D&D 5E I can’t seem to DM written adventures.


I actually ran Lost Mines of Phandelver basically word for word, play by play as it was written, but I can't think of any other adventure (ever?) that I can say the same for. Some adventures do need minor tweaking (like Rime of the Frostmaiden is pretty good from Chapter 3 on, but the first 2 chapters I substituted with homebrew... I didn't like the nonlinear wandering about in ch. 1&2 - especially early on, I feel that players need motivation and direction; wander later). Some adventures that I've purchased on DMs Guild provide great food for the imagination, but end up being 75% replaced with homebrew content.

Oh, actually, I've run several of the Candlekeep Mysteries adventures without alterations as well. Book of the Raven and a Deep and Creeping Darkness stand out as those that were unaltered.

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