D&D 5E Icewind Dale Dice

If you need blue dice, WotC has you covered! They're releasing a dice set, along with a map, dice tray, and 20 character/creature cards. $30 from wherever you buy your D&D stuff!


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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
This is a very nice set. If WotC could stop making them connected to the Forgotten Realms, I would certainly pick one of these up. (I don't need a bunch of cards about the Sword Coast, before anyone suggests the Explorers set.)


Looks nice, though I prefer and use gem dice exclusively. I just find gem dice so much more aesthetically pleasing. Kinda hard to tell with these...the d4 kinda looks like a gem die...but that might just be an effect of light reflecting on the solid surface.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I probably won't get it unless an unboxing shows high quality for the dice and some fun/interesting lore and/or really good art for the map and cards, but it is cool!


I would recommend keeping an eye out for the Dice set on Miniature Market. I believe when I got the Laurel Silverhand's Dice set, they had it on pre order sale for 23 bucks. Not much of a savings, but a savings is a savings. Their service is good and the website has yet to let me down on anything I ordered from them.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
I wonder if somebody could make a set of dice with 'ice pak gel' interiors, so I can put them in the freezer overnight and they will stay cold all the next evening as I use them.
Would such a set be not lopsided?

DM: (hands frigid d20 to player) Here, use this to roll your CON Save vs Exposure.

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Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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