scene where the Emperor's image appears on the bridge of every FO ship. Have the FO officers essentially fall to their knees before the image. Have the Emperor tell the FO he is back and to prepare for his Final Orders. Show that the FO is galvanized by the return of their emperor.

Have the final battle between Palpatine and Kylo and Rey take place in the Sith temple. He again uses their life force to heal himself. Have Rey and Kylo turned into husks just like the emperor was in the prequels. With them defeated he turns his back on them. Have the return of the Emperor revealed to the entire galaxy, --his plan to cow and inspire fear among all the people heralding the rise of the new Empire.

Have the galvanized FO find the Resistance stronghold and begin their attack (just like Empire) and have the resistance on the edge of defeat.

Have the broken Kylo have the scene with Han that brings him back to the light or just have him look at her broken body and have a change of heart. Have Ben crawl over and give his life force to revitalize Rey.

Show that unlike what Palpatine expected his reappearance has instead united the galaxy in a way not seen before. This is the straw that broke the camel's back and the people will not allow a new empire. Instead they rise up. Have the gargantuan fleet of ships from the myriad worlds show up and save the resistance.

Have the revitalized Rey rise up and bolstered by all of the Jedi spirits together with the positive and determined energy of the the rising force of the people fight Palpatine like in RoS.

During Rey's final battle have scenes of People rising up and defeating the FO perhaps more and more FO child soldiers throw down their weapons and join the fight against the rising Empire. A wave of resistance.

Have her destroy Palpatine and the Sith.

A celebration where people across the galaxy are patting each other on the back and congratulating each other. A community that spans the universe at least for a moment in common cause.

Then have Rey bury Ben on Tattoine. Then the Skywalker thing. I kind of liked that.


I know that this recycles some ideas from the original trilogy but see it as a homage.

I see a lot of people running with the idea of Palpatine being the main villain, but why? Making the emperor come back was an idea born out of desperation, after Rian Johnson killed off Snoke a film too soon. Just make Snoke the main villain throughout the whole trilogy, and ignore the patching that JJ had to do in The Rise of Skywalker.


I see a lot of people running with the idea of Palpatine being the main villain, but why? Making the emperor come back was an idea born out of desperation, after Rian Johnson killed off Snoke a film too soon. Just make Snoke the main villain throughout the whole trilogy, and ignore the patching that JJ had to do in The Rise of Skywalker.

The task, at least as the OP set out, was to minimize the changes, which most people have ignored. Palpatine is in Rise, while I would change his impact and make it less, "it was him behind everything all along!", if I'm following the guidelines, I can't just delete him. If I were starting Episode IX from scratch, I probably would.

I disagree that Snoke was killed too early though. The through line of TFA and TLJ is the ascent of Kylo Ren into darkness, having him kill Snoke was an important step for his character.

I guess it becomes a matter of how Ben Solo/Kylo Ren's arc is to end. If he is to be redeemed, maybe Palpatine is needed? I don't think other Sith have the resonance.

I guess it becomes a matter of how Ben Solo/Kylo Ren's arc is to end. If he is to be redeemed, maybe Palpatine is needed? I don't think other Sith have the resonance.

I think it matters little for his redemption arc if he faces Palpatine or Snoke at the end. And it would seem from The Force Awakens that JJ definitely meant for Snoke to be the main villain of the trilogy.

I think there are ways for Kylo Ren to make that same ascent/descent into darkness, without Snoke being killed in the second movie.


Fewer desert planets. I get the appeal of the starkness, desolation, and the light, but a) it all risks getting confused with Tattooine, and b) there's so many other biomes (or whatever the right term is). Why not a grasslands planet, or a Mongolian plateau planet, or a Scottish highlands planet, or etcetera.

Let's get Luke, Han, and Leia back together, even for just a cool little moment.

More references to stuff Luke, Han, and Leia did after ROTJ. It could just be passing references. Just a sense that they had some cool adventures together after ROTJ.

Give Han a beard, too.
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Ok, going by the thread premise in the OP, and limiting stuff to just ED powers, I'd make these changes:

It is mostly fine, just some minor edits:
  • Cut the pirates. The whole scene is pointless.
  • Remove the "Don't force me to use clones!" line
  • Make Maz say something along the lines "A traveler from Bespin V was here a few years back...". That's it, don't make a mystery where there's no answer to be had.
  • Switch "Hosnian prime" for "Coruscant". If it looks like a Corruscant, fills the place in the story of a Coruscant and quacks like a Coruscant then let it be Coruscant damn it! Just a line in passing saying "this is another planet" after the fact just cheapens the whole thing.
  • CGI Phasma into the "Traitor scene"
  • I wouldn't change the third act.

  • Change the narration so it is Snoke's presence Luke is responding to rather than wanting to murder Kylo.
  • Cut short the Canto Bight scene. Remove Rose's rant and just cut the whole thing after DJ opens the cell door. Next time we see these people, they are on the ship already.
  • Cut some of Luke's antics
  • Remove the kiss, it is too soon.

  • Remove the narration with CGI Leia and Kylo's demise foreshadowing, repaint the second lightsaber so it is Luke's second lightsaber.
  • Don't have Kylo die, end the movie on that kiss.
(If possible replace Palpatine with a CGI Snoke)


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The more I see people wanting to cut the Canto Bite sequence or shorten it or whatever, the more I want it to stay.

