5E I guess this could be general rpg ,but Im playing 5e so... let's do something constructive. Let's build a world. Post a location.


Yeah, pretty much what it sounds like. Just post a location. You can be as detailed as you want. Could be a town, dungeon, wilderness area.. whatever you want as long as its a place. Only one rule, it has to connect with the previous location in some way. Could be adjacent or several days walk, whatever, but describe how you get there from the location above. I'll go first.

Name: Cascadine
A town, built into a huge cove on the sea, known for its MANY waterfalls, which change in number and locations as seasons progress from cool to warm redirecting water routes. Residential dwellings are built into the side of the cove itself. Many arches and rock pathways cross one another creating a town with verticality rather than being expansive.


Ripped off from an old setting, but an area I never had a chance to use:

An island inhabited by elephants, which gain intelligence and spellcasting abilities when gathered in groups. The humanoid population of the island has a long history of worshipping the elephants, but stories of the animals' oracular and other magic abilities are widely discounted as superstitious nonsense.


I believe I first got this idea from a Larry Niven story:

Massive creatures the size of small islands. They hibernate for centuries, only rousing for a year to reproduce. They float in the air a few hundred feet above ground level. Various creatures, including some intelligent humanoids, lair upon the creatures. One could easily found a city of traders upon one such creature.


40th lv DM
The Plateau.
An immense area (roughly the size of Montana {USA state} - so about 147,164 sq miles +/-) of self sufficient, fertile plains/grassland located slightly NE of being the center of the continent known as The Plateau.
The Plateau sits atop rocky cliff walls that rise vertically (or near enough) for nearly a mile. A bit higher in some places.
Access to & from is controlled by several things:
1) Some kind of magic anti-fly/anti-magical transport effect that extends out about 1/4 of a mile and only effects those not born on the Plateau. No natural flight, no mechanical flight, no magical flight, no teleporting, plane-shifting, etc. Those born on the Plateau are not so restricted.
2) The Ports. 4 immense elevator systems, constructed equidistance at the compass points. N, E, S, W. Each elevator is surrounded, above & below, by large trade towns.
3) The Curse. Natives of The Plateau can come & go as they please. All others who set foot upon the summit find themselves magically bound to stay.
4) There are zero trails/stair-cases/ramps/etc - obvious or secret - carved into the cliff walls. Those who've tried to make such things have discovered that the cliff face simply absorbs them.
All of this has made it virtually impossible for hostile forces to invade to Plateau.

Most of The Plateaus population consists of nomadic, horse based, nomads. Only a tiny % hail from the Ports. The vast majority of the population is human.

The Plateaus chief export, & the entire reason for the elevator system, is exceptionally fine horses. Other exports include gems & several unique grains.
Oh, and barbaric young adventurers. See, each year, each clan sends roughly 1/2 its young adults (age 17-20) down to the lands below. They have 5 years to do as they will & then return home with a mate (who of course will never be able to leave).
This A) keeps the populations in check since many never return for whatever reason, B) keeps the clans from becoming inbred thanks to those who do return.
This practice is less common amongst those living in the ports.

How to get to The Plateau?
Several days to weeks of overland travel depending upon how far away you start.
Possibly flying (natural/mechanical/magical) or some sort of transportation magic. This won't get you onto the Plateau itself, but you can get to within a 1/4 mile of an elevator.