D&D 5E "I would play in a 5e game with no caster classes at all" (a poll)

I would play in a 5e game with no caster classes at all.

  • Yes

    Votes: 119 70.0%
  • No

    Votes: 45 26.5%
  • Eric Noah is my half-fiend love child.

    Votes: 6 3.5%


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so the founder more or less, why not just say that?
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All of my powertrips are always justified and never weird. :)

"System everyone already knows" is exactly what I'm going for. And fantasy systems where magic isn't granted at character creation and assumed to be prevalent during character progression are surprisingly hard to find, in my experience.
5e makes it pretty easy though. At least that is what we have found.


In 4th edition this would be great since non-casters aren’t treated like second class citizens. But 5e undid the good work 4e accomplished by making casters OP again and forcing melee to do nothing but auto Attack.

So unless 5e stopped having dogshit combat then I’d never play a non-caster game.


Front Range Warlock
Sure. In fact, a short all-fighter campaign was one of my favorite AD&D campaigns ever. I think it would work well in 5e, as well, as long as the DM keeps an eye on encounter balance.

Tales and Chronicles

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I'd even pay good money for it!

Its not that there is no magic, just not regimented spells fuel by spell slots.

Fighter: Rune Knight, Psi Warrior
Rogue: Phantom, Soulknife, I have a penchant for making the Genie Warlock a Rogue archetype. I also think there's a way to make the Arcane Trickster spell-less, yet magical (Steal Sight, Confusing Smoke Bomb, Steal Memory, Pass Through Wall etc)
Ranger: Change spells for Maneuvers (d8 max)
Paladin: Change spells for Maneuvers (d8 max)
Barbarian: Beast, Totem, Storm, Ancestral Guardian
Monk: Sun Soul, Long Death, 4 Elements, Shadow, Mercy, Astral


Not only would I not play in that campaign, I don't think I would play a character who could not cast spells at all.

I would be more likely to play in a campaign where all PCs had to have some spells - so no Barbarians, only EK Fighters and AT Rogues, only way of shadow Monks.
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