I need AC !!!


I am currently playing a fighter2/sorcerer5. Since I am still involved in combat alot, I am in desperate need for more AC than Mage Armor and shield can provide.

Any suggestions on how to improve (e.g. spells, items, ...) it?

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Cat's Grace will bump your DEX for a fairly long time.

Look for magic items of different bonus types -- ideally you'll want to have something with an armor bonus, something with a natural armor bonus, and something with a deflection bonus at minimum.

Wear armor if you don't mind having a chance to blow your spells.

James McMurray

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Relics and Rituals has a spell called Blazing Shield which provdes an AC bonus and stacks with mage Armor.

When you hit 6th, pick up haste. Not only does it make you a more effective combatant for a short time, it also adds to your AC with a +4 dodge bonus.

so the secret is to find different boni that stack ???

ok, thx, i'll look for them. need two more levels for cat's grace, though (spent all my 2nd level spells already) :D

James McMurray said:
Relics and Rituals has a spell called Blazing Shield which provdes an AC bonus and stacks with mage Armor.

When you hit 6th, pick up haste. Not only does it make you a more effective combatant for a short time, it also adds to your AC with a +4 dodge bonus.

What level is Blazing Shield?

Also, you'd prefer haste over a fireball/lightning bolt type of spell? I am thinking in overall party-combat-use terms there...


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THerer are other ways to avoid being hit than simply AC. There are a number of spells that can make enemies miss without affecting AC. Mirror Image creates illusionary copies to draw attack. Blur or Displacement give foes a % chance to miss regardless of your AC.

I doubt that anyone in your group will be displeased if you learn Haste. It can help everyone.

Rashak Mani

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Same thing Victim said...

Mirror Image - can make even a very high level fighter miss you while AC can be overcome by high BAB... only for you thou...

Displacement - last too little in my opinion.
Blur - 20% for a 2nd lvl spell !! No way...

Protection from Evil +2 AC

Finally HASTE !! +4 AC and you get to cast 2 spells a round !!

My Wizard has Bracers +2 so he avoids using mage armor unless necessary (i carry a scroll no slot used) ... Dex 18 (Elf) +4 ... Shield Spell +7 (no Magic Miss) = total AC 23

Now I have tumble skill and if necessary I go full defensive for +6 = AC 29 ( AC31 with Mage Armor)

As soon as I get haste that will be finally +4 for AC 33 (full defensive and mage 41 AC ) Not bad for a Wizard... :)

Lord Pendragon

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Well, if you're going to be doing melee fightin' you might want to get hold of a mithril chain shirt. There's a small failure chance, but the extra armor can be a big help, since you can give it some serious enchantments.

That said, here's the "Suite" that you want to acquire. Once you have all of them, you start upgrading the +1 to +2, etc.

Ring of Protection +1 (deflection bonus)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (natural armor bonus)

Shield spell (+7 cover bonus)
Haste spell (+4 haste bonus)

This gives you a total of +13, which would start you out at AC23 before Dex. If you used Mage Armor or a mithril chain shirt without enhancements, it'd be bumped up to AC27 before Dex.

Now you don't have access to Haste just yet, but that's still AC23 before dex...not too shabby.

Then you move up to +2 enchantments... :D


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you may wish to look at Spellsword in Tome and Blood. (I think that's the right one) Then you can end up wearing one of those neat mithril chain shirts and have little to no arcane spell failure.

I'd elaborate, but I don't have any books next to me right now...

Plane Sailing

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What spells do you currently have as a sorcerer? Are you wondering what would be the best spells to take as your next sorcerer level?


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Blur is your friend.

It negates the Rogue's ability to sneak attack you. It gives a 20% miss chance. It can be cast on other people. If I recall correctly, it only requires Verbal components. If this is correct, you can cast it in armor with no Arcane Failure chance.

As for other AC boosts, here are some ideas. They all depend on you learning the stacking rules.

1. Try to stay out of combat. Make use of terrain, try to get some cover bonus. With only two levels of Fighter, you probably are not tough enough to stay up front.

2. If you want to get into the fighting action, then you really should look at the SpellSword PrC from Tome & Blood. You also might want to look over the Persistent Spell feat, since it would allow your protections to last all day.

3. Shield of Faith from the Cleric would give you a deflection bonus. Ring of Protection gives the same sort of bonus.

4. Amulet of Natural Armor or the Druid Barkskin spell gives Natural Armor. I think you can also get this from the 2nd level Alter Self spell, which is extremely popular with Sorcerers because of the flexibility.

5. Bracers of Armor can be gotten in +5 or better versions. Think about investing in some, or taking Create Wonderous Item and taking a long holiday to create some.

6. If you decide to go the armor route, Wands are your friends. No Arcane Failure.

Whoha, thanks for all your replies !!!

As you will see, my character is very combat-oriented!


Burning Hands
Magic Missle
Mage Armor

Bull's Strength
+ one other (don't know - probably blur)


And I don't mind combat: Str 18 & 47 hp (lucky roller :D +Con)


For the future I am thinking about the Spellsword or Dragon Deciple PrC. But if I go with Dragon Deciple, I need to gain that sixth level of sorcerer (I do want 3rd lvl spells) !!!

What is the best 3rd level spell? I am a fan of that fireball/lightning bolt big damage type o' fan. But on the other hands, Haste, Fly and the likes are cool, too.

Thx for your thoughts!

The Knight

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Ok I'd go with spellsword over dragon disciple, I like +caster levels and without that I think dragon disciple sucks, (also being big and bad can be simulated easily with poly self when you gain 4th level spells). Also I wouldn't take any more fighter levels, with spellsword 2 levels is plenty. Good 3rd level spells haste as mentioned, and also blink I'm fond of. It gives a 50% miss chance, and a 20% miss chance v area effect attacks, you gain a miss chance which sucks, but the ability to leap through walls and other solid matter has absurd utility. (a good reason to avoid more fighter levels is at the high levels take tensers transformation and become an absurd fighter, and at lower levels the differences will be minor one bab maybe and a couple HP)

Other great spells fly(any flight things are cool even alter self) mobility especially when you got yourself ranged spells and a bow, can mean not getting hit, also it lets you close on foes you normally can't reach.

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