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D&D 5E I like the latest iteration


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My interest in D&D Next has waned a bit (actually considerably), but this latest version perked me up. I'm really digging the flatter math. My only "gripe" (if I can call it that) is that I would like the attack bonuses to have a bit more disparity.

For fighters, they should have the best to hit bonuses hands-down. Sub-fighter classes should just be a +1 difference lower. Monsters should have the same attack bonuses as either the fighter or the sub-class fighters to make them nasty.
For clerics and rogues, I'm on the fence as to which class should be better at hitting stuff or just make them equal, but the difference between them and a fighter should be noticeable.
For mages, I like it that they get squat for hitting stuff, but should be the best at hitting things with their spells when an attack roll is called for.

Happy Gaming!

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I'm right there with you. Last packet was kind of a flop for me, but this one has me really excited to play and run 5th Edition. It helps that I'm running a campaign using the playtest rules, and giving parry back to the fighters has me very happy. The monsters with teeth are also a huge boon.

It's disappointing to look on the boards and see nothing but negative comments. I thought this packet was full of interesting mechanics and great flavor. :)


I like it a lot too. There's some things that I think are still broken, and some things that I think are worse than the previous packet, but on the whole it's a great change for the better. The Rogue looks like it's on the right track, and the Cleric is nearly perfect. Plus, who doesn't love a million new spells and monsters?

Jack Daniel

Engines & Empires
Seconded. (Fifthed?) I had been getting less excited about 5e with each passing packet, but this last one looks like a game that I'd gladly buy off the shelf. WotC is definitely headed in the right direction here. Love the monk; love martial dice and maneuvers; love the spell prep rules and the casters' progression charts; and bounded accuracy is quantum leap improvement over even the early editions.

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