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(IC) We be Jammin' (5e PBP)

Charlie stood at the rail of the Manticore as the ship eased into the dock. He scanned the harbor as the ropes were tossed to waiting dockhands and tied off. He looked at the other ships tied up at the docks and wondered if any of them were looking to hire on a new quartermaster. His current ship was well run but Captain Thalis was to by the books for Charlie's taste. He never would have signed up with the man if he hadn't needed to get out of the last port quickly. Charlie nodded to the Captain as the man appeared on deck to oversee the unloading of the ships hold.

"Cap'n thank you for the lift. You run a tight ship here." He smiles at the man. "Safe travels."

Charlie whistles and a small strange looking brown and orange monkey climbs down out of the top ropes and perches on the mans shoulder. Charlie scratches the creatures head and gives him a treat from his pocket. He then steps onto the gangplank that was just slid into place and exits the ship. The man looks towards the market and shrugs then speaks to the monkey.

"I guess we should hit some of the taverns see if we can find a more suitable crew to join. What do you say Jak-Jak?"

The monkey chatters and nods it's head. Charlie smiles and scratches him again. The man turns and proceeds to walk into town towards the market. As he enters the market through the stone archway he scans the area looking for one of the more rowdy taverns that indicates sailors on leave. Spotting one he begins to amble in that direction stopping at several stalls as he goes.
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"Devin Mayhew?" the name on Sweet William's list was familiar a weaver-woman who was selling tapestries, "Why, he's right over there, roasting hazelnuts."

From the back of his elk, William looked over the crowd and spotted a bearded old human man. His face was long and worn, but the shape of his nose was familiar. William remembered breaking it with a powerful kick during a brawl. But the old man had been just a youth then, one from a rival group of urchins.

Charlie passed by a rabbit on an elk. Rabbit-folk were not an unusual sight in and around Kingsport, but the riding elk was unusual - certainly to one used to life at sea. On the other hand, Jak-Jak was native to an archipelago far to the south and would look just as strange to the rabbit as the elk did to him. Such was the wonders of a bustling port town.

The tavern at the street market's T-junction had a sign with a painting of a fisherman throwing out a net while under the water was painted a large school of fish. The Fisherman's Bounty was just the sort of place where Charlie could find a crew, or get very drunk trying.

OOC: I think all we need is an appearance of Nic @Steve Gorak to move to the next scene. (The rest of you can continue on if you like, just don't leave the street!)

Steve Gorak

Nic was deep in thought, as usual. He had spent the morning helping merchants with a few repairs here and there: a broken cartwheel, a leaky row boat, bent shelves, and some minor metal work. Most of it was very easy and simple for him, and the blend of odd alchemical contraptions and regular elbow grease usually fixed the most urgent problem quickly. He enjoyed mingling with the merchants as he did the repairs, even if he wasn't the best equipped for two way conversation. Most merchants liked to hear themselves talk anyways, and most knew the gnome by now, having been a familiar sight in the harbor for over a year. He didn't expect much payment aside from the discussion, augmented by the odd bit of exotic (or not) edible, good conversation and the occasional bit of lore that gave him leads or ideas for new contraptions to tinker. Market day was for fun; he made his money building and repairing ships during the other days, and his specialty was making armored ships. Of course, this was an expensive entreprise, so most jobs were much smaller scale plating ships on vulnerable parts. He was also very good at opening and repairing chests, old and new alike, which were quite common on returning adventuring ships.

Nic was passing by Gunther's stand and, looking at the dwarf, the woman and the plasmoid in an awkward and rapid succession, spoke excitedly with an abnormally fast pace, looking at the plasmoid: ''Hello master Gunther; all is well? Oh my who or what is this? Can you talk? Can I touch your skin?''

The gnome didn't reach a full 4 feet, and his red hair and mustache had multiple braids with odd looking contraptions in them. He also wore armor, which was a bit unusual on the docks, but it seemed to move just as his skin would, so one got used to the sight quickly.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
He'd been looking at the sky, caught by the cries of the seabirds that were heading to sea, before something at his tail distracted him.