I would have it be where Rey comes back into the main story, though, or some other way make it involve more than two main characters.

And I’d have some of the kids be free and be in the resistance in RoS. And ditch the fetch quests in favor of more Rose screen time.


-cough cough- Return of the Jedi -cough cough-

By RotJ, Lucas had already said he had planned 9 films. Most fans expected the prequel trilogy to come out 3-5 years after RotJ. Every year, there would be some rumor that production had started. That's why people were so excited for the prequel that they literally started camping out waiting for tickets, and why people of my generation through such a big party around that. We'd been waiting that long.

The more I see people wanting to cut the Canto Bite sequence or shorten it or whatever, the more I want it to stay.

I agree. The biggest problem with the Canto Bite scene, is that it doesn't lead anywhere. But I see this mostly as an issue with the narrative, not the location. If the location had served more of a purpose, it would have been fine. Rather than Finn and Rose looking for a person to get them onto the starship, I would have kept them both on the planet, looking for something on the planet that will help their friends (such as a communications array to call for rebel reinforcements). Have the First Order send troops to the planet to flush them out, leading to a big action scene on the casino planet.

I would have it be where Rey comes back into the main story, though, or some other way make it involve more than two main characters.

Yeah, they really needed to have Rey more involved and have the plot on Canto Bite tie more closely to what's going on with the rebels. Rather than having the slowest chase in history, I would have the rebels seek shelter on Krait earlier, so there is time to have a big battle there. I felt the movie set up a big battle, only to rob the audience of one.

And ditch the fetch quests in favor of more Rose screen time.

The getting a thing, to get another thing, to get to that other thing, was really poor screen writing. I would ditch it as well. I got the feeling that JJ didn't like Rose very much as a character and didn't know what to do with her. It feels very strange how The Last Jedi builds up a Rose/Finn relationship, only for Rise of Skywalker to completely ditch that idea. I would have liked to see a pay off between her and Finn. Maybe when Finn was a stormtrooper, he was directly involved in something horrible regarding Rose's family. It would explain why Finn wants to keep some distance from her, and perhaps their plot ultimately revolves around whether Rose is able to forgive him for what he did. Maybe Phasma shouldn't have been killed off so early, so she can reveal this to Rose.
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Hmm, if I had the ability to go and change some things...I'd do away with some of the more controversial decisions of the second film.

First, no killing least in that film. He stays alive.

Second, Luke is there akin more along with what JJ Abrahms seemed to have wanted Luke to have been doing in the 3rd film. Luke HAD been searching for the Jedi Temple and the Wayfinders. He had gotten stuck there or something.

He would have trained Rey more (so longer training montage...etc) and the chase of TLJ is NOT a mere 18 hours. It would be at least fuel enough for a week or two.

TLJ would have taken place at least a couple months (let's give it 3-6 months) after the end of The Force awakens.

Rey would not have been a Palpatine. She would have been either Luke's daughter or the daughter of Kylo Ren.

Luke would have probably died in the third movie in some way, possibly be the one who dies at the Death Star Lightsaber fight instead by letting Kylo Ren strike him down as Leia talks to him...OR...even better...have Rey be the one who strikes him down as she is confused by the Dark side with Kylo watching who then turns as he has lost his chance for vengeance. He hears his mother, gets turned by his father's memory, and turns to the Light, while Rey, having killed Luke goes off to Ach-Too and we see it just as we see the scene currently between her and Jedi ghost Luke (for the most part at least).

At the end of the movie, no health resurrection. Rey doesn't come back to life by a Kiss. It could be that Anakin stands there between her and Palpatine as a ghost and absorbs the lightning helping her reflect it back, and Kylo makes a sacrifice to save her, but no Force Resurrections. Palpatine himself is a Force Sith Spirit held by a Sith Holocron or something in that spot rather than a zombie attempting to come back.

And that's bout it. I think that covers most more controversial portions by small changes in the movie itself.

Since these are only small changes, I think that's about it. I think we could have kept the Palpatine thing.
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wicked cool

I would remove the princess Leia May Poppins moment(replace it with something better such as a force shield.

I would have had more classic creature races-Just like the mandalorian did. The Han millennium bad guys scene would have been great

Maz should have had a bigger role and a better explanation of her role

Knights of Ren-another wasted opportunity- a flashback or 2 of them and the knights should have killed a major character or damaged one.

If your going to introduce new force powers then maybe one of Lukes books or a plot point indicates that these powers exist.

the story should have been written ahead of time. Tying this to roleplaying-Map out the entre adventure and read the adventure at least once.


People seem to mind every ship in the Final Order fleet being equipped with a Death Star beam, but the bad guys engaging in a textbook example of the Lensman Arms Race is faithful to SW’s pulp space opera roots so I’m good with it.


Well, that leaves my ideas out. I would make the movies about Finn. He is the most interesting character in the sequels.

I like Rey and Poe too much to sideline them like that, but I do think Finn, or the nature of Finn was underutilized in Rise. The fact that the First Order's Stormtroopers are conscripted children is mentionned, but not used. And they proved Finn wasn't the only one to break free. So why not, instead of making Finn's charge just to try and gain control of one Star Destroyer's guns, what about, first, not being coy that Finn is Force Sensittive, and second ... have him pull a reverse Order 66?

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