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Power Rankings: Weird Al's Top 26 Songs


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
I would substitute Another One Rides the Bus in place of Pentiums, but otherwise I agree with the list.

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I came here just to see where you put One More Minute. I approve :)

However, you are missing The Night Santa Went Crazy, and a deep cut should be Hardware Store. Why? Because he did the refrain (starting at 2:20) in one breath. No other rapper has ever done that. Also why he won't sing the song in concert, cuz it's too hard.



One of my favorite lines from "Generic Blues" is: "My brothers and sisters all hated me, 'cause I was an only child." True absurdity at its finest!



Mod Squad
Staff member
I don't know if I'm impressed or depressed that you know 26 Weird Al Yankovic songs well enough to rank.

If you are depressed, we recommend you listen to a couple Weird Al albums - those will cheer you up right quick.

And then, you too will know more of his songs. And if that depresses you, well listen to more of his music. It'll cheer you right up.

Soon after, you'll know all of his music, but also feel akin to the character in One More Minute. Maybe a mixed blessing, but at least you'll have learned some things :p


I always like the songs Jerry Springer, Slime Creatures from Outer Space, and I Think I'm a Clone Now. I also have the various Polka's on a playlist so I can listen to them all in chronological order.

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