(IC) We be Jammin' (5e PBP)

Steve Gorak

Nick grabs his shield, and moves forward, blasting the creatures already hit by magics and attack, hoping to down them. He yells to the villagers ''Behind us, quickly!''

OOC: item interaction: grab shield
move: to V6
Attack: depending on which foe is still standing, will hit those already damaged with Thunder gauntlets (range 90/300) to down them
Attack1: 25, damage 9+2=11 Lightning
Attack2: 15, damage 5 lightning

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While the crowd of panicked citizens fled downhill southward, a few brave souls rushed uphill against the tide. Brother Phlox saw contagion, and where there was contagion, it was his duty to stamp it out. He struck one of the crystalline creatures with his staff and foot, and it stumbled away as he retreated downhill.

Gunthar and Sanderson moved northward together, somewhat getting in each other's way. The serpent-folk conjured a burst of flames that covered two of the creatures while a civilian was sent free of the blast. The old dwarf flung a line and hook into the receding flames and pulled a smoldering creature toward himself.

Captain Sartell told Glau, as the plasmoid gathered a bucket and stool, "We'll take a moment to see if we can't help a few of these folks and see what we're dealing with, but I plan to return to the ship as soon as possible. We need to call back the crew on leave."

The little green man turned red and spiky, and he slid uphill faster than his little legs ought to move. The captain followed, and they took on the two creatures that had been burned by Sanderson's flames, both downing the creatures after several blows.

Nic followed, calling to the townsfolk while getting his shield out. He charged up a gauntlet and fired a bolt of lightning at the creature that Phlox had caused to stumble, and it cracked in the middle and fell to the ground.

The enormous crystalline tentacle grew ever so larger overhead, and it swung about, destroying a tower and scattering stones for hundreds of yards. One such stone fell toward the group that included Gunthar, Sanderson, and Captain Sartell. It smashed heavily to the ground as they scattered to avoid it.

The crowd of commoners fled southward, but even as they did, more townsfolk fled from the north, pouring through and under the market archway, followed by a few more of the crystalline creatures.

OOC: Gunthar did 10 to CB2; Sanderson did 14 to CB1 & 7 to CB2; Phlox did 14 to CB3; Glau did 14 to CB1; Cpt Sartell did 21 to CB2; Nic did 16 to CB3. All 3 die. Tentacle flings debris. Gunthar & Sanderson must make a dc12 DEX save or take 9 damage.


Further south, Delphne had reacted quickly, crossing the market street and ducking between stalls. In the middle, she sent a bolt of fire that burned and distracted a crystal creature while it was rising from having fallen from the sky. She readied her weapons from a hidden spot, while Sweet William rode his Elk in a charge at the same creature. The rabbitfolk leaned down from the elk and swept his sword it two deft strokes that cut the creature down before it could do harm.

Charlie caused a seaweed plant to grow up out of the street's paving stones. It wrapped at a crystalline creature's legs and shocked the thing while Charlie sent two bolts of force at it. The creature stumbled, injured, but it was still able to wrap its crystal vine-like tendrils around a fleeing merchant, who fell to the ground and then began to rise as another of the creatures.

Jak jak flew upward, chittering in excitement about the terror all around them. Many of the market-goers fled eastward and westward, or cowered under or behind the stalls and carts.

OOC: Delphne did 11 to CB4; William did 20 to CB4; Charlie did 23 to CB5; CB5 survived to do 11 to a commoner (turning him into one of them).


GM: Encounter: Kingsport at Market Arch.

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: Stalls Visibility: Bright (Midday); Cover: Stalls, Buildings

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: Stalls Visibility: Bright (Midday); Cover: Stalls, Buildings
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Charlie AC15 HP 36/36 HD 5/5 PP9 SSdc15 2/2 MA 0/1
Delphne AC16 HP 38/38 HD 5/5 PP13* PI15 SSdc13 3/3
Glau AC15 HP 55/55 THP 0 HD 5/5 PP13 Rg 3/3
Gunthar AC18 HP 64/64 THP 0 HD 5/5 PP14 SSdc12 4/4 2/2 SC 3/3
Nic AC19 HP 58/58 THP 0/0 HD 5/5 PP15* SSdc15 4/4 2/2
Phlox AC17 HP 38/38 THP 0/0 HD 5/5 PP16 SSdc14 Ki 5/5 Insp 1/1
Sanderson AC17 HP 38/38 THP 0/0 HD 5/5 PP17 SSdc15 4/4 3/3 2/2 WS 2/2 Insp 1/1
Sweet William AC19 HP 54/54 THP 0/0 HD 5/5 PP14 SSdc13 4/4 2/2 Insp 1/1
Cpt. Sartell AC15 HP 65/65 HD 10/10 PP10
Commoners AC10 HP 4/4
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
Crystal Blight AC12 HP 26ea PP10*
-CB1 0/26 (dead); CB2 0/26 (dead); CB3 0/26 (dead); CB4 0/26 (dead);
-CB5 3/26 (dead); CB6 26/26; CB7 26/26; CB8 26/26;
GM: End Round One; Begin Round Two
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Sweet William glanced at the crystal vine as it did its best to destroy the town. It'd been a few years since he called Kingsport home, and it hadn't been much of a home even then, but seeing it torn apart caused his temper to flare. He narrowed his eyes at the two crystal creatures and the elk ran toward them, sensing his intent. William cut one down and struck the other with about as much force as he could.

OOC: I think the elk can make it to Y35 with its 50 feet of movement, it will use its action to Dash if it needs to and Dodge if it doesn't. Sweet William attacks each of the blights.
Longsword: 1D20+7 = [15]+7 = 22
1D20+7 = [18]+7 = 25

damage: 1D8+6 = [6]+6 = 12
1D8+6 = [8]+6 = 14

OOC: There's a dead skull on CB4 in the south image but the spoiler text says CB4 has 3/26 hp. Which is correct? It looks like William road away from the dead CB4 with 3 hp. CB5 has 0/26 in the text but no skull in the image.


OOC: There's a dead skull on CB4 in the south image but the spoiler text says CB4 has 3/26 hp. Which is correct? It looks like William road away from the dead CB4 with 3 hp. CB5 has 0/26 in the text but no skull in the image.
OOC: My mistake. It's CB5 that has 3 HP. CB4 is, like the skull indicates, dead.

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Phlox quickly reassesses the situation, seeing the possibility of further contagion. He sprang into action hoping he could continue to limit the spread. He rushes effortlessly to confront the source, attacking it with his plaguestaff and kicks. Concentrating on making sure the infection doesn't continue to spread, Phlox channels the teachings of Zuoken so that after the diseased entity is struck with the plaguestaff, Phlox lands several spinning kicks before gliding back to near where he started.


Steve Gorak

Nic eyes the crystal creature next to him, he voices arcane words while manipulating the weave with his free hand and conjures arcane geometric symbols below it, that spring forth a sizable fire

OOC: cast create bond fire. Dex save 15 or 10 fire damage
No movement & no item interaction

Concentrating on create bond fire


Jumping clear of the falling debris, Gunther looks around to see another creature engaged with Nic.

"Hullo again, Nic," shouts the old fishmonger above the commotion as he engaged in the melee. "Quite the morning, eh?"

He then swiped at the crystalline creature - who was now wreathed in flames conjured by the gnome - with his longknife and fish-knocker.


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