D&D General "I have Played in or Run a Campaign Set in the Forgotten Realms" (a poll)

True or False: "I have Played in or Run a Campaign Set in the Forgotten Realms"

  • True.

    Votes: 182 84.3%
  • False.

    Votes: 34 15.7%


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Simple question. . .

True or False: "I have Played in or Run a Campaign Set in the Forgotten Realms"

By campaign, I mean any ongoing multi-session game with the same characters - so mini-campaigns are fine, but not one-offs.

If you want to add details about which edition/version/changes you made (or were made in the version you played a character in), go for it!

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It's not my go-to, but I ran about a year or so in the Realms back in 3e, ran LMoP for a short campaign a few years back, and am currently running a (heavily-modified) version of Dungeon of the Mad Mage for one of my groups.

None of these games have leaned heavily into FR lore or worldbuilding, the Realms were more just a backdrop with a nice map.


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Back when I was introduced to d&d, as a player, in 2e/3e/3.5e days, the campaigns were all in FR. The d&d campaigns I’ve ran have been about 2/3 FR. Currently running a 5e game that started in Mistledale and has since progressed through Cormyr and the Sea of Fallen Stars, to the western reaches of Kara-Tur.


My fellow players and I have been playing in Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus for well over a year now. We all started out as strangers just entering the town when a member of the Flaming Fists decided to 'draft' us into solving a problem they were facing with the followers of Zariel. Now we're all 10th level characters. ;)


I had a big campaign in 2e days there and have come back to in exclusively in 5e. For 3e/4e we kept a lot of things like gods and some spells from FR and use Phandalin for more backdrop now. It seems more generic now with no cannon and timeline.


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Before 5e I bought a lot of FR products, but used them for inspiration or for downright stealing and re-adaptation.

In 5e, I've run the Lost Mines mini-campaign twice and Dragon Heist (in an extended version) once. Personally, I find 5e loose approach to FR lore quite liberating.
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I took a break from DM'ing last year and one of my players ran a series of modules set in FR.

And I've played Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, and Icewind Dale 1 and 2.


Sort of. I ran a "campaign" there that lasted all of two sessions before collapsing. And I guess "Storm King's Thunder" is set there, though we largely ignored the wider setting so it might as well have been Fantasy Lands of Generica.


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Nominally, yes.

I say "nominally" because this has been while running/playing WotC published adventures for which FR is the default. However, in these, there's been very little reference to the world at large - the focus has been local.

Like, playing Dragon of Icespire Peak, all the action took place within about 50 miles of Phandalin, and never entered a larger population center than Phandalin. How much is it "in world X" if you stay inside a little bubble that could have really been on any world?


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Technically true, but (as several other posters have said already) only insofar as they were campaigns/adventures in generic fantasy-land where I/GM didn't bother reskinning and renaming things (eg, LMoP).
I've never run/played (and have zero interest in) a "canon" game involving the major named NPCs, the big cities, the world-shattering events, etc.


I think actually the first one I've done is "Mines of Phandelver". Which is funny, since I've had FR since the grey box, and picked up pretty much every D&D FR product that's come out.

I just prefer Greyhawk or my homebrew, I guess.


I have played in multiple games set in the Forgotten Realms. When I was running campaign settings straight I mostly did Greyhawk and Ravenloft and left the Realms to be my friends' domain to run.

I like a lot of elements of the Realms, but mostly just incorporate stuff into my mashup homebrew setting as a DM. I particularly like a lot of god elements and include them as distinct pantheons in my setting. Red Wizards are some of my favorite D&D villains although I have not used them a lot in my games (Hazlik in Ravenloft came up occasionally).

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The Forgotten Realms was my setting of choice in 2e, thanks to some really great setting books (like the 1e boxed set and Forgotten Realms Adventures)...ah, I miss setting books. I completely devoured the lore, and have been known to go to Candlekeep to figure out lore-friendly names for PC's, lol.

Eventually, though, the sheer weight of all the stuff going on in the novels, bolted-on sub-settings, and many, many supplements of dubious value (I mean, did we really need Warriors and Priests of the Realms?), let alone playing in other eras of history (I liked Netheril Empire of Magic and Cormanthyr Empire of Elves, but I totally admit it Arcane Age was a bizarre concept), I ditched the Realms, and didn't come back until 4e- ironic, since 4e made a mess of the Realms, but I was playing a lot of Living Forgotten Realms at the time.

Now? I really don't care for the setting at all, and only acquired the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide because of it's player-facing content (even as, paradoxically, I often complain about no setting updates for the heartlands, Cormyr, or the Sea of Fallen Stars...).

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