If WOTC announces that OneDnd will be called 6th edition and will be backwards compatible with fifth edition adventures and supplements What changes?


If tomorrow WOTC came out with an announcement that said "One DND will be officially called Sixth Edition Dungeons and Dragons and that the rules will be backwards compatible with fifth edition adventures and supplements."

What changes?
About the playtest?
About the products you would buy?
The games and campaigns you would run?

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nothing... we would even still have arguments on here (enworld) about what backwards compatible means...

I PERSONALLY would respect WotC design and advertiseing teams more for being honest (cause I see this as much a new edition as 1e/2e or 3e/3.5 maybe more) but nothing really changes...

heck I bet people would still get away with being insulting of people who dare speak up about it.


They don't officially label the current edition as 5E, so this is kind of meaningless. They don't care what we call the next edition, they aren't going to put a number on it.


I mean. It still won't actually be compatible, without a conversation document as written (particularly for subclasses) so... Nothing?

The argument in general here isn't about WotC's labeling, it's about what "compatibility" entails, something there's a range of opinions about.

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