(IC) We be Jammin' (5e PBP)


"We need to keep people from touching that vine." William looped some rope and tried to lasso down a piece of roof. He braced himself and pulled as the elk backed up, but its hooves were more used to open forest than broken road, and it found its footing unsteady. William kept up a steady stream of cussing under his breath hoping it would help.

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Sanderson was nearly at the docks, floating along down a creek with several civilians in tow, when a large chunk of stone (that could only have come from one of the castle's towers) came crashing down. It broke apart, blocked the flow of the water, and knocked many of his 'passengers' loose. One was screaming, thrashing, her arm broken by the weight of the stone. She grabbed a youth in a panic and pushed him down. Sanderson knew that both would drown if he did nothing, but he still had others to hold onto.

Glau had watched the tower-stone as it hurled through the air. He had only to cross the creek and he would be not far from the pier, where his ship was moored. When it landed, he was somewhat surprised to hear the screaming that came from over the bricked-up banks. There were people down there!

OOC: @Kobold Stew & @Leatherhead, feel free to volunteer an approach and an ability/skill check for whatever you'd like to do. I'll be back for a round two for the rest of you, and then we'll just move on. This is harder to do in PBP than I expected!

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Sanderson sees the woman go under. She's human, which gives her about 30 seconds, he figures, a minute tops. That gives him thirty seconds too.

He isn't distracted by the one -- saving the most is his aim, and he knows he won't get all. Not every hatchling in a brood survives. So his first impulse is to save the raft of townspeople still with him. Is there a bank at the side? A shallow where they could get out here? If he can do that quickly, he will, casting Guidance on someone who looks like they will be able to hold onto the wall or whatever best. "You've got thisss," he hisses, and then (turn 4? 5?) he dives back looking for the two drowning figures.

Sanderson doesn't need to worry about being pulled under, but he will want to get them to the surface quickly, probably before separating them. If he can't carry them both on his hip as he swims to the surface, he can use his tail to drive a wedge between them, but that will cost precious seconds he doesn't have. Down, grab, up, divide. Once the humans (were they human?) are breathing again, he hopes the youth will be able to be calmed, possibly with another casting of guidance.

OOC: Here are three die rolls:
Survival: 1d20+7=26
Survival: 1d20+7=11
Perception (for spotting them underwater? other dangers?): 1d20+7=20

Guidance gives +1d4 on the next skill check.


Possibly a Idiot.
Glau runs over to the creek, intending to use the recently fallen tower rubble as an impromptu bridge. The ship, and the safety it provided was almost within reach, but the screams of the people are impossible to drown out. The Plasmoid braces themselves and extend a staff into the drink, so the waterlogged can be pulled ashore. It's the safest play to save them: if worse comes to worse, the staff can be dropped.

"Here! Grab hold!"


Charlie curses as the building collapses and the vine grows up blocking the street and their path to the harbor. He looks to the collapsed rubble on one side and the unstable shell on the other he hesitates for a second. Charlie opens his eldritch site and looked at the vine to see if it gave off any magical aura. Once he determined it's aura if any he clambered up onto the rubble to look for a safe path through to the other side.

OOC: I will use my eldritch site invocation to cast Detect Magic. Do the vines glow at all?

Acrobatics: 1d20+5 18 to get up the rubble of the collapsed house.

If the vines glow I will try to figure out a path through the rubble that avoids any vines. Not sure if it would be perception or investigation to find a path. Here is the roll Looking for a safe path: 1d20 5 that would be +1 for investigation or -1 for perception. That is a max of 6 so I see nothing.


Delphine had left the others behind at the barricade, but she ran into some familiar faces coming out of a secluded lane. There was the sailing captain that had offered her boat, and the gnome and masked monk that she had seen fighting blights near the north market arch. Some sort of clockwork creature buzzed overhead, likely built by the gnome.

"My ship is not far from here," announced the Captain with obvious relief, before something seemed to dawn on her. "Blast. Much of the crew is on shore-leave. Do you think that you could rouse them from that tavern, while I make her ready to leave?"

She pointed down the block, past a crowd of panicked civilians, where a tavern bearing the sign of The Drunken Seagull still had loud music and louder voices, oblivious to the chaos outside.

OOC: Approach is up to you, but I'd like two appropriate checks from @Snarf Zagyg Phlox & @jmucchiello Delphine, & one from @Steve Gorak Nic (who already gave me two; ultimately looking for three from everyone). Refusing and doing something else is fine, of course. (This is taking a bit too long, IMO, but I hope it's got the imagery of the situation down at least).


Sanderson swam about in the creek rescuing drowning townsfolk once more. He surfaced, and found Glau pulling folk out and stretching his arms out long to allow them to grab his staff, and deposit them safely on the proper side. They worked together, and soon had the townsfolk out. It was only to go around a nearby building, and they would be within sight of the docks.

* * *

Charlie decided to check the enormous vine with his eldritch sight, and the powerful glow of transmutation magic nearly overwhelmed him. He staggered from the brightness and found it difficult to see clearly after that. Fortunately for him, he was able to follow William, the rabbit-knight, who had pulled a piece of wall down using the weight of his elk. This gave just enough protection from the vine that people were able to climb past it, over the broken wall, to a clear bit of road on the other side, where they set out running for the dock.

Gunther was there as well, and he helped Tanner out of the rubble and over the wall. As he climbed over himself, he saw a panicked man shoulder past Selma the net-mender, and the woman fell to the ground. The next man tripped over her, and both went down. They were likely to be trampled by the next group of folks, or struck by the vine which was still twitching, rolling, and growing shoots.

OOC: Maybe one more roll from @Leatherhead Glau (to help people out, leap across, or look out for trouble) & one from @gnarlygninja William (a CHA (persuasion), perhaps, for leadership?); & Two from @Lidgar Gunthar, (something to rescue Selma?) and that should get us finished.
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Delphne Brookesbed
AC 16; HP 38/38; HD 5d8; PP/I 13/15 DV 60'; SSdc 13 Slots 2/3
"My ship is not far from here," announced the Captain with obvious relief, before something seemed to dawn on her. "Blast. Much of the crew is on shore-leave. Do you think that you could rouse them from that tavern, while I make her ready to leave?"
"I have an idea," Delphnee says to the Captain rushes to the door of the tavern. She casts Unseen Servant. She commands the Servant to knock over every glass, mug, table it can as fast as it can and then she enters. As the commotion begins she shouts, "The city is being invaded. Flee, flee to the harbor, their ghosts are already here."

OOC: Well, not a great roll. Maybe the spell gives me advantage???
Deception, -3 if it HAS to be Persuasion or Intimidation.: 1D20+4 = [7]+4 = 11

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"You have my thanksss," hisses Sanderson to the stranger pulling folk out (Glau). A fire has begun, and he feels the heat on his scales. Strangely, he finds it comforting, thoguh he hears screams in the distance. "Thissss way," he indicates to those he has rescued. Before proceeding, he ensures that the drowning villagers are breathing and conscious. "You mussst keep moving."

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