IC: Dichotomy's Age of Worms Redux, Part IV


"The merchant will also be detained and questioned. Don't worry about that."

The watchman leads you outside, while two others carry the merchant. Outside, there is a plain-looking coach, obviously rigged so as to be suitable for guarded transport.

"Weapons, armor, wands, holy symbols, spell components, everything except your clothing," the watchman indicates an open chest on the ground near the coach.
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In short order, you are transported through the city. Fortunately, while it is clear that the coach is law enforcement, what very few passersby exist at this time of night, can't tell who is inside. You arrive at a building much like the one Erdolliel and Eskard visited before. You are escorted past group cell blocks to individual cells
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Erdolliel quickly glances at her companions before leaving all of her belongings in the chest. "This makes about as much sense as us stabbing him in the first place..." she mutters as she climbs into the coach. As they arrive at their cells she jokes about them being roomier than Tarquin's inn.
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[sblock=OOC]Apologies for taking so long. Also, apologies for what is going to look like railroading. But, as it turns out, once taken into custody, it happens that things move out of PCs control a bit.[/sblock]You soon find yourself each in your own cell. While the "accommodations" are sparse, they are functional.

After a couple of hours, during which time you get some rest, you are each individually visited by a group of guards. You are then instructed that, you need to be transferred to a different facility. Any questions about why, particularly in light of the fact that it is the middle of the night, are met with shrug and a genuinely confused, "Sorry. I just do as ordered. These kinds of things do happen sometimes for administrative reasons. You are... more high profile, than some." You are then shackled, the spellcasters gagged (as what is likely standard protocol), and one-by-one escorted back out to the enclosed wagon. Heavy bags are thrown over your heads, blocking your sight, and the wagon moves to a destination unknown.

After a long time, with numerous twists and turns, the wagon stops. You are taken, individually again, out of the wagon. You are escorted into some building.

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