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I hear where you are with The Dreaming Snarf, but for me nothing beats Hounds of Love - nostalgia has a lot to do with that I think. The second half of that album is like a deeply intense (and just a bit disturbing) dream sequence that I will never shake. I think I listed it on my top 10 album list somewhere else on these forums...
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I discovered the song years ago during the credits of The Chocolate War movie. Which I still haven’t seen, only caught the credits flipping through channels, but have now seen the credits many times. Very much an OMG what is that song moment, so I can imagine Stranger Things fans having the same experience. I guess, at the time, I was very much like payn’s buddy except more of, “How did I not know about this song? Did you know about this song? Why didn’t you tell me?”

I've probably still got my copy of The Red Shoes somewhere in storage with my other CDs. Picked it up during that period in my life I was picking up music that caught my fancy while watching 120 Minutes.

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