Sanderson stood back when the gnome started reaching out and touching the other customer's pet, as he assumed. She was buying crab meat, something that he himself didn't enjoy without the added pleasure of cracking through the shell, tasting the innards and the texture of the gills, which most preferred not to eat. Of course, most preferred crab cooked as well.

He looked inside his coin purse, and was withdrawing a few coins, enough for the string of the mullets hanging behind the fishmonger.


Possibly a Idiot.
Glau was unfamiliar with the local customs, but from their experience, it wasn't best to sweat the small details. The ooze extended a pseudopod up to the gnome, and poked him in the cheek. "Hello, I am Glau." The plasmiod said with a voice that sounded vaguely like a bagpipes.


Gunther hefted the strange goin coins. He didn't recognize them at all, which was strange - very strange. He was accustomed to receiving coins from all over the known world, and Prince Andru and Bral was completely unheard of. The fishmonger was then drawn out of his reverie by a familiar voice.

"Hullo, Nic," replied Gunther to the eccentric gnome. He had always liked the talkative fellow, as they shared a passion for crafting things. Sure, Gunther's was more about fish hooks, lures, and rigging, but fine craftsmanship can be appreciated wherever it is seen.

"Might I introduce you to Miss...err, sorry, I don't think I caught a name ma'am." His eyes then widened a bit at hearing the small green creature (apparently named Glau) speak. "Well I'll be a smoked mackerel on a biscuit..." he muttered under his breath. He was so taken aback that he almost didn't notice the large lizard folk approaching his stall with his purse out.


As Glau reached a pseudopod for Nic's cheek and Sanderson tried to catch Gunther's attention, the ground suddenly and violently shook. There was no warning, and the shaking was strong enough that one of Gunther's fish-carts toppled over. Clay tiles slid off of nearby roofs, and people lurched about, loosing their footing and tumbling onto the cobblestones.

Devin Mayhew's portable roaster fell over and caught fire, spilling hazelnuts and hot coals across the street. As Charlie stepped sideways to avoid a stumbling man, he watched as first the sign fell off the front of the Fisherman's Bounty, striking a woman who had stumbled onto the stoop, and then part of the tavern's roof caved-in.

After a moment, the shaking subsided into a dull tremble. No one had quite experienced anything like it before. Earthquakes were entirely unknown in Kingsport, and only the well-travelled had even heard of the phenomenon.

Only as the trembling subsided did anyone realize just how noisy it had all been, and now the market was quiet as everyone looked about themselves, with only a few cries of the injured and sobbing from the frightened.

OOC: What will you do in the immediate aftermath? If you want to find if you've fallen, feel free to roll a dc13 DEX save. No PC is injured here, but a number of commoners are. I'll return with a map.

Steve Gorak

Nic blushes profusely, which only exacerbates his finger complexion “Oh my, oh my, oh my, Glau, nice to meet you! You are so so awesome! You have to tell me where you are from and how it is that you do what you do!” He says in one uninterrupted stream of consciousness.


Nic blushes profusely, which only exacerbates his finger complexion “Oh my, oh my, oh my, Glau, nice to meet you! You are so so awesome! You have to tell me where you are from and how it is that you do what you do!” He says in one uninterrupted stream of consciousness.
OOC: This post is funny. It's like Nic didn't even notice. @Steve Gorak did you read my post above yours? LOL.

Steve Gorak

OOC: dex save 3 fail!

Nic’s excitement prevented him from reacting and he fell on his back side when the earth shook. On the ground he taps his shoulder and says “Steve, wake up!”. A weird looking four legged mechanical contraption seems to extend from his shoulder. It’s eyes are goggles and it seems to have four transparent wings like a dragonfly. The thing seems to move its “eyes” all around, scanning the surroundings. Nick also looks around, and points to anything that seems suspicious, seeming to be in in a universe with only him and Steve.

OOC: move: stand back up
Item interaction: grab thieves tools
Action: help Steve his homologous servant with perception
Bonus action: direct Steve to perceive: perception check 23
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