D&D (2024) I thought the new Sorcerer art Iconic was actually the Bard's in previous art.


Do we have a space where all the PHB is gathered together so we can analysis it? As I understand it, the iconics, especially class Iconics, are in art together outside if their respective splash pages?
Well, no, not yet, probably not until we have the books in hand.

There are definitely art pieces thst include these Iconics in other chapters, though. I saw one with the Druid and the Gnome Warlock, but here is another with the Druid and the Barbarian:


And one with the Monk, Barbarian and Ranger:


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I don't think any of these iconic characters are meant to be as prevalent as Mialee, Tordek, Lidda, Hennet, Regdar and the others were.
They're also using a lot more (at least 60 if each class gets five) so it's more of an Easter egg when one repeats. I suspect the artists might like to re-use designs and tell snippets of stories via art over the course of the books, and I imagine the art directors will allow this, but it's probably not a goal.

My guess is the goals of the art direction are more "show diversity" and "include IP where feasible."

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