(IC) We be Jammin' (5e PBP)


Phlox ran up to the arch and struck and kicked a crystal creature to death, rescuing a woman who was running downhill. He followed her back downhill, keeping her moving without stumbling.

Nic burned another creature, and Gunthar finished it off with a thrust from his gutting knife and a blow to the head from his fishknocker.

The immediate threat past, they were able to look uphill through the arch toward the area most threatened by the writhing, growing tentacle. A group of citizens ran under the arch, then there was a brief moment of quiet before a lone dog came running from behind a building, followed by a dozen of the crystal creatures.

"I don't think this is going to end!" assessed Captain Sartell. "Follow me if you want to live! I have a ship at pier four, and I plan to put to sea with whoever will fit aboard. Who's with me?"

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Charlie watches as others dispatch the last of the strange creatures. He scans up the hill through the arch towards the still writhing vine. He is about to move in that direction when he sees the large group of creatures heading towards them. He curses under his breath and prepares to fight when he hears the woman yell. He quickly assesses the situation and nods. He turns to several of the townsfolk near him.

"You heard the woman. Get moving towards the dock."

Charlie whistles loudly for Jak-Jak and begins to move towards the docks. If anyone begins to fall behind or looks to be having problems moving Charlie will help them. Once at the entrance to the harbor Charlie will stop and wait, directing anyone towards the ship mentioned by the captain.

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Phlox heard the cry of the Captain, as he assessed the situation at the arch. The disease has spread too rapidly; we must retreat and quarantine. Perhaps my brothers can be raised. Phlox began to move to the dock, taking up the rear guard and defending the remaining townspeople from the advance of corruption.


Seeing Nic and the masked one retreat and heeding the captain’s call, the salty dwarf turned and joined them in defending the rear flank as he made his way back to the docks.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Sanderson curses the problems that are always found when he is in cities, noting that they are "dangerous places" as he steps aside from the falling debris. He dodges the rock, and again urges the commoners to retreat south.

He makes his way to avoid the gnome that has moved up to attack, but finds the opponents he had been intending to target were already downed. He tosses the ball of flame in his hand at the lifeless corpse, but misses it in any case.

OOC: DC 12 dex save 1d20+2=19 pass.

Move 15' to U8 (for a clear shot avoiding Nic)
Action: Cast Produce flame vs #7: 1d20+7=9. Slots left: 4/2/2.
Bonus: Telekenesis DC 15 Str check to pull whatever commoner is furthers from him south by 5'.
Move 15' south to U11.


Possibly a Idiot.
"AyE, CaPItAiN!" Glau's voice burbled like boiling water. The plasmoid ran southward, picking up the Capitan as their spikes revert into a softer green gelatinous form, and then continued on at full speed toward the ship.

OOC: That will put as both at W-20, if I counted right. Also ending rage due to not attacking or damaging anything this turn.

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