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I really don't think it should be called the "ORC license"

To put another voice in the chamber, i like the name of ORC. It's simple, catchy and evocative of RPGs as a vast majority are fantasy themed. As a marketing tactic it works well.

I don't think 99% of people who watch lord of the rings, play warcraft or d&d connect orcs with racism. And even if they did, using reframing the word as something positive should be encouraged.

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The Scythian

Though, I think the link between the name of the license somehow affecting the genre of the games that use it to be tenuous. Like, do most people read the OGL in the back of the book? Did the name "OGL" have any effect on the genres within it?
Right. If the ORC does its job, nobody will even know it's there, and the vast majority of people won't care. It's not like people are going to put a big ORC symbol on the front of their products or tout that it's licensed using ORC, because what will really be important will be what the product is compatible with.


ORC is a bad name because the hobby needs to move away from its blinding association and allegiance to fantasy games and tropes.
Holy %#%#! This is the best argument ever. That isn't sarcasm you're seeing here either. That's actually an argument I can get behidn. I think it's too late, I think it's going to be called ORC no matter what, but I kind of agree with you here.

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Some people really don't care about it. Other people are offended that others are feeling offended by it. But orcs are perhaps the most controversial and divisive topic in RPGs in recent years. All the arguments for or against orcs being a dog whistle promotion for thinking in hateful stereotypes really don't matter here right now. But the thing is, we have seen that plenty of people having very strong opinions on orcs as toxic stereotypes that they just won't touch.
The fact that orcs exist in a fantasy setting hasn't ever been a problem, so I'm not seeing why naming the license ORC is going to be a problem. I don't think this is going to be a problem. I don't believe a significant number of people are going to be turned off because they have negative associations with orcs in general. I'm sure someone is going to be upset, but you can't worry about making everyone happy.


The EN World kitten
I think @Yora raises a good point.

But I'm going to take that good point and raise a collateral point.

ORC is a bad name because the hobby needs to move away from its blinding association and allegiance to fantasy games and tropes.
To that end, in hopes of making a license that gives tabletop RPGs of all kinds a better image, I propose a different moniker: the Belly Up to the TableTop license! Yes, I'd like a big BUTT license and I cannot lie.

aramis erak

Count me as one more "ORC is good" vote.
Is it lamentable that D&D is so dominant? I guess. But there are so many games readily available that anyone who really wants to play something else can.
The limiting factor is not access to rules, seldom access to dice or cards, but all too often...
the limiting factor is access to people willing to play any given game/setting.

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