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(IC) We be Jammin' (5e PBP)

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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist

As Phlox begins to feel the rumbling, he relaxes his knees slightly and uses the undulations of the earths to fall down into a tumbling roll and use his staff to vault back to his feet.

What is this?

Phlox sees the people around him, scattered like twigs with some crying and injured; but his is not the place to help. Such was the command of the order. This is the way.

Instead, Phlox began to look around, attempting to discern if he could head any additional noises, or see smoke, or determine where more disturbances might be coming from.

Phlox uses perception (or insight, same same)
Using Per/Ins: 1D20+6 = [3]+6 = 9



The Captain had kept her feet as the ground shook under her. She nodded to Glau and said, "Yes, we should return to the ship and recall the others, but let's see if we can help out a little here first."

She helped Gunther to right his fallen cart while introducing herself, "Elaina Sartell, Captain of the Moondancer."

Steve flew up into the air, while Nic directed the construct. There was commotion everywhere - people running, alarm bells ringing. From his aerial vantage, there appeared to be more damage to the buildings uphill to the north than there was southwards.

Phlox observed the crowd, but as he saw no sign of the plague, or any obvious source of the disturbance, he continued to quietly watch.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: Dex save 1d20+2=3.

The falling sign glances off Sanderson's shoulders, and the lare lizard is knocked to the ground. The silence that follows suggests an immediate tranquility, before the shouts for help begin.

Sanderson gets up, and says "People need help." He expects everyone who can to do so, and immediately heads towards the screaming.

OOC: Cure wounds on anyone unconscious; lesser restoration if needed e.g. if someone is paraluzed because of falling debris, or blinded/deafened. Later, once immediate concerns are dealt with, he can offer goodberries to provide a days' sustenance to those left homeless. Burn the spellslots if it helps.


Normally sure-footed, the sudden tremor took Gunther by surprised and he stumbled and fell behind his counter. Cursing, he rose to see the officer already moving over to help right one of his carts. "Thank you, Captain." Seeing many other citizens down and hearing calls for help, he the added, "Let's see if anyone is injured." He then moved to join the lizard folk to administer aid where he could.

Dex Save: 1D20+5 = [4]+5 = 9
Gunther will aid Sanderson, casting additional cure wounds spells if needed.

Steve Gorak

Nic was naturally excitable, and the quake only exacerbated this trait. Steve landed back onto Nic's shoulder and seemed to whisper something in his ear, then Nic patted him and he flew up again.

In one stream of consciousness he said: ''This is so strange, the ground never shakes here, Glau really nice to meet you but we'll need to talk more a bit later, but now people need our help, we should head uphill, the building there are damaged and people may need our help. Come with me all of you, come now, we need to hurry. ''

Not looking at the others, he moves uphill.
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Charlie braced himself as the ground began to shake. Years on the open seas allowed him to keep his balance and he deftly sidestepped the falling sign. He looks up to the injured woman and the collapsed building. He moves to help the woman as he scans into the building. He pulls out some linen and presses them to a wound on the woman's head.

"Are you okay?"

He asks checking the woman for any more serious injuries. She nods shakily dazed and hurt but not in any immediate danger. He leaves her leaning against a stall and moves to the entrance to the tavern. Charlie peers through the smoke and rubble hoping that the building is stable and no aftershocks would occur. He curses under his breath and enters the tavern looking for any survivors or those he can help.

OOC: Dex save: 1d20+2 22

I took some liberties in assuming the woman was injured but not seriously. If that is not the case or you need me to roll something let me know.


Possibly a Idiot.
"Aye, Capitan!" Glau responds by standing themselves to attention, then helps any nearby bystanders who have fallen by picking them back up onto their feet.

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