D&D General Iconic and Best Adventures in each Edition

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
I think megadungeons are adventures that carry a lot of weight in the game, even if they’re not to everyone’s taste. There are many out there but I’d give my vote to Rappan Athuk as the best of them from 3e onwards.
I hadn't put any 3P items on my list, but if we are talking megadungeons, have to prop up Arden Vul - what a banger! Playing in it now, looking forward to reading it after this campaign ends...

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[3rd party in brackets]. Based on play experience/ memory


Ad&d: N1 [Starstone by Northern Sages].

3.X:Trilogy of Barrow king/sinister spire/ yuan ti [PF:Feast of Ravenmoor].

5th: Ghosts of Saltmarsh


2E and 4E a but anemic.

Several adventures are iconic eg B2 but they're not really that good.

1E I6
B/X. X1, Nights Dark Terror, B4 Hidden City
2E Night Below, Mere of Dead Men, various Dungeon adventures.
3.0 Sunless Citadel
3.5. Age of Worms, Savage Tide
4E Madness GA, Harkenwold
5E CoS, ToA,

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