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D&D (2024) How would you design an ability score raising Epic Boon of Perfection?

Epic Boons are of course out of reach for nearly all characters, but my idea for an Epic Boon is one that makes all ability scores of a character rise to a certain minimum, whether it be 20 or 18 or something lower. An Epic Boon of Perfection, where they sort of become a being like the Paragon template from 3e's Epic Level Handbook.

The thing is it probably won't raise the characters primary ability score, as they're probably going to have it at 20 (or higher if the DM is generous with magic items) by the time they reach level 20. And ability scores like Strength is mostly unimportant to Wizards, and Intelligence mostly unimportant to other character classes. So having all 20's or 18's in ability scores isn't too much of a big deal in those cases.

What might see a big rise though is Hit Points due to Constitution going up potentially a lot. I work under the assumption that it's point buy or standard array for ability scores, but constitution should be like the 2nd or 3rd highest for many characters. Still there's probably someone that might still have constitution of 10 or something like that until they get this epic boon, and suddenly get a 100 or so more hit points.

Perhaps the Epic Boon of Perfection has a requirement that all ability scores have a minimum of 13.

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setting ability scores to some value is IMHO bad design.
In removes any choice that was made before with allocation of ability scores.
+2 to every ability would be better than all are 18.

Also, I do not like epic boons. Best solution to them is to get 2 or 3 feats instead.

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