D&D (2024) How you going to roll... 5.24 into your game(s)?

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So 5.24 is coming soon. How are your tables going to handle it?

I've got multiple games of 5e in flight, two as a player, two as a DM.

As a player, I'll roll with whatever the DM wants. Currently, I've got no opinion; I'll play the old rules or the new, whichever they want. I know the newer DM we use D&D Beyond for our character sheets; and I'm not sure exactly how the roll out of 5.24 into DDB is going to go in terms of levelling up my character. The other one is all done on paper, except one player is 100% DDB. So that game'll be easy to switch if the DM wants us to. We actually have 2 different campaigns running in that game - a Candlekeep one (we are 18th level) and a Mad Mage one (we are 13th level). Anyway, I'll do whatever the DM wants, as noted.

For my games I'm running - one group is my high school buddies, and most of them hadn't played D&D since we graduated in 198x. And a couple of them, while smart, are not technically savvy. So we'll just stay with Roll20 because I think shifting to a new rules set, even if it's really not very different, may be too far for them if they also have to adjust their tech.

The other group are all younger, and are also hardcore ttrpg and ttboard gamers. They might want to switch to the new rules. I'm ok with that; but would rather do at next campaign, rather than mid-campaign (we are playing tomb of A, they haven't even gotten to Omu yet, so probably at least another 3 years of play 😲 )

How are you all handling the transition?

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My Theros game has been spotty for several months now with several players dropping. I have been wondering whether I should just wrap it up as a result, and deciding what to do once the 5E24 books are released might help me choose. I might just end this campaign rather than try and morph it over to the new rules.

Argyle King

Initially, my enthusiasm for 5e24 was kinda meh.

After further thought, there's enough of a gap between the last time I purchased books and now that I'd likely just pick up the 5e24 books and not look too much at the old stuff.

I don't think I would say that my enthusiasm has changed; it's more that I didn't buy into "post-Tasha's" at all, so the new books are a significant change for me.

If anything, the updated Greyhawk material will be useful for me. D&D isn't my primary rpg right now, but one of the games I play is a universal/toolkit system for which I've gotten pretty good at converting things. While I wasn't introduced to Greyhawk until 3rd Edition, I've always preferred the general vibe of it over Forgottem Realms. (Oddly, I also have some non-D&D nostalgia connected to Greyhawk because I learned how to play GURPS via a DM who ran the Against the Slavers modules using that system.)

As far as D&D 5e, if I run a game, it will likely be 90% 5e24, with the remaining 5e14 bits being classes and concepts (such as necromancer) that are not currently available for 5e24. I may also houserule ability score bonuses to key off something other than backgrounds. I prefer 5e14 backgrounds and background features more.


I don't have an active 5e campaign, tbh I have been holding off starting one until the revised books come out. Planning to just make the change, use older material as necessary, but just change over

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Dont know for sure yet. I feel 2024 characters have too much decision points to choose and resources to spend; too much button to press, in a sense.

But I cant argue that some of those changes are most welcome.

One things sure: I wont be mixing both version. Im the only non casual player at my table, so it would fall on me to help the whole table untangle which feature came from where.


Don't know. I am personally looking forward to the new material and DM a campaign currently on hiatus at level 6. I could convert but I am inclined to leave it to the players. Though I would encourage the shift.
The other campaign I am a player and it has been going off and on for nearly 30 years. Starting out in Palladium and switching to 3.5, 4. and 5.
Same players but I don't know if the DM will switch.
I also play with another group and I think the current campaign will have reached a natural end before the new books are out but I have no idea what the plans are after the current campaign.


I am aiming to wrap up my campaign and hand off the DM hat in the next 3-5 months. I do not currently plan on pushing an update in this campaign. If the players are gung-ho to rebuild their PCs with the new rules, I'm certainly open to making the switch, but my guess is they won't want to bother when the game is almost over anyway.

I expect our next campaign will be fully using the 5.24 rules, unless there is some massive dealbreaker.


I will likely buy the 5.5 PHB and go through it. It will still be a few months before the other new books come out. I think that will give me time to finish the current campaign and go through things. There is also Christmas to get things as gifts for the others in my group.

I do not think I want to start something with the new PHB and old other books, even though the whole backwards compatibility thing.


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Currently I'm a player in a 5e campaign. We're more than half-way through and the DM has said that he won't change the characters, but might adopt some of the "small" rules changes such as potions as a minor action.

I'd love to run some game with the new rules in Fall, but I'll have to see if I can align the schedules with some of my friends.

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