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[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Book 2)

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Brother Pelegon thinks he must be dreaming. He is in a place of twilight, floating in the vast nothingness -- no, flying; there are wings behind him that move slowly and creates ripples in the mistlike greyness around.

There is the voice of his angelic guide, Zabobiel, but it is distant and the words are indiscernible. Is he urging Pelegon on? But where to?

As he moves through the twilight, the mist seems to grow lighter ahead of him, and the voice of Zabobiel grows louder.

But then -- is that the voice of his wife?

He stops abruptly, looking around, as the nothingness around grows darker once more.

Back in the real world, an awful cough comes from the prone body of Brother Pelegon, and a bit of blood flows from his open mouth like dark drool...

OOC: Failed my next death save.

Brother Pelegon death save two: 1D20 = [3] = 3

Death save successes: 1/3
Death save failures: 1/3


Brother P continues to breathe the muddy dirt below him
Swithun shouts and then stabs L2.
Everett shouts, "Water, some fool unleashed water. It'll be here soon." He then casts a spell dropping two blobs of acid on L4 and L6. They both fail their saves, L6 drops to the ground. L4 winces in pain.
2#1d20+2 11 9 2#1d6 1 4
Surina fails to hit the remaining lizardfolk (L4)
Perin says, "Got it." And rides his wolf up the slope and threw a narrow gap in the fence. He reaches the first building and unlocks the door. "We've got to get out of here fast, ladies," he says as the women start to flow out of the building. "Head for the elf on hilltop over there," he adds, pointing toward Everett.
Drake unleashes another gout of dragon's fire at L2 & L3. L2 takes the brunt of the damage.
dragon's fire save DC13: 2#1d20+2 9 14

L2 attacks Swithun missing with both his bite and scimitar.
L3 attacks Swithun missing with his bite but connecting with his scimitar for 4 damage.
L4 attacks Drake missing with his bite but cutting Drake down with his scimitar for 9 damage. (you only had 8 hp left, right?)
6#1d20+4: 6 # 6 [1d20=2] 11 [1d20=7] 6 [1d20=2] 23 [1d20=19] 13 [1d20=9] 16 [1d20=12]
3#1d6+2: 3 # 6 [1d6=4] 6 [1d6=4] 6 [1d6=4]
3#1d8+2: 3 # 10 [1d8=8] 4 [1d8=2] 9 [1d8=7]

Half the women leaving the hut head toward the fence. The other half head the other way shouting, "The babies" or "The children". A few head for the men's hut and manage to open the door. The men are slower to exit but they also head in various directions. The fence near the battle is partially destroyed in seconds.

L2 hp 12/30
L3 hp 10/30
L4 hp 9/30
L6 hp dead

Bro P 0 hp 1/3, 1/3 death saves
Swithun 21/35
Everett undamaged
Surina 11/38
Perin undamaged
Drake 0 hp 0/3 0/3 death saves

Everyone can hear the sound of water crashing in the approaching distance.

Swamp Prison.png

Trying not to look at her own bleeding wounds, Surina takes a deep breath, offers up a prayer, and attacks again with her longsword. It is a glancing blow, but bright light sears the lizardfolk as the sword strike. Calling out to Swithun she say "You are faster than I: help them with their children."

Surina attack with longsword-1 handed plus Divine smite if hit: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17
1D8+3+2D8 = [1]+3+[2, 1] = 7

Sigh. I think coyote code hates me. Even when I hit, my damage rolls are terrible.

AC: 18; HP: 6/28; spells 2/3 LH 15/15 CD 1/1
NOTE: by my count she is down to 6 HP
I keep forgetting about protection fighting style. If any of the lizardfolk take a swipe at Drake, Surina will use her reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack.

Question: What's the best way to handle reactions in the play-by-post format?

"I agree. Children must be protected!" Swithun yelled and galloped off toward them.

OOC: If it is okay with you, JM, Swithun will move right away this round, even if he provokes opportunity attacks.

Q: What's the best way to handle reactions in the play-by-post format?
I find it best if you post at the end of your turn what your trigger is and what happens if the trigger does, and then at the beginning of your next turn, if the GM forgot it, remind them. Definitely don't expect them to remember it. The end-of-post will help you remember to look for your trigger too.


