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D&D General "I have Played in or Run a Campaign Set in the Forgotten Realms" (a poll)

True or False: "I have Played in or Run a Campaign Set in the Forgotten Realms"

  • True.

    Votes: 258 84.0%
  • False.

    Votes: 49 16.0%

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Not before 5e.

From 1e to 3.5 I only ran games in my homebrew world. 4e was the first time I ever ran an adventure written by someone else (actually, that's a lie - I had run Forge of Fury once in 3.0 IIRC). At that time, I started running nearly EVERY ADVENTURE published by WotC With a very few exceptions (I haven't run Theros or Ravnica, for example) I have run all the 5e adventures, and therefore A LOT of Forgotten Realms.

Occasionally, and even then the dms tend to make major changes willy-nilly if it lets them do something they want. I don't think I've ever played with someone who actually cared about official FR lore.

But we often use those maps because they already exist and are pretty.


Only because it is unavoidable if you run official content like pre-published adventures.
I wish there were a more interesting setting that had even 10% of the 5e content Forgotten Realms has.


Ran a few, played in dozens. The FR (Circa the Grey Box) is my go to when I think that new players would be adverse to my lore... which essentially means they'd contain a player that can't adapt to things like a single Elemental Plane, a single Hell plane that contains the 9 Hells as regions and the Abyss as regions around the 9 Hells, and a world that is massively large with a Dyson Sphere like Underdark.



I am a dyed in the wool home-brewer for my own campaigns, but I have played in campaigns with a few other DMs who were quite attached to the Forgotten Realms. Not totally my cup of tea generally, but they were fun groups.

Cheers :)


Follower of the Way
Technically, yes. The fact that it was FR had almost no bearing on the actual experience of the campaign, but it was technically set there. That game didn't last beyond the first adventure, though, so maybe the setting would have mattered more otherwise?

Being perfectly honest, I think FR is massively over-hyped, and rather substantially under-delivers in terms of flavor, quality, and interest. I'm dead sure Mr. Greenwood's personal work is much better, but most implementations I see of FR are so shallow and generic, you'd never know it was FR if you just altered the names.

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