(IC) We be Jammin' (5e PBP)


OOC: @Leatherhead went with random, which is nice to give you all an example post, to either inspire you to make your own, or inspire you to ask me to do it.


Glau, though unfortunate happenstance, found himself separated from his Captain in a crowd of panicked locals. He did not know Kingsport well, but he knew where the ship was - which pier, its general direction, so he began to work his way there, hoping that he would spot Sartell before long.

He was heading downhill on a crowded, cobbled street. Suddenly, a coach appeared behind him, pulled by three flightless birds. The driver was half-crazed with fear as he whipped the birds with a crop. The coach barreled down on Glau and a small crowd of civilians that happened to be with him.

OOC: Glau can choose: 1) dc10 DEX save to dive out of harm's way or take 4 damage & be prone at the start of the next scene; 2) dc12 STR athletics check to shove an innocent woman aside & take 6 damage (bumped aside) but remain standing; 3) dc15 DEX acrobatics to leap onto the box & take the reigns. 8 damage & prone on a failure.

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Possibly a Idiot.
"Captain?" Glau extends a psudopod up to take a look over the crowd. As they do so, they notice the runaway coach. Their optics widen to get a better picture, but time was short. Glau's gelatinous body could absorb a collision, but not the woman they were standing next too.

The plasmoid mightily shoves the woman aside, but is clipped by the carriage in return. "GeT yOuR HeAd OuT o' YoUr ArSe AnD dRiVe!" Glau shouts at the driver, while trying to keep the boiling anger at bay. After all, now is not the time for fighting, now is the time for running to the ship.

OOC: Well Glau has hp to spare, fortunately for the bystander.
Athletics check: 1D20+7 = [12]+7 = 19

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Sanderson was by the base of the vine, and he instantly determined that his flames would take too long to affect the monstrous plant. Herding what civilians he could, he began moving towards the docks, but in doing so he was separated, as a large piece of pavement dropped from the sky, having been launched into the air with the sudden growth. It crushed a vegetable wagon, but not the child beside it.

The child, alone now, it caregiver not to be seen, was unmoving, looking up. It only began screaming when Sanderson picked it up and began carrying it. Sanderson was going to save this small one, at least. Working his way through the rubble, he stayed off of the main road. Would this alley lead to the docks? he was heading in the right direction. The child was screaming, but it was not clear if it was at Sanderson or the cataclysm about it.

If only he could get to the water: Sanderson thought he might need to swim, to avoid some of the chaos on the streets. He'd keep the child in any case until he found someone to care for it.

[suggested checks? survival? acrobatics? swimming/con with disadvantage?]
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Sanderson came to a bridge that crossed one of Kingsport's many creeks. The city was old, and the creek was built up on either side with stonework, making it something more like an open rain-sewer than a pastoral brook, but the creek had been part of the natural land before the city grew there. The bridge was blocked by a throng of panicked people, pushing and shoving their way across.

Worse, a group of crystal blights were on the way and would soon be picking off the back of the pack. Sanderson, holding the child, would not get across in time to avoid them, so he pushed his way to the water and slipped over the side. The child's scream grew higher in pitch at the prospect of being drowned, but Sanderson held him overhead and rolled onto his back, holding the child out of the water and swimming with his feet and tail.

As he passed under the bridge, a woman was pushed from it and fell beside him. He let her grab hold. Soon they were joined by a male youth, who had tried to swim it himself but couldn't make it up the slippery stonework on the other side. It occurred to Sanderson that the creek would eventually empty into the sea, so he swam downstream as quickly as he could, with the child on his chest and two people clinging to his sides.

OOC: Fun! Gimme a dc12 CON check, sure. No need for disadvantage. You have swim speed and can hold your breath for 15 min! It's carrying everyone that's exhausting. (Failure will give you level 1 exhaustion, from the playtest track.)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: DC 12 Con: 1d20+2=21.

Sanderson glides through the water and many seeking rescue grab his tail, which he uses as a rudder as they approach the harbour. The sounds are muted under the water, and the child, no longer screaming, rides on Sanderson's shoulders.


Sweet William rode above the crowd, leading as many folk to safety as he reasonably could. Charlie and Delphine were among the group, or following not far behind. They took the shortest route by road, going downhill along the Main. This would have been the quickest way to the docks, were it not that the King's Watch had set up something of a roadblock. Information had been incorrectly relayed to their superiors, and the watchmen believed that there was some sort of outbreak of plague. They were searching the common folk for "signs of crystal blight" - a process which was much slower than was safe, and utterly stupid to one who had seen the speed with which a regular person could fully turn into a blight-creature.

The true infections would come on two-legs from the north, and this roadblock would only serve to stop the healthy from safely fleeing to the docks.

OOC: Choices for William @gnarlygninja; Charlie @VLAD the Destroyer; & Delphine @jmucchiello: 1) Convince the guards to let everyone through: dc13 CHA persuasion or dc15 CHA intimidation or with bribery dc12 deception & 20gp; 2) lead a rush on the barricade; dc11 CHA persuasion or dc14 STR athletics; 3) Sneak past: dc11 DEX stealth. OR 4) Some other idea of your own choosing. Success gets yourself and a few NPCs through. Failure will lead to a disadvantageous position for you at the start of the next round.


William leaned down towards the watchman in charge, took a deep breath, and tried to keep the growl out of his voice. "Time was I'd have knocked you silly just for being in the way, or for being part of the watch, or just cause I felt like it. But I've matured since then and recognize that you're just trying to do your job. So in the spirit of that maturity I'm givin' you two options: you can either step aside and help keep all these people safe. Or I climb down off this elk and relive my misspent youth."

OOC: I think I have inspiration from rolling a 1 earlier, so I'll go ahead and roll twice.
Intimidation: 1D20+8 = [13]+8 = 21
1D20+8 = [20]+8 = 28

Charlie slips up to the front of the barrier catching the elk riders comments. He puts on an affable grin and decides to play good cop to the others bad.

"Oi my mate, I'd listen to our leporine friend here. We just came from the market and the creatures spreading this curse are moving in this direction with post haste. This is no infection and the change is so rapid that none here can possibly be cursed. We need to get them all to safety before those creatures arrive and change that."

Charlie takes a quick glance back looking for Jak-Jak who has been circling over the blight creatures. He curses as they are steadily approaching.

"Come on my freind. Unless you want to be responsible for the death of all these people move the barricade and let them pass."



It was a close thing for Delphine. For a brief moment, she had thought that she might be seen as a guard looked right at her, but his head turned as the crowd parted to allow the rabbit-knight to ride to the fore. She timed it perfectly, and was over the barrier and away.

William's authority was so severe that the guards, for a moment, did not know what to do. The crowd was happy to have a champion, and they grew raucous. Charlie stepped forward as the voice of reason, and the guards finally understood the situation. Though they were breaking their orders, they nodded and began to dismantle the barrier. They were not done when the crowd surged forward to take the barrier apart.

It was only the presence of the rabbit champion that kept things from descending to chaos, and the barrier was quickly pushed to the side. The crowd (now including the city watchmen) strode forth down the Main with the rabbit-knight riding among them, confident for the present that they would reach the safety of the docks.

OOC: That crit gives William two successes, which might make a big difference later.

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