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(IC) We be Jammin' (5e PBP)


After helping nearby people to their feet, righting carts, and tending to the injured, Nic (who had been eager to travel north the entire time) began to gather as many nearby allies as he could to head northward through the arch.

Charlie had helped the woman struck by the sign to get out from under it, and now he was pulling a drunken sailor out from under one of the tavern's tables, closest to the door. The roof had collapsed and one of the sailor's mates was certainly dead, but this fortunate soul had fallen out of his chair with the shaking and had rolled under the table, which had saved his life.

The ground suddenly shook once more. Unlike the first time, where it had been a sudden rumble, this was more akin to a single powerful lurch. The tavern threatened to collapse entirely, and Charlie led the sailor (and a few more tavern patrons) out onto the street.

As Nic's group worked their way uphill toward the arch, commoners ran toward them in a panicked mob. Behind them, raising up over the buildings was a crystal vine - enormous, writhing, and growing larger as it flailed about. It twisted and swung over the rooftops, smashing its way through a bell-tower and throwing bricks for several blocks around.


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Gunther looked up after steading himself on the lurching pavement. "What in the nine hells is that?!" he exclaimed. It was as if a giant squid was dipped in rock salt and took up swimming in rock instead of the sea. Seeing Nic hurrying towards it, he sprinted after the small gnome, knowing his skills might be needed to defend the City. It was well known how dwarves were natural sprinters, and very dangerous over short distances...

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Sanderson looks up from the woman he is helping. The vine bursting up into the sky draws his eye, and so he does what he can to ensure she is stable, and then rushes to face it.

"Stay here. I wish I could promise it would be alright."

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Phlox's years of training had the desired effect- very little moved or surprised him. Even so, behind his ever-present mask, he could feel his eyes widen slightly and his face slacken somewhat ... this was nothing he had seen before.

Phlox knew that his order's remit was incredibly narrow. The Lazzar were ordained for the sole purpose of preventing the spread of pestilence and disease. Yet, just as he made offerings to Incabulos, so too were offerings made to Zuoken. The monstrosity he saw offended his sense of order.

After an eternity of inner turmoil, but the barest split second of hesitation, Phlox bound forth toward the disturbance. He had always been the swiftest of the Lazzar, and he turned his speed toward the chaos emanating from the North.

Phlox heads full speed toward the disturbance. He's fast (50' base).

Charlie helps the patrons to a section of the street away from any building. He looks to the sailor and the others.

"Stay away from the buildings until we know that the quakes are through. Once it is safe we need to begin clearing rubble looking for..."

Charlie's voice trails off as he sees the crystalline vine raise up in the distance. Without thinking to much he speaks the words of a spell and protective force shimmers around him. Charlie then runs in the direction of the arch and the strange vine writhing in the distance. At the same time the strange monkey leaps form Charlies shoulder and the strange lumps on it's back open into wings and it takes to the air. Jak-Jak circles once overhead then heads in the direction of the disturbance.

OOC: Casting mage armor using the magic initiate feat.
Also having my familiar fly towards the tentacles to hopefully get a better look at what is going on.


Nic was so frustrated that he knew nothing whatsoever about this enormous crystal vine, that he vowed that he would do better in the future.

(natural 1, dammit!!!
OOC: You will be happy to know that as of current playtest packet, that gives you Inspiration. In addition, you can choose to use it AFTER you've rolled a d20 Test instead of having to pick ahead of time.


William reached into his purse and after a moment of thought tossed the woman a gold coin. "Thanks ma'am." Anxiety and guilt knotted in William's chest as he rode towards Devin. He could still hear the crunching sound as Devin's nose broke, and see the blood mixing with tears on the boys face. Worse still, could remember wanting to keep hurting him even after.

William took a deep breath and tried to clear his mind, but a part of thought about turning around and running even as he climbed down and screwed up the courage to get Devin's attention. "'Scuse me Devin, I know you probably don't remember me but-"

The earthquake cut William's efforts short, as he went ass over tea kettle and only narrowly avoided being set on fire as hot coals skittered past him. "Darn it, this's even worse than I thought this'd go" William muttered to himself as he climbed to his feet and began doing his best to stamp out the fire. By the time he'd managed that and made sure Devin was alight the ground shook again and a crystal vine filled the sky. William pushed his ears out of his face and sighed. "Have to do the short version then. I'm Sweet William, same one who broke your nose. I'm sorry for that, it didn't need to go that far. I was just mad that you kept calling me Sweet William and the nickname stuck. Sorry for everything else I ever done to you, and your friends too." William handed Devin his coin purse. "I know this don't make us even, and I wish I had more time to talk about it but..." William gestured vaguely at the crystal vine as he climbed back onto his mount. "If I survive this I'll come back and we can try this again."

OOC: Dex save: 1D20 = [1] = 1
Off to an auspicious start

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