GM: I will remind the group that the party receives several potions of healing over the course of the game. With players disappearing, I'm not sure where they ended up but we can assume some of these potions are still with the remaining characters.


Brother P continues to bleed.
Swithun stabs out at L2 then moves toward the villagers.
Everett shouts, "Wait! The waters are coming. Stay on the hill until they subside. Pelegon and Drake are both down and need help!" He then casts a spell dropping two blobs of acid on L2 and L3. They both save.
acid splash save DC 13 and damage: 2#1d20+2 18 22 2#1d6 1 5
Surina fails hits the remaining lizardfolk (L4), nearly killing him.
Perin rides back down into the valley and adminsters a potion of healing to Brother Pelegon.
Healing potion: 2d4+2 9
Drake remains unconscious (and owes us a death save).

L2 runs toward Everett.
L3 runs toward Everett.
L4 disengages and runs to the l

He is pelted with rocks by the villages, to no effect. The villagers mostly stay put but some rush down the hillside hoping to make the opposite shore quickly. Some shout, "The water is here." "Watch out." "You'll be swept away." "Stay back." The water crashes into the hillside creating white breaks. Eddying water starts to flow around the hillside.

L2 hp 6/30
L3 hp 10/30
L4 hp 2/30

Bro P 9 hp
Swithun 21/35
Everett undamaged
Surina 11/38
Perin undamaged
Drake 0 hp 0/3 0/3 death saves (owes us one death save for round 5 and another for upcoming round 6)

The swiftly moving water coming from the top-right of the map is 8-10 feet deep in that area, though the leading edge is obviously not as deep.
Perception check to figure out how fast the water is moving.
Maybe 80 feet per round
Faster in narrower places, like the corner near DD33.

Also of note: There are more villagers than is indicated by the blue and pink dots. Some of the children have been freed. There were some women in the child huts taking care of the kids. Some of the villagers seem healthy enough but others do not, especially the adults found in the smaller huts.

Swamp Prison.png

OOC: Yikes! Does it look like the water will wash out the entire encampment, or is it going to go around it like a moat? (I'm trying to figure out if I should lead an exodus or get Drake out of the moat.)


GM: You can see the water breaking against the ridge. Some is splashing on the camp's mesa but not much. It will flow around like a moat.

Swithun stood above the crowd. In sudden realisation, he rushed back into the moat, yelling, "Get out of the depression! The water is coming! Everyone out!"

He galloped over to the fallen form of Drake and scooped him up, turning to go back to the camp. He saw a man beginning to make a run from the slave encampment and he called to him, "No! Stay where you are! We will flee when the water settles!"

OOC: How far Swithun makes it depends on a few rulings: Is it difficult to get past the mob? Does it take an action to pick up Drake? I will leave it all up to you, JM. Swithun will go as far as he can out and back.

Surina blinks briefly. Somehow in the midst of battle she had not seen Drake go down, even as he stood next to her. She pelts after Swithun, toward the camp, also encouraging the villagers to return to the compound, and making sure that Brother Pelegon is up and running.

OOC: surina will dash as her action.

Surina, perception Check. : 1D20 = [14] = 14

sorry, @tglassy, I missed that Drake was down last round. I’m assuming that the camp is closer to high ground for Surina. [/ooc)


GM: Arwen, where do you hope Surina ends up?

Fitz, I had Perin move through the crowd unhindered so Swithun can do the same. He would need an action to pick up Drake. I don't think you can call picking a full sized human up as your object interaction action. But, Perin will use his action to lay Drake over Swithun's back so Swithun can then use his move to get to them and his action to dash back up the hill. Swithun will probably end up squeezing into DD22 when done. Perin will end up next to him in DD21.

Waiting on Bro P's action, while I'm sure he will stand and dash, I'd like to know where he expects to end up.

OOC: It looks like she could get to DD20--without the dash--assuming she can get through the crowd. I feel bad about leaving Everett to cope with two lizardfolk, but I can't see Surina abandoning two downed/almost downed party members and all those villagers. If she doesn't need the dash to get out of the way of the water, she will use 5 HP from her lay on hands pool on Drake.

OOC: That sounds good to me. I agree about picking up people is an action. As far as Everret goes, the lizardfolk will probably capture him at this point - and that works fine. We are missing his player, right?

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